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  1. I put the inventory in Rebrickable, hopefully it should be approved soon.
  2. offroadcreations

    [MOC] Trophy Truck

    Thank you! Thanks! Are you not a fan of XL motors? Thank you! Maybe next time. The battery I use in this model is an Energizer rechargable 9V. I have always had luck using it in my models.
  3. It feels like a case of too little too late to me. Why didn't this DFG-VK group call out Lego in the past over liscences with companies that have military ties? In my opinion, its not up to DFG-VK to make the decision for consumers if they want to buy the set and support Bell or not.
  4. Hello all, Today I present my newest MOC, the Trophy Truck. After years of trying to create the perfect trophy truck, I have now come closer than ever (but I still have a long way to go!) This model has been in the works for over a year. Since I have been in a mini-dark age for a little over 2 years, I worked on this model on and off until I was satisfied, paying attention to every detail. The main goals of this model were rigidity and aesthetic accuracy, since I built it alongside a blueprint. I feel I succeeded in both. Features: Servo motor steering XL motor drive w/ diff Soft independent front suspension Live rear axle w/ hard suspension Easily removable body Uses Sbrick + MiniZip cable More pics; \ Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. truck.pdf Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  5. Really digging how accurate it is to the original, especially the rear suspension. Looking forward to the final result!
  6. offroadcreations

    Mini Race Truck (42041/8041)

    Thanks! It's definitely very dense, my version is only ~60 parts less than the original. Thank you!
  7. offroadcreations

    [C-Model] 42039 Alt. Buggy 2.0

    I noticed that too. Thanks. Perhaps I could run U-joints through it to make that work.
  8. Hello All, Today I present my newest MOC, the Mini Race Truck (42041/8041). I originally was inspired to make this for the TC18 competition, but after seeing that trucks weren't allowed, I saved this model for later. It has all the features of the full-size model and more. Features: Mini V8 engine Opening doors Tilting Cab 2 Hog steering inputs More pictures: Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. 42041.pdf Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  9. offroadcreations

    [C-Model] 42039 Alt. Buggy 2.0

    Thanks. My advice is that I recommend you to build trailing arms as rigidly as possible, and use legal connections. For example, you can see that on my model, I angled them outward, but I also reinforced them with the thin 5L lift arms. I also second what Didumos said.
  10. Hello all, Today I present my newest MOC: 42039 C-Model Buggy 2.0. You may remember my previous 42039 C-Model. I decided that I didn't like it very much, mainly due to the fact that it was plagued with illegal and unstable building techniques. So now, I have created a new one! Honestly, I really like how this one came together. The model practically built itself; I had it nearly finished in two days. Features:HoG steeringIndependent front suspension with positive casterRear trailing arm suspensionFake v8 engineRigid AND legal construction More pics: Rendering with original tires: Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. buggy 2.0.pdf Buggy Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  11. 56. Twin-Engine Drag Roadster What would happen if you combined the 42022 Hot Rod and 42050 Drag Racer, and added a bit of retro Technic set styling? This! Features: Working twin V-8 engines HoG steering Wheelie function
  12. Ok, I changed my mind about the model being complete. I decided that it wasn't sturdy enough, so I completely overhauled the chassis, added more details, and took new pics. One main thing I did was add a mechanism for the "wheelie mode" (it's the yellow connector.) I also added front lights, which I think help really polish the model. Rear lights were added as well. Chassis: Edit: just fixed the exhausts so they're within the 15l limit.
  13. Thank you for the kind words! Here are the final pictures: I tried adding flames to the exhaust, but they just looked too cartoonish. I added a seat, fake steering wheel and a roll bar-type thing as well. Chassis pic:
  14. Hello, Here is my new MOC for the TC18 competition. It is quite simple, as the main goal was to create a model reminiscent of the pre-panel Technic era. It features HoG steering, and 2 working twin V8 engines. There is also a surprise main feature: There would be no point in calling it a dragster if it couldn't pop wheelies! It is nearly done, and only requires a few more cosmetic changes and detailing. Although I don't expect it to win, it was a fun model to build, and I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on it!
  15. Job: doors. Status: finished (I believe)