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  1. 23 hours ago, Aanchir said:

    In the future, it might be a good idea to break your finale idea into paragraphs so it's easier to read! I don't have much to say about your finale concept itself, though, because I feel like whenever the time DOES come for the show to have a "grand finale", I feel like it would be best for it to draw on plot elements from whichever seasons happen to precede it, so that it feels like a satisfying and natural direction for the story to take, rather than feeling like veering abruptly away from recent story elements in order to focus on "old school" ones.

    For comparison, consider how prominent a role the lore about the First Spinjitzu Master's Oni and Dragon heritage presented in Season 8 and 9 ended up playing in Season 10. It would have been strange if instead of that very linear sort of progression, the Season 10 story arc went in a completely unrelated direction, and brought back the Skulkins, Serpentine, or Stone Warriors as the main enemy faction — it would have resulted in those bits of Oni lore and foreshadowing feeling like loose ends or missed opportunities.

    As such, I don't think it's really possible to speculate about what Ninjago's final story arc should entail until we're much closer to that point — and while I understand that you might prefer for the theme to wrap up soonish, I don't feel nearly that same sense of urgency.

    You may feel that "they've basically done everything", but I honestly disagree. After all, it took until last year for the theme to get a full "underground" story arc, as well as a skeleton dragon — an idea that seemed like a pretty obvious future direction for the theme to take even in its very first year, which introduced both dragons and skeletons to the theme's lore. And it's only this year that it's going to be getting a full "underwater" story arc and wave of sets (two possibilities I'd been contemplating for years). There are quite a few ideas for future directions the series could take which have already occurred to me:

    • Recently, while re-watching Season 3 with my wife, who hadn't seen it previously, she and I both started thinking about how cool it could be if Ninjago got a full story arc set in outer space, rather than just one or two episodes like we got back in 2014. Even if the only "alien life" we've seen evidence of in the series is a metal-eating pest residing on a particular comet, the mere EXISTENCE of alien life seems like the sort of revelation which could have much wider-reaching implications — after all, who's to say that INTELLIGENT alien species couldn't exist as well, or that the ninja would never wind up crossing paths with them?
    • I've also been thinking a lot about the possibility for future sets that introduce actual elemental creatures based on the Ninja's elemental animal emblems (Kai's lion emblem, Zane's wolf emblem, Cole's gorilla emblem, Jay's octopus emblem, Lloyd's dragon emblem, and Nya's crane emblem). While plenty of other LEGO themes have had similar supernatural creatures as a plot device (like the elemental creatures in Bionicle G2 and Elves, or the Legend Beasts in Legends of Chima), it seems like something that would make a lot of sense for Ninjago as well, since those animal symbols have been part of the theme from the beginning, and their significance has never been addressed.
    • While Ninjago has had a few "kaiju"/"giant monster" style threats over the years like the Grundal, Great Devourer, or Preeminent. But imagine the possibility of a story arc where the core conflict revolves around protecting Ninjago from an invasion of huge, ferocious creatures with mysterious origins that emerge to threaten Ninjago, similar to franchises like Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Monster Hunter, etc. Sets like the Hero Factory Invasion from Below sets, the Marvel Eternals sets, and arguably even the Vikings sets do a good job showing how "giant monster attacks" like these can work even across a range of higher and lower price points.
    • Another cool possibility for future sets would be a series of ninja vehicles or mechs that can connect together in different multi-element combinations, drawing inspiration from "combining mecha" from the sorts of anime, manga, and tokusatsu series that have long influenced the Ninjago sets and storyline in other ways. Ninjago has had transforming vehicles and mechs before, but not a lot of combining ones — despite that being a very classic sort of LEGO gimmick in the context of Space themes like Blacktron and Life on Mars.

    These are just a few ideas of future directions the theme could take based on the sorts of subject matter that that the theme has previously approached or touched on briefly without delving in more thoroughly. But the theme has shown us on many occasions that its range is broad enough to encompass ideas even more far-flung than this while still deftly weaving them into the existing narrative. I mean, it's not like "Mad Max style dieselpunk/post-apoc faction" or "fiery snake mummies" or "frozen samurai zombie empire" would have likely been on anybody's Ninjago bingo cards prior to the seasons those factions debuted in, but they still ended up feeling like a fairly natural fit for the tone and aesthetics of the theme. For all we know, future story arcs could revolve around something just as unpredictable.

    Regardless, even if none of us are quiet sure just HOW long the theme might continue to run from here on out, I don't think we have to worry about the writers or designers running out of new ideas for sets and story arcs any time soon.


    Ok, I like this response because of how civil it is. Normally, if you say that you want Ninjago to end, you end up getting screamed at. I just don't want Ninjago to go on for another 10 years, in an effort to make room for 5 year action themes, and Season 3 is by far the best season in my opinion. I think if in the next, let's say, 5 years, Ninjago will literally out of ideas. I like the actors, but it's best that Ninjago ends before it gets more stale. There has been a downgrade in quality since the movie came out, and it needs to end before it becomes too repetitive, and they could do a whole time travel/multiverse season, so they can expand on the idea of the multiverse.

  2. Apologies if this isn't the right sub-forum, but this does regard 2021 Ninjago partly. Now, let's all have a nice, civil discussion on this. Ninjago ending. I don't think this should be a theme that lasts for 20+ years. They've done basically everything. I know the main Ninjago fan base is... passionate about Ninjago never ending, but we must face the facts of LEGO Action Themes. Before/during the early years of Ninjago, we had a new action theme every couple of years, but in my opinion, because of Ninjago's success, it hasn't made LEGO want to expand their action themes and try new things because Ninjago's working so well. I, in no means, hate Ninjago. Season 3 is my favorite, and all of the seasons had at least one good episode before the updated designs that started after The LEGO Ninjago movie was used, and the storytelling ever since has not been great, with Prime Empire being the best of the newer seasons. Now, I saw some ideas floating online about Ninjago's finale, but I thought I would post my own spin on things and pre-existing ideas. Below is the rundown.

    So, using the multiverse is the way to go I think. You have the show ninja meet the movie ninja after the movie ninja arrive on the show Earth. They explain that their Earth's Ninjago City was taken over by Nindroids, and their Earth's Cyrus Borg sent them to this Earth to get help. They explain how their universe's Master Wu was capptured by the Nindroids. The show Ninja take the movie Ninja to Master Wu. Master Wu tells the story of these incidents the past several days of him fainting for no reason and the feeling that something bad was coming. This is that bad thing. The ninja go see the show's Cyrus Borg and he starts working on a multiverse travelling device while the ninja (with the exception of movie Zane, who stays to help Cyrus build the device). The ninja meet up with Skylor and the other elemental masters and explain what's going on. They decide to fight together when a massive wormhole opens up above the desert, where the movie universe's General Cryptor and hundreds of Nindroids appear. He orders the Nindroid scouts to go out and find a list of people who will aid them in their fight. While the scouts find the other people they need, General Cryptor goes into the jungle with the other Nindroids to find the show Earth's version of General Cryptor. When they find him, he's wearing white and he attacks. When the movie Earth's version of General Cryptor explains what's going on, the white suit General Cryptor agrees to help. We head to a beautiful, peaceful, lake, where the ninja and elemental masters train. Then they feel the ground shake and the lake dries up. Master Wu contacts them on the comm of the Bounty. He says they need to get back now. When they get back to Master Wu, he says the situation has just gotten much more dangerous. He shows them footage from Ninjago City, which is now a futuristic paridise. Dark purple and black flows through the city. The ninja from both Earths know exactly who it is: The Overlord. Master Wu explains that somehow, both Earths' Overlord have fused together to create The Ultimate Overlord, and multiple Nindroids have been spotted all over Ninjago. Movie Zane and show Cryus Borg rush in with a massive device. They explain how this device will allow them to travel to other Earths and get help. While Show Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, and movie Nya and Lloyd head through the multiverse hopper machine, the others stay to try and do what they can. We flip back and forth between the multiverse hopping ninja, the villains recruiting the people they need, and the others. The multiverse hopping ninja recruit astronaut, futuristic warrior, samurai, racer, archer, superhero, and Power Ranger-like versions of themselves. When they all return, the others are ready and the Nindroids, along with The Ultimate Overlord, Krux, Acronix, Samukai, Techno Wu, Skulkin warriors, and the Vermillion (all from the show's Earth, with the exception of half the Nindroids, Techno Wu, and the black suit General Cryptor), all start their attack. The ninja and the elemental masters fight them all across Ninjago, with the show's version of Garmadon joining the fight to help the ninja. Then the final battle takes place between The Ultimate Overlord, and the show and movie ninja and the show Garmadon. When The Ultimate Overlord hits bother versions of Lloyd with energy, Garmadon takes the blasts, absorbing it. But instead of it destroying him, it turns him back into regular Garmadon and the ninja glow with their elemental colors mixed with a tiny bit of gold. Together, the good guys win, but not without loses. Show Cole, Lloyd, Garmadon, Wu and Zane are destroyed, along with movie Kai. There is silence as we hear each of the still alive ninja say parts of a speech as a eulogy. We then see the movie ninja go back to their Earth, and that transitions to the future, as we see an older Kai and Jay and Skylor and Nya train their children at the Ninjago HQ, the ninja's new base in the middle of the futuristic-yet-nature-covered Ninjago City in front of memorial statues for Cole, Lloyd, Garmadon, Wu, and Zane.

  3. I really would like to see some Garfield and Peanuts sets. Below I put two ideas from each theme that LEGO could do as sets.


    Christmas Tree Shopping: $20: Figures: Garfield (winter), Jon (winter), and Christmas Tree Farm Owner Details: I forgot what comic strip this is from, but I remember one where they go Christmas tree shopping.

    Garfield's Thanksgiving: $35-$40: Figures: Liz (Thanksgiving), Jon (suit), Garfield, and Odie: Details: A dining room area from the Garfield Thanksgiving special, complete with a table full of food.


