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  1. [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    I was finally able to complete my order on Lego! I was charged $40 for shipping and my VIP Rewards didn't apply but oh well, at least I got one!
  2. [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    I live in the US, I can add it to my bag but cannot complete checkout :(
  3. [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    I am extremely disappointed, for a company of this magnitude this should never happen. I get running out of stock, listing something as backordered, allowing customers to place their orders, then fulfilling them once supply catches up. I would be fine with that, this is unacceptable!
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    Lego is down for maintenance! LOL!
  5. Santa Fe GP60B

    I bought Swoofty's GP60M from him a while back and decided that it needed some company so what better than a GP60B? I really like how this turned out, I think it really captures the look of the real thing! Let me know what you guys think, feedback is always welcome! 2017-04-02_07-19-58 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-02_07-19-42 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-02_07-20-36 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-02_07-20-24 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-06-43 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  6. EMD GP-30

  7. New MOC: Union Pacific 4017 "Big Boy"

    Outstanding work here, I love the attention to detail. I really enjoy when Lego can look so much like the real thing! I agree with 22kane, Lego really needs to step up their game.
  8. Just Another BNSF SD40-2 ... In 6 Wide!

    It is not motorized, I use the Talltim 3 axle bogie. I have modified the basic plan to fit my needs but this is basically how it works.
  9. Amtrak California Surfliner Set

    Amtrak California cab car by swoofty, on Flickr Surfliner F59PHI by swoofty, on Flickr
  10. Amtrak California Surfliner Set

    Just so nobody gets any misconceptions I DID NOT build this set, I purchased it from Peter Norman (Swoofty). Actually, I kinda take that back, when I opened the box last year they basically disintegrated in the I guess I kinda built them . I did however make the set much sweeter with the help of Legoman666 (Andy) with some custom decals that we painstakingly did. Finding enough photos so Andy could get all of the artwork correct ended up being a bigger project that I had thought it would EVER be, LOL! Enjoy! 2017-04-14_03-42-23 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170414_153514 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170414_153541 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170414_153635 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170414_153733 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170414_153649 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  11. Check Out These Custom Decals Legoman666 Made For Me!!

    I agree, I was using O scale decals for my MOCs as well but they are getting harder to find. These are a cinch to apply, he makes them like die cut decals but I am not exactly sure his process. It literally takes me a few minutes to do a complete locomotive!
  12. Metroliner high up in the mountains

    I am going to have to admit before I hit the play button your video I was thinking to myself, nice photoshop work this guy pulled off here! But hey you proved my skeptical brain way wrong! That is probably one of the coolest things I have seen in quite some time!! Well done, well done indeed!!
  13. Check Out These Custom Decals Legoman666 Made For Me!!

    I appreciate the comments about the locomotives! I know there is a need for excellent decals/stickers, so if anyone needs custom work done Andy (Legoman666) is an awesome resource! Oh and his prices are extremely fair as well!
  14. After seeing his thread about his amazing Husky Double Stack Well Cars and seeing his amazing decals that he made for them I decided to contact him about making some decals for some of my needs. Boy am I glad I did! Check out his amazing work on my locomotives below! All I had to do was give him some simple measurements and ideas and he ran with it! Trust me, if you are in need of decals for your Lego projects Andy is your guy! They are professional quality by the way. 2017-04-08_08-05-51 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-06-08 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-06-26 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-06-43 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-08-29 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-12-25 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-13-50 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-13-38 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-04-08_08-13-03 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr Porthole window decal: 2017-04-08_08-12-50 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  15. Just Another BNSF SD40-2 ... In 6 Wide!

    After completing my BN SD40-2 and being extremely happy with how that turned out I decided to try the design in BNSF livery. So here it is, I think it turned out pretty nice, there are a couple limitations on parts compared to the BN version but it worked out fine. Feedback is always welcomed . 20170319_175422 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170319_175356 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170319_175246 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170319_175231 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr