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  1. StukaRT

    2018 Lego Trains

    Any hope someone might be able to create an alternative firmware for powered up with an improved feature set anytime in the future? Atm its pretty useless to me as we often send trains between rooms and with the hub turning off when out of range and no way to take over an arriving train without pressing buttons i have now resorted to retrofit 60197 to powerfunctions and using the powered up hubs for local shunter trains only.
  2. StukaRT

    2018 Lego Trains

    Absolutly love that cargo engine. Thats something rly different then before and a very nice style. Will definilty pick that one up. Also the passenger one seems ok-ish, will see how it turns out before deciding on that, would still need one though so might aswell get this one :) Release will be in august, that's right?
  3. StukaRT

    4DBrix Automation Reviews

    Any idea for making the train stop when using PF? An intelligent positioning system and controller inside the train, like "Railware" for example, might be too much to ask for. What i thought about is a kind of magnetic killswitch between reciever and motor and a few small electromagnets powered in conjunction with the red light? A speeding train might just overall this "barrier" but so far it seems the easiest solution. Anything mechanical might not be suitable for all the different train models.
  4. StukaRT

    Full Train Layout Control with Tablet

    Would it be possible to have the software in a way that 2 controllers respond to the same panel? So with 1 slider you could control 2 seperate motor systems?
  5. StukaRT

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    So for every 4 switches i need 1 USB Port? Also cabling length might be a problem for usb? How long can the cable from controller to switch be? Maybe any plan in the future to make a Bus-System and only have 1 central interface? Would then also be nice instead of a USB Interface to something to run this on an iPad/Tablet App instead. Easier to carry around then the notebook :) Aynway this looks awesome and i hope you make it available in europe soon.
  6. StukaRT

    2017 Lego Trains

    So container size goes down to 10 lenght :/ Not compatible with the container cars from 7939 :/
  7. StukaRT

    My try at building a Shunter

    I was thinking baout getting the locomotive from the 3677 set. I read somewhere here someone shortened it, so today while bored i played around with LDD and build the locomotive from the instructions, then i fiddled around until i had it shortened quite nicely. When i looked at it i reralized i like both versions very much. Even might keep the grey on the battery box cause imo it fits well. Anyway i realzied i won't likely be able two get to locomotives from 3677 as they seem really high priced around here in germany. So i got the idea why not usethis MOC and try to rebuild it into a yellow version. Well looking at what i need to buy i might asell buy everything and keep both.
  8. Hey folks, i am new here and quite new to lego trains. Heres my introduction in the Train Tech Registry: http://www.eurobrick...75#entry2581024 As detailed there i was trying to get some trains of ebay and basically got the yellow train alone, but was later able to get the sets 7939 and 7938. So now i had two yellow cargo trains :P Well i needed a shunter anyway, first i though to also get the loco from 3677, but wasnt able to get one on ebay for a decent price. Well with the 2nd yellow cargo train i thought why not try to rebuild this one. Thats basically how i found this forums, while hunting for ideas. Though my brick supply is limited so i mainly used stuff from the set. Anway: That is what i came up with, its rly basic and i tried to use most of the stuff from the 7939 loco. At first i tried a 3 axle design but it didnt went through the turns. so i removed the middle one. But with only 1 motorized axle i had traction problems with the longer wagons on the junctions and on turns. So i came up with the idea to connect the front axle to the back axle. It was way to far for gears, so i simply used two rubber bands and i must say it did work out really well, now the loco goes through all the joints without a problem. I really need to get me two of these 6-wide windows, guess it will look a bit better, And also some kind of plate above the cabling so i can have a nice cab inside. From the leftover parts i did put a 2nd pantograph on the yellow freight engine, i found it looked really weird with only one and didnt like the look. And from the leftover bricks and some of my own parts from the old days i used the 2 remaining axles to build a small flatbed. It is really not much compared to most of the stuff on here, but maybe someone gets his ideas like i did from some other post about a small shunter on here.
  9. StukaRT


    Hello there, i am new here and just recently unpacked my old lego from the basement cause my son's getting 5 this year and i wanted to give him some of my older smaller cars. While browsing through the boxes i found 4 pieces of track which i bought as a kid cause i always wanted lego trains but never got one. Anyway so i went to Amazon and looked at the train sets and well... i liked them. Over the next days i debated to buy one or not but finally gave in and bought 60098. A few days later when it arrived i was hooked :) I needed more track so i went to ebay and tried to get more tracks. While browsing I saw all the sets on sale and thought: "hey some more trains would also be nice" and they come with track. Ah well end of story i bid on several of those. In the end i managed to get 7939 and 7938 from the same seller quite cheap. Also the yellow engine without a set, more track, joints and some wagons and a few trucks. Well it went bit out of hand and i managed to spent some 500 euro on train stuff in under a week :) While googlin for ideas what to do with the 2nd yellow train engine (i post it later maybe what i did end up with) i found this forum and signed up. So here i am :) Heres a small glimpse of how it looks so far, still waiting on some more wagons, trucks and joints from ebay to arrive: EDIT: The package with the last junctions came: -------------------------