    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: $30: Figures: Snoopy (with removable chef's hat and printing for the apron), Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcy, Franklin, Linus, Lucy, and Sally: Details: Kind of like a City People Pack. Has the table in chairs from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.

    A Charlie Brown Christmas: $50-$70: Figures: Snoopy, Charlie Brown (winter), Linus (winter), Sally (winter), Snoopy (winter hat), Lucy (winter), Schroeder, Pig-Pen, Frieda, Patty, Violet, and Linus: Details: There would be several builds. The main build would be the stage n which the play takes place on, Snoopy's dog house with Christmas decorations, the Christmas Tree shop, the frozen lake/pond in which they skate on in the beginning, and Lucy's psychiatrist stand.


  4. So, I don't know if I'm in the right place, but below I've put down my want list for the rest of 2020/2021, and I would like to start a conversation about the sets.

    LEGO Truck: $50: Minifigures: 1 Truck Loader and 1 Truck Driver: Details: The two builds would be the truck itself and a small LEGO store. We haven't gotten a LEGO Truck set in some time, and it's about time we get one.

    Snowplow: $25: Minifigures: 1 Snowplow Driver: Details: Just a typical snowplow similar to City set 60083.

    Mail Van: $10: Minifigures: 1 Mail Van Driver: Details: Just a mail van. This is another one of those sets that we haven't gotten in a while, and I would like to have a mail truck in my collection.

    Airport Fire Truck: $30: Minifigures: 2 Firefighters: Details: I don't really know how they would do it differently than the last one, other than maybe making it a bit bulkier than the last one.

    Tow Truck: $30: Minifigures: 1 Tow Truck Driver and 1 Civilian: Details: The two builds are a tow truck and a small car. I don't know if I want one that looks like City set 60056 or City set 60081. They could go either way on this, but ideally maybe something in between. Now, I think I would like the white and green color scheme to come back, but it would be cool for it to have a different color scheme.

    Coast Guard 4x4: $25: Minifigures: 2 Coast Guard Officers: Details: A smaller 4x4 that's a bit more similar to City set 7737.

    Lawn Mower: $5: Minifigures: 1 Civilian: Details: A simple riding mower.

    Train Museum: $80: Minifigures: 1 Museum Guide, and 6 Civilians: Details: A decent sized train museum that has a spot on the side that can open up so you can put the small steam train inside that's included with the set. The set would have several trans-light blue window panel pieces and a set of sliding doors at the front. The museum would also be two floors.


  5. I know Ashnflash did one of these last year on YouTube, but I thought I would give my ideas for the minifigures and builds for a LEGO DC Advent Calendar




    Redbird Cycle



    Wayne Manor

    Daily Planet

    Hall of Justice

    Green Lantern Jet


    The Flash Museum


    Christmas Tree


    Red Robin (classic)

    Wonder Woman

    Green Arrow

    Lex Luthor

    Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner classic)


    Sinestro (Green Lantern)

    The Flash (90s show)

    Composite Superman


    Superman (exclusive red and green Christmas suit version)

    Batman (exclusive red and green Christmas suit version)



  6. I want to know what the current rumors are (if there are any) for Winter Village 2020. My hope is something like a post office with a snowplow, as we haven't gotten any of those for a while, and it would be nice to get something like that. But, if you want a REAL out of the box suggestion that has yet to be done? A Winter Village Airport. Now, hear me out. Imagine getting a passenger plane that's about half the size of the typical passenger planes we have been getting for years now (that way they can still keep the set at $70) and as the side build give us a decent sized airport that's mostly red with bits of green and some other colors thrown in. I figure that the cockpit of the plane could have red over most of it, with the back of the cockpit piece showing the red splitting up into red stripes. I think the interior could look really fancy like in a fancy train car with yellow windows around the plane. The airport I could see having a smaller control tower with a wreath hanging down in the front and Christmas lights around the "floor" of the control tower. the outside of the airport could have a couple more wreaths and Christmas lights around the edge of the roof and a few big windows. The inside would have a nice baggage carousel build along with a ticket area, some advertisements for food, drink, and LEGO, a small store, and a small airplane boarding tunnel on the side. Now, I said they could still keep the set at $70, but I think now they would have to make it $80. And I know my details are a lot, but the plane would be a brand new size, with it being somewhere between the size of the smallest passenger plane and the largest passenger plane. I would also like to have a little baggage transport cart.

    On 6/6/2020 at 9:47 PM, TeriXeri said:

    This new for 2020 Elf Keychain appeared on Brickset, wonder if the next Winter Village set is going be Elf themed (Santa's Workshop related?).



    As for this, I think this is just a fun keychain that isn't related to the next Winter Village set, but I could be wrong.

  7. On 6/3/2020 at 4:15 PM, TeddytheSpoon said:

    It does look like there's something there, I thought it was a watermark or something at first. What printing would it be though? Some sort of Christmas print?

    In fairness the Sith trooper is ripe for a special Christmas print by virtue of the fact they're red. Imagine that coming down the chimney to deliver presents.

    There are for sure some black lines. My theory about the lines is that they are printed to look scribbled on, if that makes sense.

