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  1. OriolesFan957

    Help finding custom Gas Mask

    Mega Bloks has a few gas masks, I dont know if they would work on lego
  2. I am working on the suspension now.
  3. Any tips on ways to put it in and use it with nly a small amount of space? * I meant only
  4. OriolesFan957

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    My family actually owns a logging buisness and I have experience with these machines, my uncle operates a john deere skidder like this one, I have seen them up close and personal. You did a great job.
  5. Hi, Check out my newest creation!
  6. OriolesFan957

    [HELP] Tips and Pointers for a Tracked Vehicle

    I like all of the names EVEN Test no. 1 Bob, But how about: Treaded Raptor 1.0
  7. OriolesFan957

    Making vehicles articulated

    Yeah. Also look up John Deere Skidder, that is my next project which is also articulated.
  8. OriolesFan957

    [HELP] Tips and Pointers for a Tracked Vehicle

    1 vote for Bob 1 vote for Bob
  9. OriolesFan957

    Making vehicles articulated

    I would want to have each track to be articulated. Just articulated, nothing difficult.
  10. OriolesFan957

    Making vehicles articulated

    I wasn't talking about it being articulated, I wanted to make it articulated. I have thought it out and it would be extremely difficult to make it like that BUT it can be done.
  11. OriolesFan957

    Making vehicles articulated

    Yeah check out some of my other topics about my tracked vehicle.
  12. OriolesFan957

    [HELP] Tips and Pointers for a Tracked Vehicle

    I am almost done, just need the motor and battery box to arrive in the mail! Any suggestions on what to add on it? Thanks for all of you guys help. It also needs a name! Any suggestions?
  13. OriolesFan957

    Making vehicles articulated

    His is not all one piece like mine. I have tried to make a articulated vehicle before, but it didn't work out.