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  1. This is amazing! The stonework is great, the rockwork id great, the colors are great, the size is great, and the water is great! The cave entrance though, was an excellent detail... Is all of Innovalug going to BFAL? I wish I could go this year... But I am busy that weekend... :( Anyhow, great build! Keep it up!

  2. Awesome job! The whole thing is great! The rockwork, although fairly simple SNOT, has a very nice look... The stonework, though for the tower is probably my favorite part... My one problem, would have to be that the house on top is a little too big/too straight... Otherwise, the whole thing is great! And also, the tree looks nice too! :D Keep it up!

  3. 7 hours ago, danielvermeir said:

    I ran out of grassy elements, that's the main reason why i didn't put the whole base full of grass. Think it looks too naked too on that one side of the build. Also, I need to add more olive green grass too to break to uni-tone greenish look on the base. I am going to see if that water hint you gave me improves the build. Thx for that :)


    No problem, yeah I understand with the grass, I need more olive green, and a lot more grass stalks... The water, yes, I have had lots of complaints about my water being different colors, I think it looks best if you use light trans. blue for a river... Although right at the watermill, it is interfering and turning the water, so it should move faster, so for about 5 studs long, it should be trans. clear. The way I think about it is depth, darkest is deepest, and interference from surrounding objects, the most interference, the lighter it should be... I just think it doesn't look quite as good with scattered studs... Wow, long comment for one subject. :P