  8. 17 hours ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    I get that, although I think at some point they do need to progress. Like the old clone helmets with the cutout for the visor and black head underneath was updated with a printed visor for the 2013-2014 sets.

    That said, I hate the new stormtrooper helmet mold.

    What? Sith trooper isn't in any sets this wave.

    Look REAL close at the Sith Trooper's helmet in the advent calendar picture. There are black lines on the helmet that aren't on the original helmet. 

  9. So, below is my list for figures and builds if LEGO were to do an advent calendar for LEGO Marvel Superheroes.





    Daily Bugle Helicopter


    Thanos Copter

    X-Men Jet

    Avengers Tower

    Tony Stark's Hot Rod


    Shield Jet


    Spider-Man Drone


    Spider-Man (Upgraded Suit from Far From Home)

    Hawkeye (Classic)

    Doctor Octopus

    Stan Lee

    Wolverine (classic blue and yellow with cowl and hair)

    Human Torch

    Mr. Frantastic

    Invisible Woman

    The Thing (minifigure version)

    Iron Man (exclusive Christmas colored red and green armor)

    Captain America (exclusive Christmas colored red and green variation to both his suit and shield, with the star in the middle still being white)



  10. So, it seems that we are talking about the LEGO Star Wars 2020 sets. Below I have listed my thoughts on each set.

    501st Legion Clone Troopers: I love this set. It seems that we are lacking Clone Wars sets, along with prequel sets in general, and the builds are great in my opinion. I love getting BARC Speeders, and the last 501st AT-RT set from the real early 2010s is one I missed out on, and I like the figures. We get 3 regular Phase 2 501st Troopers and 1 Phase 2 501st Jet Trooper, along with 2 Battle Droids. Oh, and the box art. First of all, I'm getting tired of the design that has different bricks on the box, as it seems they use that design in other themes, and I would much prefer getting completly different box art each year, as in a way it would be interesting in like 10 or 20 years to look back at all of the different box art and be like, "Oh yeah, I remember I got this set on this occasion or that occasion." And while I know that sounds like strictly a set thing, but getting different box art each year will make one think back to how they were feeling when they got the set. My point is, box art is part of a set's nostalgia I think. Anyway, back to where I was going originally: the Ahsoka Clone Trooper on the box. I have the theory that for each era, they will put different characters on the box art, so the prequels would have maybe Anakin or Obi-Wan, Clone Wars would either keep with the Ahsoka Clone Troopers, or, depending on if the set is from before Season 7, they might put Commander Cody or Captain/Commander Rex up there, if more Rebels sets are made, maybe Ezra or Kanan, and we've already observed that the original trilogy has Darth Vader and the sequels have Kylo Ren. Now, if more Resistance sets are made, they would probably put Kaz or something.

    Anakin's Jedi Interceptor: I'm excited for this one. I have yet to have a Jedi Interceptor, and this will be an easy pickup for me. Now, if it's $30, that will make me slightly more hesitant on buying it when it comes out, but other than that it looks good. Now, I hate it when people say that LEGO doesn't listen to fans. I remember in 2019 when I was doing one of those product surveys that I requested Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. When I surveyed a Speed Champions set, I requested a Mini Cooper set. Look at that, both of those sets happened. Now, I know this might be coincidence, but I think that proves that LEGO does listen to fans. Now, if the set comes out with a prequel character on the box art, I think that proves my theory on box art.

    AAT: Yes. Just yes. Now, the front bottom is the only thing I think I dislike, but that may actually be easy to modify. We don't get many land based vehicles in the Star Wars theme (not counting speeder bikes), and this is really cool. The figures. Man, this set has a great figure selection. Season 7 Siege of Mandalore Ahsoka, an Ahsoka Clone Trooper, and 2 Battle Droids. I really like this thing, and I think we should keep the AATs on a 5 year cycle. Now, I only wish this one was a little bigger, but other than that, no real complaints other than no Super Battle Droids or Droidekas.

    Knights of Ren Transport Ship: So, do I want this set? Yes. Will I buy it in the first year of its release? Probably not. I don't buy many of the bigger LEGO sets in terms of price, so this one isn't the highest priority, but it does look cool.

    General Grevious' Starfighter: $80. 80 DOLLARS. Look, I really want this thing, but it's $10 more expensive than the Knights of Ren Transport Ship, and it doesn't look like it. I think $60 would have been more fare, but maybe on Amazon it will be on sale on release day. The figures aren't the greatest selection, either, with Obi-Wan being the same from the Duel on Mustafar set, but I think I know why:  the set comes with an Airborne Clone Trooper, so maybe the idea is that this set takes place just before and during Order 66, and that's why his clothing has some damage on them. The Grevious is the same one we've been getting, which is a good figure, but he doesn't appear to have the same color from Episode 3, with Episode 3 Grevious being more of a tan color than white, and I like the whit version, I would just like to have 2 versions: The white one is the Clone Wars version and the tan version is the Episode 3 version.

