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  1. Finally made all the mods as in the ultimate lxf version you have provided. Everything fits seamlessly. Only a few things I noticed: 1) LDD's building instructions with a model this big make building it VERY interesting, haha 2) The gearless clutch seemed to be rotating all the time for me. Maybe it was because my blue pins did not have enough friction, but every time I would roll the car, it would not transfer the torque past the clutch at all to the engine and gears (or vice versa). Other than this, it is a fantastic model, and the improvements are fantastic. Thank you!
  2. Well that response is just a giant middle finger... And to not even mention the improvements made on their suboptimal product is not fair
  3. You're the best, Didumos. We are really grateful for this! Enjoy the vacation, well earned!
  4. Great review! The hamster is very cute
  5. Would love to know the list of those parts for the ultimately playable version before you head off on vacation
  6. phattyg

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Very creepy cupcake guy...and I don't think I've seen any of the smaller promotional sets like that have stickers...
  7. phattyg

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Also would love to see a hospital. There are some decent Lego Ideas hospitals that are around, but as mentioned above, it would have to fit a theme of an earlier era to match the feel of the other modular buildings. Doubtful there would be any high tech hospital, and doubt there would be any ambulance or helicopter included. Striking a good balance between having a good aesthetic for the outside and detail on the inside will be critical.
  8. To clarify, your goal will be to make instructions for the minimal mods, and a list of extra necessary parts to make them? Also, will that be a goal for the ultimately playable version? Would love to do just 1 bricklink purchase
  9. phattyg

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    Reminiscing about old pirate sets I used to have before my dark ages...this just blows everything out of the water. Pun intended
  10. The progress you're making with the ultimate playable version is just amazing. I think that version is getting as near to perfection as can be
  11. Does this version of the LXF file not include the rear HOG steering + gear shift? Or is that just coming as you tweak more things? Love the compilation though
  12. After I got my set on day 1, and built it, I started looking around for mods to make it great. When I came across this site and joined it, it was great to see so many experts coming together to make an ultimate modded product. I am very grateful for what you're doing Didumos. I look forward to this ultimate mod -- in my very first technic set, out of my dark ages.
  13. Maybe when the next shipment of the sets occurs, and more have access to it. Would really love to see the changes in instruction form for box 1, so we can figure out which pieces are needed and where.
  14. I made all the mods as listed above...but for some reason I get an awful lot of torque in 3rd gear. Gears slip and click. I undid the very first change for swapping the gearbox order 1-2-3-4 back to 1-3-2-4, and it seems to work normally. Went through all of the gears and pieces, and it seems that maybe it's due to lack of support of those back axles that determine 2nd vs 3rd gear? Any ideas?
  15. Hi all, this seems like a fantastic collection of mods, especially as outlined on the first page. Would there be any way to index all the pieces/parts needed to make all of these mods? Looking to buy the pieces so as to fully mod my car to include all of these. Great work everyone!