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  1. Freezingvettes99

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    Michael, I wish you and Fx Bricks a ton of success! I for one am a huge fan of 9V Lego trains simply for the ease of use and realistic look. Keep up the good work!
  2. Freezingvettes99

    MOC - Southern Pacific EMD MP15AC

    That is outstanding! Great attention to detail.
  3. Freezingvettes99

    [MOC] Bombardier CP1961 (2020 Version) Diesel

    Looks great, love the design.
  4. Freezingvettes99

    Minifig scale oil can and brakeman's lantern

    They all look outstanding!
  5. Freezingvettes99

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    The windows as shown are intended to have custom decals made for them representing the original window design. The versions you suggested would possibly look a bit small and out of place. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Freezingvettes99

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    Glad your happy with it! Looks great all built up.
  7. Freezingvettes99

    6 Wide Northern Pacific 0-6-0 with Power Functions!

    Your custom connecting rods make a world of difference, thanks for providing this service to the Lego train community!
  8. I have been working on this 6 wide 0-6-0 for quite some time to get everything to work out just right. The weight and balance on this was a bit tricky. Incorporating a motor into the locomotive while still maintaining the authentic look took some time as well. This uses a Sbrick and 9V battery adapter which is located inside the tender. This operates extremely well on standard R40 radius curves while pulling at least 9 pieces of rolling stock. 20190903_192643 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20190903_192651 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20190903_192743 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20190903_192756 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20190903_192732 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  9. Freezingvettes99

    8 Wide 1:48 Scale Santa Fe GP60M From Brick Train Depot

    The instructions for this are now available on the site, check it out! 1:48 Scale Santa Fe GP60M Instructions on Brick Train Depot
  10. Click here for these amazing instructions!
  11. We at Brick Train Depot are extremely proud to offer this beautiful creation by Jeffery Fonda! A 1:48 scale Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive. This has been painstakenly reproduced in brick and then our instructions brought to you in outstanding detail. This has been in the works for some time and we finally have been able to bring this to our fellow Lego train hobbyist. Enjoy the photos and check out the site for more details. 32803619427_97cc8de890_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 47694294282_8f8a32b0c9_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 46957677354_152495c451_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 46830362715_b282f71b6e_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 32803618237_6dd885f018_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 32803619937_c32a6ab0de_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 46830363015_0f4abcc34d_o by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  12. We at Brick Train Depot are listening to our customers, they have asked for more 1:48 scale products and this will be one of our first locomotive offerings available very soon. This GP60M will be offered in Santa Fe livery to kick things off. We also have several more products in the works that we promise will not disappoint! Enjoy these renderings and the instructions will be available soon at Brick Train Depot. Thanks to everyone for their support! 8 wide Santa Fe GP60M Render by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 8 wide Santa Fe GP60M Render_2 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  13. Freezingvettes99

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    We will work on that, anything specific you are interested in?
  14. Freezingvettes99

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    We at Brick Tran Depot have taken a big leap forward today and have introduced a whole new site! This has been done to bring you, the Lego Train fans, the best possible content we can deliver! Our designer team has grown and now consists of Andy Mollman, Jeffery Fonda, Nick O'Donnell, myself, and Cameron Miller is also helping and running the site! Our offerings include *FREE* downloads for you to enjoy and to help further your personal layouts along, links to specialty products, custom 3D printed 9V track in several radius curves, custom decals for all of our products, and we have new instruction sets available as well. We will have many new products coming out in the near future so sign up for our newsletter for updates! Thank you for your past support and we will keep working hard to supply the Lego Train community with instructions that will keep your tracks full!
  15. Freezingvettes99

    Burlington Northern GP50 With Power Functions In 6 Wide

    You are correct, also you would have to take a hobby razor blade and cut along the battery box and reciever, the mask doesn't take this into account. Fairly simple since the seperation line shows up slightly through the decal.