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    Lego Smart Cities

    Hello Knight and Thanks Dakar. Yes, I have quoted the wrong video early. Hello Major, Thanks for the useful advice, will be looking into MQTT and NodeMCU, soon.
  2. sckam

    Lego Smart Cities

    Dear Lego Experts, I am looking to build a Smart Cities using Lego bricks. The finishing result will be something like this: The Smart Cities will be show case the power full of Internet of Things (IoT) using various type of sensors, solar panel, controller such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Any one have done anything similar to this application before ? Can share your experience ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Lego experts, I am planing to purchase this LEGO® Architecture Studio. Any one have play or use this before ? Mind to share your experience ? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi allanp, Thanks for the advice. I actually have limited knowledge on it. Although at home, my kid do play the Lego set(model: 10662). Hence, no experience of designing and building my own creation. I was planning to use the Lego Digital Design to do the planning. But sadly LDD cannot do animation simulation. Otherwise can simulate the factory process without EV3 or NXT. - what are you're skills (with lego of course)? - zero knowledge.... - what parts can you use, do you have nxt, pf? - I do not have Mindstorms... - what exactly do you even want to build? - a mini factory production process. - how can you accomplish some mecanisms (look at the real world)? - need to explorer To all Lego experts, My purpose of using Lego is to build a factory production process simulation. So that I can add in some industrial sensors,then to read some data from the sensor. The data will then send to an Internet of Things ( IoT) web portal. Then the data can be further analysis for big data insight analytics. These will then create an use case of 'Smart Manufacturing' for IoT. Any further advice ?
  5. Hello LDD experts, I am new to the Lego world. May I know can LDD do animation simulation ? If can, then I can use it to build a mini factory production process. Before I actually made the purchase of the real bricks.
  6. Thanks, guys who given some hints on these. I am also looking into buying some lego bricks for the project, I am looking at Mechanisms Classroom Packs - 1 set Are these brick packs good enough and sufficient for me to build a not so complicated factory process ?
  7. Dear all expert Lego builders, I am a newbie to Lego world. I would like to build a mini factory production process simulation. Similar to: Can any expert builder advice me how to get start ? Thank you. Yours sincerely, Kam