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  1. Thanks Man! I will put the video link on a reply to this topic after I upload it.
  2. I agree, but LEGO sets with snowy backdrops do interest me, especially because I love holiday LEGO sets, and we have gotten sets with backdrops before, so there is a 30/70 chance. I hope LEGO reads Eurobricks forms I like that thinking! Maybe a red tram with a green roof, with Christmas lights around the roof, 10 track pieces: a siding, 5 curves, and 4 strait tracks. The station/depot would have a white roof to represent snow, with some snow overhang, 5 minifigures, 1 tram driver, 1 ticket taker, and 3 civilians: a mom, a dad, and a kid. The siding would have a built-up buffer build, to stop the tram in case it can't stop. Good thinking! I would like to see a $150 USD set that is a ski lodge. Would you mind if I use that idea for a YouTube video? I would give you credit. Would you mind if I use that idea for a Youtube video? I would give you full credit. Great Idea! Would you mind if I used that idea for a YouTube video? I would give you full credit.
  3. xxix5

    Predictions for LEGO City 2018 sets

    I made a post about seasonal sets I would like to see a few days ago and here are the sets I would like to see in City 2018 Steam Cargo Train Monorail Bridge Train bridge Train Tunnel Coast Guard figure pack Steam passenger train Passenger Cars Cargo Cars Limo Chase
  4. xxix5

    MOC: Shell tanker

    You did an AMAZING job. You really don't see people doing Shell LEGO stuff anymore and I personally think that LEGO should renew their partnership with Shell.
  5. Now I believe that LEGO should either bring these back with the same exact pieces or release these using the same instructions as the original, just new pieces. The sets on this list of four are just some of the sets I want re-released. I would personally like all the old LEGO sets dating from the early '80s- around 2004. The first set I would like to see is the LEGO Truck set number 10156. This was back when LEGO didn't make some of their vehicles so big. I overall like this set especially like the crome pipe pieces. Next is LEGO set number 1285. I wouldn't mind if this nice little set was re-released as part of a bigger boat shop set. Next is LEGO set number 1252 AKA Shell Tanker. I like this set because of how simple it is. LEGO needs to do more Shell sets. The final set is the LEGO McDonalds set from 1999. I like just2good's reveiw of the set and I think this set at some point has got to be remade. Thank's for reading all of you and have a nice day and tell me what sets YOU think LEGO should remake or re-release
  6. xxix5

    Tram of Opicina

    Amazing MOC. So realistic.
  7. LOVE the Penguin set. I think it's an exclusive variant might buy this off of ebay if I can't go to target. Like the Arkham Asylum set, but probably won't buy it.Scarecrow set is a must buy because we get an exclusive Scarecrow and we don't get very many LEGO Scarecrow minifigures and we get an old motorcycle piece. The rest of the sets are a must buy except maybe the Batcave and the Batmobile.
  8. Great detail man! I'm waiting to see if I get a tornado and I thought I would look on Eurobricks and I'm glad I did. This MOC is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  9. xxix5

    Tribute to my childhood - LBSCR E2

    I used to have some of the original LEGO DUPLO Thomas and Friends sets. When I was little I used to watch Thomas almost 24 hours a day. LEGO should release a $100.00 USD LEGO Juniors Island of Sodor set with Sir Topham hat with Thomas, Henry, Gordon, Percy Edward, Toby, and Salty with Gordon's hill. Then do a Narrow Gauge Railway set for $75.00 USD with Duncan, Mighty Mac, Mr. Percival, and Thomas. Then do a Knapford Station micro build for $10.00 USD. Then, do a train pack with all-new characters. Then Finally, do a set based on Thomas and Friends The Magic Railroad the movie chase scene with Diesel 10, Thomas, Lady Doge, Splatter, a barge boat, and a bridge that falls apart for $80.00 USD.
  10. xxix5

    Ideas for CMFs

    I wouldn't mind if we got a couple of DCEU and Marvel Cinematic Universe series. I also wouldn't mind if we got a LEGO holiday CMF series.
  11. This set is a little overpriced. I mean it would sell better if it was a $70.00 US LEGO set. I will still ask for this LEGO set for Christmas.
  12. xxix5

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    I think LEGO should release this series to the US.
  13. xxix5

    The Dukes of Hazzard - The General Lee [MOC]

    Nice! Hopefully LEGO will do a set like this!
  14. xxix5

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    I think having a LEGO set with Scarlet Spider is a good idea on LEGO's part. Hopefully they'll do a LEGO set with a new Black Suit Spider-Man.
  15. xxix5

    [MOC] Imperial Landing Craft

    This MOC is great. I love Star Wars MOC'S. Good job!
  16. xxix5

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    WOW! I've never seen anything like this before. Really a one-of-a kind! Great job!
  17. xxix5


    This is a fantastic MOC. Keep up the good work!