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  1. Square


    Due to the suggested image size limitation, the images will be redirected to a gallery.
  2. The law doesn't seem to mention LDD usage, I'll check in if I have the motivation.
  3. "Humans are so greedy, I loathe them." -Glimps Alias: Girual/Wonjileum Dragon, Star of Abnorisk, Byeol (formerly), Talaghan Weapon/Power/Tool: Girual Star Dust, Abyssal Essence (formerly Girual Essence) Species/Apperance: Dragon Gender: Male Race: Abnorisk Faction: Girual (formerly), Wonjileum Residence: Mystic Sky Temple Occupation: Independent Status: Alive
  4. Square


    I like how compact these mechs are, the image size is pretty are to tell what detail is put into these design though.
  5. Square

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I can't believe they did this; I'm shocked yet amused-
  6. Square

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    I don't tend to expose my moc structure but here to clarify the moc design that I showed off: Yes the "toe" section is somewhat loss irl, I like your stability redesign @Leewan ; but the hero core may somewhat be fiddly.
  7. Square

    Qlenasy, The Emotional Maiden

    @Mechbuilds http://i.imgur.com/udQyAkI.png The lower leg design is based around one of Molly Raye & Shadowgear6335 moc design. I will admit this is one of my least favorite build since she lack an upper limb, preventing her to bend down properly.
  8. "Don't Ask Me Who I Am. You Say-" -Qlenasy ---- Born from the Lunar domain, she rarely leaving her residents, however she often gaze upon the distance at the Dusk Shore. Despite being a maiden, she's the Branch Chief of the Lunar Empire. If the Empress decease without a child, Qlenasy will take the throne. Qlenasy have 4 type of emotion she can swap to; ---- Neutral = Balanced, Intelligent, Cautious Her vanilla state. Despite the lack of expression in this form, she can still use small portion of her other 3 facial power in this form. ---- Alluring = Happy, Loving, Cheerful Despite her bright face, she can still pose a treat in this form. The Jantukum Flower is an exclusive plant found only in the Lunar Valley, but it can also act like a bomb by fluorously combusting. ---- Psychotic = Demonic, Sinister, Deviant While shes not psychopathic in this form, it's know to be the most dangerous from all 4 forms. A cut from the Schizo Blade open up a gap of fear throughout the target membrane. ---- Sorrowful = Enraged, Depressed, Reckless With blood pouring through her eyes, this isn't just most unhealthy form to face against, but also painful to battle against. The Dual Grim Flail-Blade create vase energy which can duplicate itself in combat. ---- Etc:
  9. Square

    [MOC] Trickster lego

    Uhhh, are the images removed?
  10. Square

    [MOC] StarCraft SpaceMarine

    The build looks very solid overall, smooth and indent all around-
  11. Square

    Lightsaber hilts have too much friction?

    Maybe it just you but I have 2 type of lightsaber next to me, one pop-out normally and other took some force.
  12. Square

    [MOC] Phoenix - Lego Technic Bird

    Eh yeah, this moc have alot of vibe from early G1. It has decent coverage but the limited-posing kills it.
  13. Sun & Moon release tomorrow rip euro again and I have been posting this around lately.
  14. Aww, no new CCBS parts? The life of constraction is really dying...
  15. Square

    [MOC][WIP]Makuta, Lord of Shadows

    Currently it looks worst than the previous one, hope to see it improve.