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  1. This is exactly what happen when people are addicted to Pokèmon Go. Please like and share if you enjoy watching it. Thank you!
  2. myboxstation

    Brick Bank

    It's my second biggest set! Took me 4 days to build it. I had to retake a lot of scenes because i keep missing out some bricks, especially those tiny little ones. Almost want to flip table. As compare to "speed" building and brickfilm, i would prefer brickfilm. It's more fun and satisfying to see your own short film. Hope you guys enjoy it and please share and like. It's not easy to do stop motion vidz. Need a lot of patience, time and crazy back ache that no matter how many Salon Pas you use also can't help. Thank you.
  3. myboxstation

    Lakeside Lodge

    Thursday's new video! Stop motion speed build of Lakeside Lodge! Enjoy!
  4. myboxstation

    Beach Hut

    Got an old set from my friend. I've added a new effect into my stop motion speed build. Please leave some comments. Thank you! Enjoy!
  5. myboxstation


    A dude decides to have some BBQ food at the park, but it ends up not going so well..What will happen to him? Woo! it's my first official brickfilm! Took me 2 days to setup the brick scenes including taking photos and 3 days to do editing. Hope you will like it! Enjoy!
  6. myboxstation

    Detective's Office

    Thank you. Yeap, i'm using iStopMotion and Canon 7D camera.
  7. myboxstation

    Detective's Office

    Took me 3 days to shoot this. Very nice and awesome set. I like the interior. It has quite a lot of details.
  8. myboxstation

    Earth cutest robot!

    Earth cutest robot is here! Finally unboxed my Wall-E. Tried different angle and this could be the best stop motion video I did so far. Hope you will like it! Enjoy!
  9. myboxstation

    Wonder Woman and her invisable spaceship

    thanks for the comments! :)
  10. myboxstation

    Corner Deli

    i did a photo per piece. it's too tedious to take multiple photos for 1 piece of brick. i will post my recording setup soon. thanks :)
  11. myboxstation

    Vacation Getaways

    My Vacation Getaways stop motion build! Love this set very much. The bear is so adorable! Gotta study animal movement so that next time I can do a animal stop motion.
  12. myboxstation

    Corner Deli

    Bought a new software that specially for stop motion video, iStopMotion. It's within my budget and less complicated than DragonFrame. This video was taken using it. TGIF! Have a great weekend!
  13. myboxstation

    Thief vs Police

    This week my new brickfilm! Added a short simple scene. Photos were over exposed.
  14. It's Wonder Woman's turn! My second brickfilm. Adjusted the spaceship animation speed. The lighting was quite bad. Did not realize the shadow until I combined all images and animate it.
  15. myboxstation

    My First Stop Motion Vidz

    Took about 800+ photos and 3+hr to complete a very simple set that takes about less than 10 mins to assemble. Learnt walking animation and still got a lot of things need to improve.