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  1. Seconded on the Arctic truck recommendation. I have the 42049 and whilst it looks good (similar scale) with the 42030 volvo and other mining related sets its a pretty plain model (no suspension, diff, only 2cl motor). 42048 (go kart) is a really cool set for the price, lots of parts, easy build and a good intro to gearboxes and gear ratios. Also a couple cool user made C models for the kart which is uncommon for smaller sets. As far as bigger sets go the 42053 from 2h2016 is a great intro to advanced sets. It has the new pneumatic parts, decent B model and im sure the C models will begin coming through in the next few months.
  2. Agreed, i remember seeing the specs on them from my resource extraction tech studies, high capital and running costs, but they are hard to beat for loosely packed bulk material moving (shale/coal/topsoil).
  3. Makes sense, as torque would be more important than rotation speed for the BWE, either way the problems will still be similar as the total power output between the two is similar (3.2 vs 2.7w)
  4. Its always a bit of a shame to have such a large/nice model with power functions but only a single motor. Speaking from the PF sets i have, 8275 and 42030 which are great RC sets, well designed technic with a great PF layout. 42009 did great with PF on a single motor (even if the outriggers could be better), manual drive for the truck with PF on the crane upper. 42042 is great on the crane upper, but the drive (no steering /diff between tracks) and lack of power/jerky movement of the tracks are a bit of a let down. Unfortunately the BWE looks like it will suffer the same. A single L motor going through a gearbox, at least 3 right angle turns, twisting/slack in long axle pieces and moving the weight of 3900 pieces will be less than stellar, only hope for decent movement will be a very low speed/high torque from gearing down. I am absolutely getting at least one (maybe two) BWE sets to build a MOC with, i will probably have to pull PF parts from my WIP rc 42042 and give it the proper PF treatment.
  5. Droid228

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Maybe its not releasing till June1 Euro time, since it is already June1 in AUS.
  6. Droid228

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Anyone else had the Coming soon 1st June change from the site? AU site is just showing Coming Soon. No date on the page.
  7. Droid228

    Hello from Australia

    Hello from Australia, Ive always been a huge fan of lego, from the older UCS X wing and TIE interceptor though to my current passion of technic. Over the past couple of years i have re-kindled the passion, with some of my favorite new sets on display (42000, 42009, UCS Tumbler) Currently on a technic binge over the past few months, with a 42030 and 42042, with a second 42042 (for a double size moc), 42039 and 42049 on the way. Excited for the 42055 release next week, 42056 later in the year and might look into getting the new UCS TIE and SLAVE models.