    Death Star Final Duel: Ok, I'm on board with this. The build looks good, and the set is from maybe my second or third favorite Star Wars movie of all time, Return of the Jedi. The only thing I have to say about this is the fact that the Emperor has the new hood piece, which I have mixed feelings on. On some characters it works, on others it doesn't, and I don't think it works on him. The other thing is that I would like to have Palpatine to have a gray face, with the prequel Palpatine who's not an Emperor having a tan face. It would be more accurate and I overall prefer the gray face for Palpatine.

    Resistanc I-TS Transport: I want this thing. I do. I would love to sit at the coffee table and build this. It's from Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars experience, and comes with Vi Moradi, Lieutenant Bek, an Astromech Droid, and a GNK Power Droid. The ship overall looks cool. It looks a bit different than most ships we've gotten in LEGO Star Wars, so I hope to pick this up.

    Advent Calendar: So, I will be relying on some information that hasn't been confirmed yet, but might be true. So, as for the builds, I like that we're getting a Droid Control Ship. I think it would be cool if we got a normal-sized/minifigure scale version sometime down the line. Now, figures. Yes! Finally, after a few years of getting figures that just used Christmas-colored pieces, we are getting not ONE, but TWO Christmas themed minifigures with exclusive prints, with Poe and Vader in Holiday sweaters. We are also getting D-O with a Santa hat. I wanted to talk about the Sith Trooper. In the photo, it appears that the Sith Trooper minifigure has an exclusive print on the helmet, which is cool. Also, the Battle Droid has an exclusive print on the head! This advent calendar is really what I want from LEGO Star Wars advent calendars. We are also getting a Pit Droid, a Porg, Rise of Skywalker Rey, A New Hope Luke, and maybe a GNK Power Droid and an Imperial Stormtrooper. Look, I think this is the most excited I've been about a LEGO advent calendar, and I'm buying this. Look, the figure selection in here might be one of the best figure selections in any LEGO set. LEGO needs to do this kind of stuff every yer for the Star Wars advent calendars.

  11. On 4/28/2020 at 5:54 PM, Brandon Pea said:

    Superb theory. Though I think I'd put Lego Island before Lego Town and put that before Lego City. Island/Town/City are back to back. Space and other explorers is taking place at the same time as City. 


    8 hours ago, Karalora said:

    This is a cute concept! What, however, of the undeniable fact that dinosaurs survived in remote parts of the world well into the Town/City era? Johnny Thunder himself encountered them on his adventures!

    Then, too, there is evidence that the LEGOverse went through Stone Age and Bronze Age cultural periods between the dinosaurs and Castle/Vikings/Ninja, it's just that little to no architectural evidence has survived.*


    *I am referring here to some of the early historical CMFs like the Caveman and Cavewoman, Roman Empire characters, etc.

    Thank you to all for the support! I think I forgot to add it, but yes, I think that the Dino theme fro 2012 exists in the more eastern part of the continents for some reason, and the films based on Johnny Thunder were based on his adventures and that he did encounter everything in his adventures, but I just didn't put it in. With LEGO Island, in my mind it could have happened about a year before Town, with the Island getting full so they wanted to venture out into the other continents more than they already have, maybe merging with some villages during expansion. I also like my idea that Blacktron is its own government and that's how both exist at the same time. I thank you all for the support!

  12. So, this is a little more simplified version of my LEGO theory posted here in response to another post that explains my theory on how most of the original LEGO themes exists in the same universe.

    The Dinosaur Era: Where dinosaurs existed. (Roughly 180 million years).

    The Castle/Vikings/Ninja Era: The era in which the LEGO realistic Castle, Vikings, and Ninja themes existed (all starting roughly about 1500 years before the LEGO Town era, and ending about 200 years before LEGO Town).

    LEGO Pirates Era: (Starting roughly about 200 years before LEGO Town). The era in which Pirates existed. In the last 50 years of pirates, the buildings are transferring into buildings that resemble Town slightly. Villages start to colonize more and expand.

    Town/Island Era: After the era of Pirates, the LEGO Town era begins, with technology really just beginning to develop, with steam trains still being active and even a few diesel trains. They also start using gasoline-powered vehicles , including airplanes to get around between various towns and villages. The main LEGO town is called LEGO Town. There are several LEGO islands, including the one we see in the LEGO Island games called LEGO Island. This lasts for about 5 years.

    Space Era: After about 5 years, spaceflight is discovered, and all of the towns and villages gather together to create the LEGO Exploration Force, launching the LEGO Exploration Space Division which will go into space, and the LEGO Exploration Earth Division, which is when Rock Raiders starts. Hearing about the LEGO Space Exploration Space Division, one of the islands called "Blacktron" starts their own space division called the Blacktron Space Division. After meeting in space, the LEGO Exploration Space Division and the Blacktron Space Division are at war, and that causes the creation of the LEGO Defense Force, creating Space Police, and the Space Police are launched into space to stop the fighting. During their mission to stop the fighting, they meet some aliens, which, after a misunderstanding, causes the aliens to be at war with the humans, which makes all of the human space divisions to come together to defeat the aliens. The war causes them to go into deep space, and when they get there they make peace and most of the humans go back to Earth, with a small selection of the Space Police stay to keep everything peaceful. When they return home, the Space Division and Space Police have movies about them, as well as movies based on the adventures of Johnny Thunder and movies based on the Rock Raiders, which is where the LEGO Studios theme comes in. Using the technology they got from space, technology starts to fill the various towns in the LEGO continents and that helps expansion and monorails are introduced as well as some electric trains. Sports will also be expanding into Soccer, Snowboarding, Basketball, Racing, and Ice Hockey. LEGO Town also creates the LEGO Arctic Exploration Force to explore the arctic.

