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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to show you my new build This model is an alternate build for an official set 42154 Ford GT, no extra parts needed. Model is built from 1368 pieces. About functions: HOG Steering Working V6 engine Openable doors Openable hood Openable rear door Detailed interior Very bouncy suspension Instructions are on my rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-160966/Dyens Creations/lego-42154-ford-raptor-alternate-build/#details Follow my YouTube channel and instagram page: https://www.youtube.com/@DyensCreations/videos https://www.instagram.com/dyens.creations/ Video presentation: And here is just a little tease for my upcoming project, I am working on The Tumbler for a while and I am almost in the end with this build. I am still very happy with the result of my 89" Batmobile and this one is another iconic vehicle to join the Batman team. Will publish finished model in two weeks.
  2. I used only a longer axles, but make it more stable it is good to use the solution like in the Tumbler set 76240
  3. Hello everyone, I wanna introduce you my new my new alternate build from the Lego set 42157. I rebuild original Forest Skidder into this John Deere 9R. You can easilly attach the front blade with parallel lift which you can operate by pneumatic controls. This model has: Working In-line six cylinder piston engine Steering knob behind the cabin Openable doors Openable hood Authentic rear three-point hitch Working PTO (Power Take Off) when driving Pneumatic pump to control the front blade Control levers on the side Front pendular suspension You can add dual wheels - does not affect the steering, wheels are not touching ( TESTED IT! ) INSTRUCTIONS HERE
  4. Red five standing by. Any StarWars fans here? I would like to show you my new alternate model for Lego set 42145 Airbus Helicopter. This is pure technic X-Wing Starfighter, build only from pieces which are in Lego set 42145. This model contains 1708 parts, has some manual functions and two motorized functions. You can open the canopy, adjust your targeting computer and switch the motor ON. Now you can operate two functions: : Detract and deploy the landing gear Open/close iconic „X“ wings (also known as Strike foils or stability foils) Behind the cockpit there is also a special place for Astromech droid, so if you have R2D2 figure, you can put it there to make it look even more iconic. Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/.../lego-42145-starfighter.../... More photos: https://www.flickr.com/.../14240.../albums/72177720308278168
  5. Hi everyone, after a few months I finally finished my alternative model for set 42127, so if you don't have this set yet, maybe I will give you a reason to buy one I was trying to rebuild it into 1989 Batmobile and this is the result, almost no leftover pieces from original set. This one has moving pistons in engine, HOG steering knob, sliding cabin, detailed interior, flaming exhaust and pop out machine guns. I wanted to use lightbricks too, but because of almost no leftover parts there was not a possibility to place them elegantly, but I think they are not so necessarry for this model! Video presentation: And special thanks again to Ron Hebben A.K.A. FORELOCKMOCS for top quality INSTRUCTIONS
  6. Thank you very much guys! Let me know when you want to buy it, I'll give you Christmas discount
  7. Hello everyone, I wanna introduce you my new Self Loading Log Truck which is my alternative build for Lego set 42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck. This model contains 1822 parts and has lot of functions like moving pistons in fake 6 cylinder engine, opening hood, opening doors, detailed interior, HOG steering knob on the roof. On the left side of the model, there are two knobs above each other and the ladder for the operator. These knobs are for rotating grapple boom and second one for side outriggers. On the other side there is a pump for pneumatic functions, with which you can operate boom, grabber for logs is operated manually. There are another two knobs on the sides, one for rear axle lift and second one for winch that is basically for tightening the load.. More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142407982@N08/albums/72157720132453543 Let me know what you think about it, here is the video presentation If you want to build it, instructions are on my rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-92600/Dyens Creations/self-loading-log-truck-42128-alternative-model/#details
  8. Guys thank you very much for all reactions! I will make side-by-side comparison with 42128 for sure. I know about poor stability of the crane during rotation, but I really wanted to make it rotating and as I said, you can easilly add the turntable to this construction :)
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to show you my new Rotator Tow Truck which is built from Lego 42098 Car Transporter. First I want to say - you probably see some similarity to new 42128 tow truck, but I started this project before we had any info about new summer sets.. First prototype that I had was in october 2020. The most challenging were side outriggers, because I wanted to create typical scissors outriggers as the real truck has. The inside of the model is quite complex and thats the reason why I left idea about rear axle steering, basically there was no space for the mechanism and in the end no parts also. Model has fake 6cylinder engine, opening hood, opening doors, HOG steering on the top, side/rear outriggers, lower/raise rear towing arm with extension. I also created sandwich construction for crane arm rotating, because in this set was no turntable for it - but you can add one very easily! I think this is a nice addition for tow truck fans and future 42128 owners I am usually trying to use original stickers in my C models and with this one as well, you can see warning stripes on rear and side outriggers and on rear towing arm and especially on the front grill which makes the look. Dimensions: 16cm wide, 52cm lenght/68cm with extended towing arm and 19,5cm height. Model has 2087 parts. Only extra part in this model is a rope, you can use one from 42108 for example. Functions: • Steering with HOG • Drive • Fake engine/moving pistons • Opening doors • Opening engine cover • Winch with lock mechanism • Wheel grabber fork with adjustable angle • Tow lifting arm(2 possitions) • Boom extention • Boom elevation • Turntable rotation(limited by its contruction) • Side outriggers • Rear outriggers Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-82276/Dyens Creations/rotator-tow-truck-42098-c-model/#details More photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142407982@N08/albums/72157719518016376/with/51299458269/ Video presentation:
  10. Hello! I would like to show you my new Snow groomer as a C model for set 42121 - my second c model! First C model was this BULLDOZER Model has opening doors, adjustable front blade and its angle, you can operate crane arm, you can add ice grinder on the rear which has something like "lock" mechanism to staying in position. Here you have video where I am presenting all functions. Instructions for this model: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-72752/Dyens Creations/42121-c-model-snow-groomer/#details More photos HERE
  11. Thanks a lot! Here is my second C model (Snow groomer) for this set
  12. Thanks a lot! Instructions are online: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-72739/Dyens Creations/42121-c-model-bulldozer/#details haha yes! It is fully functional