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  1. TheLordOfBricks

    Leanorll Manor

    Again, great job Isaac! I love the stonework on this one... It has a very nice feel... Keep it up!
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    The retaking of Eolas: A heroes farewell

    Awesome job man! This is great! Keep it up!
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    AoM: Frostgate, Gatehouse phase II; Pt. 1.3

    Awesome job! This is great! The rockwork/angled walls are great! But, I don't quite understand the brown arches at the top, or the small tan 1 x 1 cones and studs on the wooden walls... Anyways, great build! Keep it up!
  4. TheLordOfBricks

    MOC The Captain's Daughter's Inn & Watermill

    Wow! This is awesome! Everything blends together quite nicely! And the stonework looks really great! The only thing I can suggest is make the water one color studs, and the vegetation in between the front door, the bridge, and the path should have grass just like the rest of the build... Keep it up! You are doing great!
  5. TheLordOfBricks

    CCC XIV - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    This is a great build, I love all the fall colors, everything is beautifully tied together in one scene! Keep it up!
  6. TheLordOfBricks

    Thoryn Arper Tree House

    Awesome job! This is great! I always love looking at your builds, they all have great color schemes! Keep it up!
  7. TheLordOfBricks

    Avalonian Village

    Awesome job Isaac! Great build! As you probably know, I love the fence a lot... And, I am on here now too! Well, that is, I am going to try and start getting semi-active... :)
  8. TheLordOfBricks

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Two questions, do I have to be a regular member, and not a new member? And what do you mean by two original lego pieces? Thanks!
  9. TheLordOfBricks

    Practise Posting Here!

    This is a lot like classic-castle, I am getting a hand of this... Testing Images... Got it, and I understand, whew! I am ready to go!!!!