    World City Era: Lasting 2 years, things are peaceful for the most part, but in a city called "Agentopolis", the LEGO Agents are created when a bunch of supervillians escape, and LEGO Alpha Team is created.

    LEGO City Era: In 2005, LEGO World City becomes LEGO City. In another city, a bunch of science experiments using dinosaur DNA escape and that makes the city create the Anti-Mutant Defense Force to defeat the lizards. In 2008, Mars Mission is launched, where they discover more aliens that are more peaceful and the Space Police don't need to step in for the aliens and humans to make peace. Things are peaceful for a while until an old space police transmitter sends a signal to Earth using an old code saying that there are two different groups of hostile aliens headed to Earth. As a result, two different defense forces are created: Galaxy Squad and the Alien Defense Unit. The Alien Defense Unit protects Earth while Galaxy Squad goes into space to protect Earth. After a short time, the aliens are defeated. After that, a brand new Space Police force is introduced to go into different galaxies to keep everything safe. After a few years, Solomon Blaze, former Galaxy Squad member, gets a call from his uncle, former Agent Chase of the LEGO Agents who is now in charge of the LEGO Defense Force says he wants him to lead a new team of agents called "Ultra Agents" after a bunch of supervillians escape and after a year, the villains are defeated. There is peace after that. (In 2013, Rex Fury breaks free but is captured after about a week).


  13. On 1/5/2020 at 6:37 AM, Brandon Pea said:

    Hello Eurobricks! Pooda here. I'm in a good mood this morning so I thought I'd bring up a theory about my favorite Lego game of all time (Nay! My favorite PC Game of all time). 

    LEGO ISLAND!!!!!!!

    This theory is basically that LEGO City is actually LEGO Island in the present day. For some reason, every time I look back at older City sets (that being ones from 2005-2009) and even recent ones, I tend to see characters that bare a blatant resemblance to characters from the Lego Island saga......and its not just in Lego City. I mean.......doesn't one of these guys look familiar to you?  I know! I know! The guy in the picture is named Ronny. Sounds like Pepper's real name to me. I even see references in other sets too. Like Nubby Stevens making an appearance in the 7638 Tow Truck from 2009Nick Brick, Laura Brick and the Brickster in 60047? Then there is the farmer from the harvester set for 2019 who bares a striking resemblance to Red Greenbase. That's just the tip of the ice berk. If I were to give all the possible examples I know of, we'd be here until summer. But I think Lego is deliberately doing this to play with our minds. We also know that throughout time, Lego Island evolved and became a much more diverse place with cities and everything (judging from the various cutscenes throughout the video games). Lego Island obviously became too diverse so the Infomaniac decided to rename Lego Island to what we now know as Lego City. 

    Unfortunately, this theory could also be debunked pretty easily. Lego town sets came long before Lego Island was made in 1997. But as Lego's first open world video game, it certainly made a huge impact on town fans, thus why that remains the most popular theme under Lego to this very day. Perhaps Lego wanted to continue that success and decided to base some of the minifigures off of Lego Island characters. 

    But I love this theory and its kind fun to overthink a little. Sound off in the forum. 

    Ok, a little side theory that goes with this: Introducing the LEGO Timeline Theory! 

