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  1. Nice work, the dark orange creates a very unrestful color scheme, then again what would you expect with Kaliphlin. ;) Overall looks really nice though!
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    Casualties of War

    Awesome job FP! As always, excellent foliage, and this time with a great house to go with it! That roof is masterful, but the tudor section is really well done too! :)
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 2: Qarkyr Box Gardens

    Ahhhh, nice work! Love the grey floor with the garden boxes! The gardening tools are also really nice. :)
  4. TheLordOfBricks

    Avalonia Task 1 - Laelarielian Army & Crest

    Nice job! A nice simple, but good looking scene! Keep it up!
  5. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 3: Spice Merchant

    Nice work John! Another great immersive scene, the cloth really does it for me with the market stand with all the great items for sale on top. The ground is nice as well. :)
  6. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 4: Mophet - stable

    Nice work! Some great colors and details here, those doors are especially nice!
  7. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 6: Ha'ri the potter

    Really nice work! The market stall is nice and there is a great business to the scene! Keep it up!
  8. TheLordOfBricks

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 5: Daily Tasks

    Nice work John! Great immersive scene, very colorful! The windows are nice and that arch on the left side is also very pleasant to look at! Keep it up!
  9. TheLordOfBricks

    Harburg Kitchen

    Awesome work! Great busy atmosphere with this build! Loving all these details, they make for a great busy looking scene. :)
  10. TheLordOfBricks

    Equos Valley [Avalonia Task 3]

    Nice! Great dynamic feeling micro!
  11. TheLordOfBricks

    The Isle of Druidham [Avalonia Task III]

    Excellent Micro as I have said before, great that you expanded your initial SJ entry! Great colors all around and nice parts use for the towers! Keep up the good work. :)
  12. TheLordOfBricks

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @Full Plate Oh yes! Welcome, good choice to join the best guild! ;) Good to have you back? I am somewhat new, so I don't know how long you have been here... Anyways, welcome!
  13. TheLordOfBricks

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Oh no! Bummer, I was really looking forward to seeing your entry. Still super excited for your Legoworld Utrecht build. :)
  14. TheLordOfBricks

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    Ooh yes, very nice! Loving the classic look to your style. The open headlight bricks gives a nice texture to the stonework as well. :) Keep it up! :)
  15. TheLordOfBricks

    Challenge I: Repairs in Sir Patman's Cottage

    Nice work! That roof is definitely interesting, looks pretty good! The ladders create a nice sense of it being in construction. :) Keep it up!
  16. TheLordOfBricks

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Nice work! Very simple, but a great idea and well executed. :) I do agree with Navarre for the tiles, but I really like the way you did the roof angles, looks really good! :) Keep it up!
  17. TheLordOfBricks

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Awesome! Great colors and textures here, also loving that dome under construction! Quite and impressive overall structure! Keep it up! :)
  18. TheLordOfBricks

    Of Dragons and Druids: Ch. 1

    Ah yes, great work here, loving the story as well. That lighting is just so good, so realistic... Keep it up Henjin!
  19. Tralfandor Fortress | TheLordOfBricks | Avalonia Avalonian Windmill | TheLordOfBricks | Avalonia
  20. TheLordOfBricks

    Freebuild - Kaliphlin Cog

    Really nice work! The shaping of the boat is awesome, one of the best I've seen in a while. The water is great as well, very unique. Keep it up! :)
  21. TheLordOfBricks

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    Awesome job! Lots of great details here, definitely loving the colors too. Keep it up! :)
  22. TheLordOfBricks

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Nice work! That lava is really nice, especially with the red on that great dragon! One thing, personally the wings look a little small to me, that could just be the angle though. Overall, great job! :)
  23. TheLordOfBricks

    Scouting a Site

    Really nice micro! Those limestone cliffs are so well done, the hints of olive really make it pop. The water is nice as well. :) Keep it up!
  24. TheLordOfBricks

    Challenge I: Loss and rebuild

    Ooh wow, hitting us with the emotional side of the challenge. Really creative, good build, loving the lonely atmosphere you created! Keep it up! :)
  25. Awesome! Well done scene here, loving the dark orange path, very Kaliphlin. Excited to see what you do with Tabib D'Odo. :)