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  1. Hello all - I have followed this forum for a few years now - but never posted. I have just been googling around for London Toy Fair info and have found some info from the BrickFanatics website, where Barry has been this morning and has reported in... http://brickfanatics...2016-lego-news/ Technic: 42053 Volvo EW – £69.99 Pneumatic digger 42054 Class Xerion 5000 Trac – £119.99 Looks like it comes with new huge tires. 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator – £179.99 Largest ever technic set at over 3000 pieces 42056 Confidential Technic Ultramotive – £249.99 Some front-engined confidential sportscar build similar to the McLaren So, all looking very interesting indeed! Sorry if anyone has already posted this but I couldn't see anything (OOPS - sorry have found some Brickset info now a few pages back!). Cheers Gary