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  1. Dyen

    Technic Model Comparison

    Thank you! Very nice comparison.
  2. Dyen

    Lego 42110 - LMP Racer

    Hello everyone, INSTRUCTIONS for this LMP are finally online!
  3. Thank you @Ngoc Nguyen for review and these adjustments! Will you show us one more picture with that front wall of garbage trunk which you sent me in messages? I am sorry guys that you have these problems with my model, I tested it many times and did many different versions of these mechanisms and maybe sometimes it gets stuck, but no snapped gears at all, sorry for that, I hope you like the model anyway.
  4. After a long time, if you are still interested, here is finally my ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS for this model. Some of you maybe already build it from file which was on rebrickable, but it was stolen from me and sold without permission. And maybe some of you didn´t see my model yet Big thanks to Ron Hebben a.k.a. http://forelockmocs.nl/ for making these high quality instructions. And next thing - I already have another 4 ideas for C models from this set, already working on one of them
  5. Thank you! The review would be very nice! I´ll send you message and we can discuss about photos for your review
  6. Dyen

    Lego 42110 - LMP Racer

    Thank you guys! Leftover parts are mostly axles, gears, classic bricks and few beams :)
  7. Hello everyone, I finally finished my alternate model from set 42110 which is this LMP Racer. Model has front and rear suspension, positive caster angle on front axle, brake callipers on rear hubs, HOG steering with working steering wheel, 4 speed gearbox, moving pistons in V8 engine and of course openable engine cover. I did few versions with opening wing doors but I wasn´t happy with any of them, so I let it just like this, only with opening window frames. Gearbox has the stop on the last gear, so you go from 1 to 4 and back from 4 to 1. Gear shifter mechanism was quite challenging to me, but I am happy with result - it works reliably. All functions are in video. Instructions are in process and when they´ll be finished I´ll put them on my rebrickable.
  8. Instructions are online! http://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-38031/Dyens Creations/42098-c-model-garbage-truck/#comments
  9. Thank you very much, Instructions are in process..
  10. Thank you all! I would like to create them, I am starting to learn in LDcad so there is a chance! done
  11. Hello, here is finally my alternate model from set 42098 which is this rear-loader garbage truck. I think there is not enough garbage trucks in lego technic and that´s why I decided to build this one. It has 2 axle steering, opening doors, tilting mechanism, lifting mechanism, opening reargate and discharge plate inside. This model is build only from car transporter parts, not from blue car. From blue car I already built 3 another models. Next time I probably build something from of all parts. Let me know what you think about the model, here is the video with functions: More photos :https://www.flickr.com/photos/142407982@N08/ For more models you can follow me on my new instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dyens.creations/
  12. Nice to see that someone build it! Big thanks to http://forelockmocs.nl/ for making instructions. Instructions for rally car will be probably also on his website in few days(leftover parts is even less in this model).