    I think it's safe to assume that LEGO Town turned into World City and World City Turned into City. I think it's also safe to say that most of the main LEGO original themes that are placed in the "real world" exist in the same universe (example: Arctic, Town, Island, etc. all exist in the same timeline, with the licensed themes existing in different universes along with a few of the action themes). So I think that the real LEGO timeline in regards to minifigures is that LEGO Castle (and all the Castle themes that are "realistic") starts it all off. I'm not going to get into the origins of the LEGO universe or anything like that, but for the timeline, we start off with the things that come first in world history (example: swords and armor was first before the more modern day stuff like City). Some time after Castle (maybe about 700 - 800-ish years as the middle ages ran from 476 AD - 1453), we get Pirates, which lasts about 400 years, then we start to get themes like Western, and that would last maybe all of 150 years. At the tail end of the Western era (which seems to be based on the Western of America) during that time, the Pirates era of buildings have started to get transferred slowly into maybe a middle ground between Pirates, Western, and Town, and soon it would transfer into LEGO Town, with not much in the way of new technology, but in the time between Pirates and Town, they would have discovered things like engines, gas, and, importantly, space flight. The main continents of the LEGO Timeline would work together to create the LEGO Space Division, which would be where the original LEGO Space theme shows up. During this time, LEGO Island would take place, a set of islands that are separate from the main continents where people want to live a bit of a simpler life with not as much hustle and bustle of the main continents. One of these islands would be the one we explore in the LEGO Island, and that one is called LEGO Island, while one of the others is called Blacktron, and they specialize in space exploration and is also where both Blacktron themes originate and they are called the Blacktron Space Corporation (even though the Blacktron island/government also, of course have their own city/town). The other islands would be home to some other islands that are similar to LEGO Island, with a few smaller towns. During the next 10 years or so, other towns in the main continents will develop their own space divisions, making room for some of the other LEGO Space themes that originated on Earth (not all, but more on that later). During the Space era, while the towns and cities on Earth would begin to move into modern day, sending up more spaceships and building more space bases on the moon and a few other distant planets, the rival space divisions and groups would begin fighting each other over areas, making the main continents of the LEGO World join forces to create the LEGO Space Police Division to help regulate everything and to keep space safe. During this time, it will be discovered that aliens exists, and now everyone in space, from the LEGO Space Division to Blacktron to Space Police must ban together to defeat the aliens after failing to make piece with the aliens. The aliens and the space divisions of Earth would be brought into deep space, where there would be room enough for everybody and they would still be able to contact Earth and tell them everything that's going on. After finding so many new planets, the aliens and space divisions of Earth make peace and go on to explore planets, including later on an icy one.

      Back on Earth, LEGO Town has expanded to include Rock Raiders and Arctic, as they have found more areas to explore. The LEGO World has gotten more advanced, from going from steam trains to diesel to now, in some places, monorail. LEGO Town has expanded in size about 20x, and will continue to grow, limiting the space between each town/city, while still leaving plenty of room between them. There would be a few years of expansion and building before the LEGO Sports theme begins, with soccer, snowboarding, American football, and hockey (racing has already been around for about 5 years or so). With LEGO Town bustling, it only takes about 22 years (and, in that time, the LEGO Space Division sends up a group of explorers to explore the icy planet, and that is where the Ice Planet 2002 theme comes in) until LEGO Town becomes LEGO World City in 2003. LEGO World City lasts only 2 years before World City becomes City in 2005, with lots of areas for farms, forests, mountains, lakes, everything. In 2005, people start to populate parts of the northern areas of Earth, which is how the Winter Village theme started. In 2005, the Dino Attack theme starts and ends. In 2007, after the LEGO Agents theme started in one of the of the other cities, in the same city as the Agents theme, Power Miners starts. Galaxy Squad also starts with a group of recruits: Ashlee Starstrider, Billy Starbeam, Chuck Stonebreaker, Jack Fireblade, Max Solarflare, a few different robots, and Solomon Blaze going out into space as an old transmitter was reactivated after it picked up two different groups of aliens: the bug-like Bugtoids and the bright green aliens known as the Alientoids (I don't have a better name for them at the moment). Scrambling for protection, they launch the recruits into space as part of Galaxy Squad, while launching the Alien Defense Unit to protect the Earth. LEGO City is in the clear, they send food and things like that to help the people of the other city. After about a year, both aliens are destroyed, causing LEGO City to spearhead the launch of the new LEGO Space Police Division, sending more Space Police officers out into space than ever before. After the war, Solomon Blaze works as head of the Space Police Earth Division for years until one of the islands has a prison that holds some of the worst super-powered criminals malfunctions, letting the criminals go. Solomon Blaze, now older, gets a call from his uncle, Chase Blaze, former LEGO Agent who is now head of the LEGO Earth Protection Force, which is in charge of all the varied agencies whose base of operations is on Earth. He tells Solomon he wants him to be in charge of the new Ultra Agents, the latest division of the LEGO Earth Protection Force. Solomon agrees, and along with Agents Caila Phoenix, Agent Curtis Bolt, Agent Jack Fury, Agent Max Burns, Agent Steve Zeal, Agent Trey Swift, and everybody not working on the field take down the criminals. After that, Rex Fury reappears and Chase McCain defeats him and brings him to justice. Things have been going good since then, with everybody, including the people in LEGO Island living a happy life.

    So, that's my brief idea on the basic storyline, now I may do a timeline later that cuts out most of the story details and includes other LEGO themes so it's more complete.

  14. So, in regards to the new City 2020 sets... man. I love the new underwater stuff, but I will continue to show LEGO that I don't want named minifigues from the LEGO City show by not buying any of the sets with the LEGO City show. I do like the new big boat, the new underwater helmet piece, but even though I like the airport, I won't be buying it. I really don't like the idea of having characters from the LEGO City show being in the main line instead of a subtheme. I've already talked enough about me not wanting to see characters from the show in the main line of sets. I am happy Divers is returning, and I'm curious about what subthemes are going to happen in 2021.

  15. On 4/8/2020 at 2:47 PM, Brandon Pea said:

    Maybe part of the storyline could be that Chase McCain and Duke DeTain meet and are actually actually cousins twice removed. 

