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  1. The Plastic Archer

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah, Thanks for the information.
  2. The Plastic Archer

    Best (and worst) of 2016

    The Maze is no longer available, it's sold out. But one of my favorite sets of 2016 Almost all the 15 & 16 CMFs were great. Sonic is the best dimensions set figure, E.T. is also good. Lots of good "free" and exclusive sets through the year. Where is this set?
  3. The Plastic Archer

    S@H site is terrible

    Why does it seem to log out an account after 2 or 3 days?
  4. The Plastic Archer

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's because she is getting away! Why is the money transporter truck a police vehicle? How odd...
  5. The Plastic Archer

    S@H site is terrible

    It is very annoying the way it does not refresh the page. The best thing to do is open every link in a new tab.
  6. The Plastic Archer

    Brick Friday

    So there will not be any sales on S@H?
  7. The Plastic Archer

    Dallas Bricks Train Layout

    I happened across this video (not mine) of a neat train layout. The Lego layout starts at 2:07
  8. The Plastic Archer

    [MOC] Ford C-Series Truck

    I really like the drive train detail.
  9. The Plastic Archer

    Do Minifigures dream of Plastic Sheep?

    No, because Lego doesn't make them. That is a interesting build even though I have no Idea where it is from.
  10. The Plastic Archer

    [MOC] Mountain Hut (in 90's style)

    Great Build! Did you put in any interior work?
  11. The Plastic Archer

    Your dream Lego theme

  12. The Plastic Archer

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think the 2014 police line is better. Probably the only set I will get is the bank as I didn't get the last one. Why is there no money truck though? Oh well. Interesting that the police station is an anti corner building. I wonder if the Auto Transport Heist is a retail exclusive...
  13. The Plastic Archer

    PAB Wall or Bricklink

    They are? Does the price of PAB Cups differ by region? How much are the small cups? (I ask because I've never been to a Lego Store.) As for 2x2s why not just order from S@H pick a brick as they are $0.10? Or considering x2 VIP points right now they are only $0.09
  14. The Plastic Archer

    10255 Assembly Square

    How does it look as an inverted corner modular? I think it may work really well for that.
  15. The Plastic Archer

    (MOC) Bob's Burgers

    Neat build.fits well with Lego City and (mini modular style) Creator buildings. I had never heard of bob's burgers, interesting that I kind of randomly found this yesterday: