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  1. This is my entry for the 'Moments in Space' contest on Lego Ideas: a supersize XXL Classic Spaceman! He's around 16 cm high and contains 211 parts. Voting is open from 9th to 19th of February and the winning entry could be taken into production as an official free gift in Lego stores and Shop@Home! Classic Spaceman
  2. m_dejong_lr

    Picture frame as minifigure display

    That looks really cool! I can also see this working very nicely for other themes, eg Star Wars or CMF :D
  3. m_dejong_lr

    Cars compatible with Modular Buildings?

    I thought of something like the 40083 Pick Up truck from 2013 as seen here. Should be easy enough to modify to suit your style :-) PS Not sure how to post an actual image of the truck at short notice, so the link will have to suffice for now...
  4. m_dejong_lr

    AT-AT MOC (plus-sized -- but not super big)

    +1! This looks great!
  5. m_dejong_lr

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Very cool! You have my support :-)
  6. m_dejong_lr

    [Local Landmark] Euromast Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Shooting the photos is not really the problem, it's the sometimes repititveness of editing them that I don't like :-P Plus they always look good on the screen of my DSLR camera, but when I see them in Photoshop I'm usually less impressed ;-)
  7. m_dejong_lr

    [Local Landmark] Euromast Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Thanks! I'm more into modifying existing sets, but I'm also the type with "lots of ideas and projects started - less of finishing them" :-P either due to lack of time, money, determination or a mix of those ;-) Hence the growing amount of boxes on shelves that still need to be build, among them modulars, Technic and Star Wars UCS. Although I did build a couple of MOCs recently for various competitions, so maybe I'll post them later when I've taken some proper photos.
  8. This is actually my first post here on the forum, even though I’ve been following it for a while now… Entering this contest seemed like a good excuse to finally register as a member ;-) I live near Rotterdam in the Netherlands and for this contest I choose the Euromast, with 185 m the tallest building in Rotterdam. Some background facts Built for the 1960 Floriade Event, the Euromast is an observation tower designed by Hugh Maaskant with a base pillar diameter of 9.6 meter. At 32 m above ground there is a small museum, resembling a ship’s bridge. The platform is at 96 m and houses a restaurant, viewing decks and even hotel rooms. Originally the tower was only about 100 m tall, but after it was surpassed by other high-rise buildings in the city, it was decided to add the Space Tower: a rotating observation capsule carrying visitors all the way to the top. With a tower like this, scale wise there were only a couple of options: the base pillar could either be 1 stud or 2 studs wide. The first option was a bit too simplistic for my taste, and because I insisted to add at least some detail I went for the latter option. This resulted in a scale of about 1/600, making my model 31 cm high. Base and top part were pretty straightforward to build, but especially the middle part took me several attempts until I was satisfied with recreating the particular shape. Anyway, I had fun building the tower, so thanks for reading and good luck to all who entered!