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  1. Hello everybody! Is there anyone who can make .ai files of some lego gears? They are vectors files mostly created with Adobe Illustrator. I would be really thankful if anybody does this for me.
  2. arshiaIQ

    [MOC] Rope Braiding Machine

    Unfort. pictures are dead... can you re-upload them please? Sorry for reviving dead topics. I wanna rebuild this...
  3. I currently havent done bodywork yet, and it moves without struggle with a single xl motor, directly connected to the middle 16t geat in the gearbox. On fourth gear, current problem is that driving rings kinda "slip" out of the red gears and clicking sound starts and vehicle no longer moves... Shifting mechanism is easily RC-able with a servo, reduced to 1:2 ratio... one seat is likely to be sacrificed though. I have done it and it shifts well, if only return-to-center is disabled. I have also done that. So current problem seems to be the slipping of the driving ring on 4th. Maybe we could change one of red connectors inside driving rings to those white ones... the are stronger in holding their position. Problem is that the servo is already struggling to shift
  4. Ill send pictures when I arrived home. Lubrication for extra smoothness :D Do you have any suggestions for a new RC-friendly gear set? With closer ratios... 0.8 to 3.5 is so much for any motor.
  5. Ive just finished building the chassis... the smoothest drivetrain I have ever seen!!! Unexpectedly smooth Im going to buy some water-based lubricants to lubricate the drivetrain, for even smoother movement, so I can RC-ize this thing. I just can say its lovely. Planning to change the interior color to RED and a white&LBG bodywork. Also blue calipers make it really really eyecatching. It was a great experience building this, only used 8 dogbones and everything is fine using some modifications.
  6. Thats great! Everything seems awesome. There might be stress but the best we can do is this :D Can you help me with the wheel hubs too...?
  7. I can strongly admit that this is the Lego supercar of my dreams... everything is great, I really appreciate your work. Everything is fine about it, and it is certainly unique... robust and rigid like iron scafolding :D I think no one has ever seen such a robust thing even from the leading lego designers. I just scaned the whole instructions to have an idea of things... I should also thank @Blakbird for such an effort on designing the instructions and pulishing it for free :D Aside the build, I have been reading the users feedback about their building experiences and comments, I really love your compassion and enthusiasm in your replies to them and your reactions to their ideas and compliments and changes are seemless and lovely, this is above everything IMO ;)) you are a good man, then a good builder indeed, hoping to see you like this forever Btw I havent built it yet, but I am going to. Im thinking how to use 42043's wishbones here cause i dont have any... also with the dogbones which i just have 7... i also have to modify the great bodywork in order to fit my limited inventory of panels. I just dont know what to do with the lack of all four wheel hubs :| and 4 cv-joints :/ (i just have 2, one from arocs the other one posted by our dear friend @Nick Barrett from England to Iran for me :D - all due to inavailability of bricklink and payments here...) I hope you could help me with ideas for wheel hubs and cv-joints. Great luck with your future mocs. Seeing the potential to be the next sheepo in you by seeing your previous moc(s) :D
  8. I made a V2 engine using V2 cylinders, wasent difficult and runs at 700-800RPM at 100psi very well. Havent modified cylinders, just injected some oil into the holes using a syringe... They now move EXTREMELY easily... slide like a champ :D
  9. The shifitng mechanism in the video seems great. Could you make it return to center by itself? If not I have a solution I'd be happy to mention :D Great job
  10. arshiaIQ


    Most of us dont kow german? Still great the price is half of what sbrick is while offering great range of capabalities That 3Amp driver is a gift from god ??
  11. Great! Im using it in my new RC car with some upgrades its handling torque of 3 L motors :D
  12. arshiaIQ

    Sequential Dual Clutch Gearbox

    How are the instructions going? I promise everybody is waiting for them... dont lose your motivation :P bonne chance
  13. arshiaIQ

    [MOC] Avtoros Shaman 8x8

    Wondering where do you all find these budgets... I wish I knew your jobs
  14. arshiaIQ

    Sequential Dual Clutch Gearbox

    Great Struggling to build it as a great display model
  15. arshiaIQ

    [WIP] Massive Dump Truck

    The front axle bends under load with current setup. I would make it more robust