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  1. Beautiful moc! Amazing how you got the shapes so close to the original with all the functions.
  2. tw2ka

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    The part count in this is indeed huge! Awesome model!
  3. I feel you.. I'm currently building a moc thats supposed to have 7-8 motorized functions all stuffed in to a volvo truck on 62.4mm tires. I thought about making the drive functions rc and building a gearbox with manual switches to power other functions. Might also end up getting another sbrick so I could make it all rc. They just seem to be hard to find right now.
  4. tw2ka

    [WIP] Caterpillar CT660 remake

    Not loking the axle is definately the simplest way to go. I've seen some designs that use two technic knob wheels (32072) that seperate when the axle is lifted. That way the steering stops.
  5. 100% make a rc version! Such a good looking tatra :)
  6. Great looking mocs both of them!
  7. tw2ka

    General Part Discussion

    What kind of a printer do you use? I was thinking about maybe getting one but I'm a bit sceptical about printed parts not being accurate enough.
  8. tw2ka

    Axle Collection Thread

    Thanks for the quick reply! I already built an axle earlier using that method but couldn't figure out a steering system that I liked so I let it sit for a while. I'll have to try again in a different way.
  9. tw2ka

    Axle Collection Thread

    Hello, are there any good ways to bring the pivot point any closer to the wheels on 62.4mm tires? I would love it if you could get the pivot point a bit closer than it is for example in the actros set because then you could make more realistic body work and fenders around the Wheel.
  10. What a great looking mocs wow!
  11. tw2ka

    [MOC] CAT 914k

    Wow this is cool!