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  1. Godspeed

    10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter

    A member on Whirlpool who works at TRU has stated it will be $280AUD, so not too far off.
  2. Wow! Most likely a pricing error, but I will definitely check it out. Cheers!
  3. Godspeed

    LDD 4.3.5 bugs

    This may not be a bug, but I can't seem to find the 'remove filter' button for colour anywhere in the Mac version. The user manual clearly shows a button for removing the filter, but it's nowhere to be seen and I'm going insane!
  4. Will this stack with the current 20% off? I don't see any restrictions.
  5. I know it's Fishpond so fulfilment of orders might become an issue, but they have the ARC-170 fighter 8088 in stock here for $48.57 comes to ~20% off from the US MSRP and less than half price from AUS MSRP.
  6. Godspeed

    Class II Imperial Star Destroyer "Avenger"

    Amazing! Looks like 10030 x 10188 = Avenger
  7. What's the usual Myer sale? 20% off?
  8. Looks like shipping is flat rate, $20 for international. Also use the coupon "123F45677894300D1934" to get $10 off orders of $30+
  9. Godspeed

    Crazy eBay Finds

    No one bought it, the listing just ended or the seller cancelled. I wonder if this will ever sell
  10. Godspeed

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Thanks for the reply Can you give a rough price estimate for Bricklinking this?
  11. Godspeed

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Sorry to bump this thread, but does anyone have an answer to the above question? I'm also curious whether 0221 has a good portion of the parts required.
  12. Godspeed

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    That looks like it's coming along great
  13. Rekindling my love of Lego

  14. I saw the SSD, tempted, but I think I better get my hands on the Imperial Shuttle before it hits EOL. Also, is it cheaper to buy the sets in euros rather than having it converted?
  15. Same place as you mate Ah I see, just realised I can pick the seller as Amazon. Thanks for the help, I'm gonna have a browse around. And I use Chrome too, I'm just still confused about what country's Amazon ships to Australia for what.