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  1. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Thanks, mate ! It's actually just some wrapping paper. Really easy to do I think it's more joyful than just black to enhance my minifigs.
  2. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Hi everyone. It's been a while, but I'm back !!! Here is my little collection (work in progress...), 4 frames on 10 done. Not my best pics though... My Iron Men, with some Avengers... 108___02 (2) by LG LH, sur Flickr More Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Men... 108___02 (3) by LG LH, sur Flickr Deadpool and X-Men... 108___02 (4) by LG LH, sur Flickr DC 108___02 (1) by LG LH, sur Flickr And the whole picture : 108___02 (5) by LG LH, sur Flickr
  3. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Another one I'll need to buy... megabluck that Iron Man addiction !!!!
  4. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    I like your French, Rob ;)
  5. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Exactly. This is why I said I didn't find it... So is there any other Spiderboy than Xinh's ?
  6. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    May you share the Pogo reference with us ? I didn't find the PG Spiderboy minifig...
  7. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Gosh !! That's a ugly fig !!! Is Xinh the only Spiderboy available ?
  8. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    If I didn't already own all of these, I would be pretty interested !!!! Enough of IM, Rob ?
  9. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I received mine a few days ago but it was so scratchy that I didn't display it on my collection...
  10. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Almost $12 for 6 JLB figs is a bit excessive, isn't it ???
  11. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Need some advice : At Minifigures Wholesale, they're selling new Rainbow and Zebra Batmen under Kopf brand (KF147 & KF148) for almost half the price of Decool's. Are these cheaper bootlegs' bootlegs or just better prices ?
  12. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Mine is still on its way, but I'm glad I bought it if it actually removable Might use this hair to improve my Ghost Spiderman, even if this isn't blue.
  13. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Thanks both Aldaric and Robianco. I get that... Even if I stay with bootlegs instead of customs, it's a bit hard to keep up sometimes so I don't know how you do (or did) ! And Iron Man has always been my favorite (with the Silver Surfer). Unfortunately, it's a character that comes in lots of variants. Anyway, one DLP wave I need... again ! (even if it's for 3 figs)
  14. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    It's stylish, you know What's this version of Captain America ?? (So jealous of your collection, Rob, as usual )
  15. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I don't know what brand it was (not Decool) but there was purple (Master Roshi) and orange (Krillin) short moving legs in a 8 Dragon Ball set (the one with the dragon balls).