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  1. Hello, I would like to motorized my set - Lego Technic 42037 vers. B PF RC or A. Which parts I need and/or which briks I need to motorized my set? Is there any video to show (step by step) how to do it? Thanks for any help
  2. Ive bought L-motors and servo. Time to buy rest parts :) Thank you for your time and help.
  3. Im new in this theme and Technic. Tell me which L-motors, Servo and other parts I need to buy to motorized this set. I need it for Christmas for cousin with 42037. what about XL-motors? Which Power Functions receiver should I use. regards
  4. przemekm

    42037 - Integrated RC Conversion

    Hello. Ive bought 42037 and I would like to motorized it But I don't know what has to be connected with what? Which part to buy (engine, extra bricks, etc). Could you share ldd/lxf file with me?
  5. Which parts you use to motorized set 42047? Lego Power Functions 8293? BTW your car looks nice
  6. przemekm

    [MOC] Ship ''Halve Maen'' 1606 in minifig scale

    A very beautiful ship. I am impressed!
  7. przemekm

    [MOC] Lego TRACTOR

    Beautif Tractor. Great Job!