    I could see that. With the show (which I really don't like) airing, if they were to do a sequel to LCU, they would probably include all the characters from the show.

  16. Below I have listed how I would do a collectible minifigure series based on LEGO City Undercover, a LEGO game that deserves a sequel.

    Chase McCain (Light Blue; would be slightly updated with leg printing to keep the old one somewhat exclusive)

    Chase McCain (Dark Blue; updated to keep the old dark blue one from 2017 exclusive)

    Chase McCain (Undercover; blue hat)

    Chase McCain (Robber)

    Chase McCain (Miner)

    Chase McCain (Astronaut)

    Chase McCain (Farmer)

    Chase McCain (Fireman)

    Chase McCain (Construction)

    Chase McCain (Civilian)

    Frank Honey

    Chief Dunby

    Mayor Gleeson

    Rex Fury

    Natalia Kowalski

    Ellie Phillips


    Yes, I know most of these are Chase McCain, but in a CMF series, you would kinda have to have all his disquises in it.

  17. 2 hours ago, Brandon Pea said:

    I can work with that. I was hoping to see Rex Fury and Natalia Kowalski in Lego form. Though we did get a character similar to Rex Fury in the 2018 police wave. You know? The guy who was in underwear. 

    Couldn't find that figure, as the only one in the 2018 police wave was the guy with the beard and long hair, but I'm kinda surprised we didn't get Rex as part of the 2017 set 60138 High-speed Chase, as that would have been the set to release him in, and I think not making Frank Honey is a missed opprotunity, as he was one of the best characters in the game (and, I would say, along with Chase, one of the best non-licensed characters LEGO has ever created). I mean, how hard would it be to just make a set called "Undercover Chase" or something like that and include Chief Dunby, Chase McCain (I would prefer the original light blue torso design), Frank Honey, Natalia Kowalski, Ellie Phillips, and Rex Fury? Maybe they could release a LEGO City Undercover police station if they release a sequel to the game (which I gave some brief ideas for a sequel map on a new topic I think under the LEGO Media area). 

  18. On 4/8/2020 at 2:43 PM, Brandon Pea said:

    @x57bob I personally don't mind the vehicles. Nor am I spiteful of diversity. My only issue is the type of diversity that is promoted. Recently, City seems to be somewhat (not fully) hesitant to give subthemes to action within the City with the exception of Fire, Classic PoliceAirport, Coast Guard and Trains.

    All of the other subthemes are outside of the City such as Arctic, Divers, Volcanos, Jungle, Space, Miners, Swamp Police, Mountain Police, Prison Island, Forest Police and Forest Fire. Obviously, action outside of the City is pretty substantial compared to action within the City. I personally would like it if more subthemes were given to action within the City like it used to be in the late 2000s for City.

    @xxix5 I have to agree. I don't really care for named characters myself. I preferred it when City was generic when it came to minifigs. Nowadays, City is practically on the level of Hidden Side and Friends. That is to say, generic as a theme but with named characters. 

    Sorry if I'm rambling. Just thought I'd say I agree. 

    I don't mind the named figures as much, as we have yet to get any figures from LEGO City Undercover other than Chase McCain, but other than that, I don't want any named figures. What they could do is put the named figures from the show in the Juniors sets, and leave the main sets mostly named-character free.

  19. I love Alien Conquest and overall the themes from the late 2000's to the early 2010's, as it seems there were a lot more creative, original themes compared to the licensed themes. That's not to say licensed themes are bad, in fact, some of my favorite themes are licensed themes, but we don't have any themes anymore that last only a few years. Now, I'm sure that it's mainly because of LEGO being a company, and money is one of the more important factors when running a company, and I get that. I just would like a theme that lasts 5 years max (though preferably less), so we can get some fun sets that think outside the box of what we're getting now, and that way LEGO can experiment and see what works. I would like to see a return to more classic LEGO Space, where there are no good guys vs bad guys, and there're just explorers, or something like Alien Conquest.

  20. So, since the James Bond leciense got a set, I'm counting it as part of this and below is my idea for a James Bond CMF Series:

    James Bond (Sean Connery)

    James Bond (George Lazenby)

    James Bond (Roger Moore)

    James Bond (Timothy Dalton)

    James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) 

    James Bond (Daniel Craig)


    M (Judi Dench)

    Q (Desmond Llewelyn)

    Elektra King

    Moneypenny (Brosnan era)

    Alec Trevelyan


  21. 13 minutes ago, Falconfan1414 said:

    There are 3 sets we know the figures for and even a figure of Harley Quinn from the middle sized set


    25 minutes ago, Anonknee Muss said:

    This theme is NOT dying. Let’s stay positive, mkay?


    26 minutes ago, Guyon2002 said:

    First of all, have you been living under a rock? There are 3 more Batman sets and we have build and minifigure details for all of them.

    Second, do you realise how incredibly unrealistic your sets are?

    I completley forgot about this stuff. The theme doesn't seem to get a lot of attention. And as for my own set ideas, those are just my ideas. Unrealistic? Maybe, but if they were to end it in 2022, that is how I would want them to do it.