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  1. Razelquin

    Space Pirates Contest - Voting thread

    Category A: #4 #5 #11 Category B: #6 #4 #2 Category C: #8 #3 #2
  2. Razelquin

    [SPC] Cat A - Brickblood Pirates

    the second curve of the flames from the base is small enough for the small pegs at the base of the fire piece to fit into Haha, I did not notice those arms before, perfect use - original indeed! thanks!
  3. Razelquin

    Embedding from deviantart

    awesome that worked thanks!
  4. Razelquin

    [SPC] Cat A - Brickblood Pirates

  5. Razelquin

    Embedding from deviantart

    sure: http://fav.me/d8n01qp thanks for the help i tried the image thing, but it said i wasn't allowed to use it on this community. Is there something that i missed somewhere?
  6. trying to get my pictures to show in my post. they're hosted on deviantart, and when i try and embed them it just shows the text. is there some special trick to get them to load right or is there some kind of block from deviantart? thanks for any and all help
  7. Razelquin

    [SPC] Cat A - Brickblood Pirates

    The Brickblood pirates, a merciless band of miscreants Kzar Brickblood Captain of the Lost Star and proud owner of the highest bounty in the history of the Pactar sector. He's been know to attack ships, stations, and even planetary colonies, taking whatever he wants (which is everything he sees) and killing whoever gets in his way. Ellie Heavy weapons expert of the Brickblood pirates. She doesn't care so much for valuables or money, aside from their ability to buy ammunition and bigger guns. Glix An Aquazar, he needs a special suit to survive on land. Lucky for him, it lets him survive in space, which often means hes the one cutting holes in enemy hulls. "Iron Arm" Tim Pilot of the Lost Star. Never one to let an injury get him down, he rigged together a new arm when he lost his. Despite opportunities to upgrade it, he chose to keep it, the larger arm is both more intimidation and more lethal, perfect for a pirate. Abrin The strong and silent type, Abrin prefers to shoot first and search pockets later. He is just as deadly with his quantum blaster as he is with his laser whip. "Mad" William The strong and loud type, William is in it for the violence. He answers all questions about what happend to his body with a swift death, so don't ask. He seems to prefer his new look anyway, it's unlikely he could lift a lifepod over his head before he lost his old body. Though that may have been how he lost the old body... Ready for a fight List of Edits: “Mad” William now has hammertime mode with his photon hammer Changed “Mad” William’s shoulder cannons from ‘stun’ to ‘kill’ Gave Ellie a new, bigger gun (as part of her contract, she gets to keep a modified version of the old one) Glix upgraded his shock rifle Glix got a light sword Glix improved his respiration system “Iron Arm” Tim got a helmet Kzar got an energy sword more pics can be seen at my deviantart: http://razelquin.dev...y/53720989/Lego
  8. Razelquin

    closing books in LDD

    ah. well, thank you for your help. and here's hoping they remold the books.
  9. sorry if this question was already asked, but i looked and couldn't find an answer. I'm currently working on a build that has a library section and need to fill shelves with books. i found the lego book but can't figure out how to close the thing, i've tried the hinge and flex tools to no avail. is there a trick to this?
  10. Razelquin

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    5 by MadAboutLego - 1 point 10 by DarthNick - 1 point 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point
  11. Razelquin

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    19 by KZB - 2 points 17 by Ceroknight - 1 point
  12. Razelquin


    the four races of fantasy share a drink from four golden goblets. Entry disqualified. Read the rules please - only members who've joined before the raffle was launched can participate.