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  1. Wooshy

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I have just had an email regarding TLG and Lego Ideas. The vintage tram didnt make it. I'll be honest I have zero intention of buying a ship in a bottle, Infact I thought the set was (ship in a bottle) was a poor choice by TLG.
  2. Wooshy

    Wall-Mounted Layouts?

    Here is a basic layout I did just using Shelf brackets and wood.
  3. Wooshy

    9v (Train) motor guide

    Thats exactly I was looking for thank you very much!
  4. Wooshy

    9v (Train) motor guide

    Thank you both for the response. I should add I am by no means against PF. I have 60052, with a hybrid PF and 9v motor setup. I have 60051 which has 3 middle passanger carts and power functions in the front and rear carriages. ( I reversed the rear carriage motor using Dunksterbricks method on youtube). Here I also have 60098 using the above motor method with 2 motors. All it is I am building my lego city I did a test of my 9v motors and 2 could do with referbishment and was wondering which way is best to go about it. Sorry for the delay response I have spent today building Assembly Square. Infact I stoped using 60052 because the PF ended up drag/pushing the 9v motor due to its superior torque.
  5. Wooshy

    9v (Train) motor guide

    Hey everyone, First post, here and I am probably making a mistake, although I did look and could not find what I was after. A bit of back story, When I was alot younger, I had 2 lego train sets (4563 and 4564). I enjoyed these alot. Recently in my life I have found myself in a stable job and having enjoyed my share of lifes delicacies, I have found myself building my old lego sets. After buying some second hand 9v train motors from ebay, I find the train motors at various degrees of life (I.e 2 motors are quite quick, while 2 of the motors are slow). I have a long term plan to build a city and use the spare motors in either doubling up (Ie 2 motors on 4564) or for arguements sake in the tram from set 60097. So basically I would like a guide to renewing/restoring the motors themselves inside the bogie. Sorry for the long winded post, which the answer will inevitaby be right infront of my eyes. Im a competent solderer (isnt that even a word ?) so I am ok to take them apart the Bogie/motor to rewire etc. Is there anyway of changing the motor for a power functions motor (the motor inside the bogie, Im hoping you all know what I mean haha) or can I buy new 9v motors?? Thank you in advanced. Wooshy