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  1. Square

    Minions 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm disappointed with these sets, the budget seems limited compared to Angry Birds & Trolls. Grus Laboratory doesn't offer much and valued toward Jr. Plane is Plain The motorcycle is fairly inaccurate for the sake of stability. Temple & buildable figure is decent, however the Temple have to contest with the New Year sets, Ninjago, and the rumored Monkey Kid. Comparing to Angry Birds/Trolls, most of the sets doesn't focus around a vehicle/machine and introduced many new molds/recolors (despite some were specialized and used once). Minions only have specialized figures and nothing else.
  2. Lego Forma got gutted for global release: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lego-forma-add-a-splash-of-creativity-to-your-day#/updates/all
  3. Square

    Ninjago Polybag Contest

    Where is the Water Ninja Tag?
  4. I want the ogrelord Shrek. Regardless, Trolls is pretty colorful franchise. I'm looking forward for many new recolors.
  5. Square


    Due to the suggested image size limitation, the images will be redirected to a gallery.
  6. The law doesn't seem to mention LDD usage, I'll check in if I have the motivation.
  7. "Humans are so greedy, I loathe them." -Glimps Alias: Girual/Wonjileum Dragon, Star of Abnorisk, Byeol (formerly), Talaghan Weapon/Power/Tool: Girual Star Dust, Abyssal Essence (formerly Girual Essence) Species/Apperance: Dragon Gender: Male Race: Abnorisk Faction: Girual (formerly), Wonjileum Residence: Mystic Sky Temple Occupation: Independent Status: Alive
  8. Square


    I like how compact these mechs are, the image size is pretty are to tell what detail is put into these design though.
  9. Square

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I can't believe they did this; I'm shocked yet amused-
  10. Square

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    I don't tend to expose my moc structure but here to clarify the moc design that I showed off: Yes the "toe" section is somewhat loss irl, I like your stability redesign @Leewan ; but the hero core may somewhat be fiddly.
  11. Square

    Qlenasy, The Emotional Maiden

    @Mechbuilds http://i.imgur.com/udQyAkI.png The lower leg design is based around one of Molly Raye & Shadowgear6335 moc design. I will admit this is one of my least favorite build since she lack an upper limb, preventing her to bend down properly.
  12. "Don't Ask Me Who I Am. You Say-" -Qlenasy ---- Born from the Lunar domain, she rarely leaving her residents, however she often gaze upon the distance at the Dusk Shore. Despite being a maiden, she's the Branch Chief of the Lunar Empire. If the Empress decease without a child, Qlenasy will take the throne. Qlenasy have 4 type of emotion she can swap to; ---- Neutral = Balanced, Intelligent, Cautious Her vanilla state. Despite the lack of expression in this form, she can still use small portion of her other 3 facial power in this form. ---- Alluring = Happy, Loving, Cheerful Despite her bright face, she can still pose a treat in this form. The Jantukum Flower is an exclusive plant found only in the Lunar Valley, but it can also act like a bomb by fluorously combusting. ---- Psychotic = Demonic, Sinister, Deviant While shes not psychopathic in this form, it's know to be the most dangerous from all 4 forms. A cut from the Schizo Blade open up a gap of fear throughout the target membrane. ---- Sorrowful = Enraged, Depressed, Reckless With blood pouring through her eyes, this isn't just most unhealthy form to face against, but also painful to battle against. The Dual Grim Flail-Blade create vase energy which can duplicate itself in combat. ---- Etc:
  13. Square

    [MOC] Trickster lego

    Uhhh, are the images removed?
  14. Square

    [MOC] StarCraft SpaceMarine

    The build looks very solid overall, smooth and indent all around-
  15. Square

    Lightsaber hilts have too much friction?

    Maybe it just you but I have 2 type of lightsaber next to me, one pop-out normally and other took some force.