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  1. Sonjira

    MOC - ACE Hardware Store

    Huh, I like this. It captures the good ol' American hardware store in a mini mall feel. One suggestion would be to add a little detailing to the higher up walls. Maybe put in some bricks to add a bit of organic texture so it "pops" a bit more and isn't just a bare wall. But overall, I enjoy this piece. Keep up the good work!
  2. Sonjira

    [MOC] Only bills in Donald's mailbox...

    Love the use of color here, great work! Considering doing any other MOCs with other Disney characters of this era/style?
  3. Sonjira

    [MOC] Modular inner corner park

    This is a very well executed concept here. You nailed the feeling of "almost nature, just not quite" with the muted tones and the way they play with all of the grays and browns around them, it's kind of humorously unsettling in some weird way.
  4. Sonjira

    [MOC] Donald Duck's Car - The 313

    I absolutely love this! The grill on the front brings it all together. It and the license plate are the exact right colors to bring that old-timey 30s feel right home. And that car crash picture is completely priceless. Keep it up, you have a knack for getting down the classic Disney aesthetic.
  5. Sonjira

    Summer Joust [MOC]

    Awesome stuff! I love the texture of the whole piece, really brings it all together! From the bumps of the brick on the rounded lower wall, to the mounds in the lower dirt, you gave this MOC an excellent "lived in" vibe. Very well done!
  6. Hey everybody! My name's Ben, though online and in the LEGO communities I've been a part of in the past people know me under the moniker of "Sonjira". My main thing in the LEGO-verse is that I am a brickfilmer! If anyone wants to maybe check out the movie's I have made in the past, you can head over to my YouTube channel at Ive been a part of the Bricks In Motion community for about five years now, and I've casually looked at this site every now and then. But I thought it'd be cool to finally hop over here and see what's going on, maybe see some new stuff and meet cool new people. Looking forward to everything!