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    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Steam trains for life. And from what I heard from a post on here, we can expect 2 trains and a train station this year due to some pattern
  2. xxix5

    New LEGO Initiative

    my concern is maybe over time it will get too flexible, and the figures will start to bend.
  3. xxix5

    Future Castle Sets?

    Now, I'm not sure how much Kindgdoms and 2013 Castle sold, (please tell me where to find that info. It doesn't seem to be on Wikipedia.) but going by how I didn't see that many Castle sets on shelves and Nexo Knights being cancelled in it's third or fourth year, I don't see a return to Midevil times for a little while, maybe in 5 years, and it would be sad if we didn't get a real Castle theme for a long time, but what does concern me is that main character figures in Castle would suffer the same fate as Nexo Knights, and, as much as I like Ninjago, it might suffer that "If the TV show doesn't do well, we'll just cancel it along with the sets" thing that seems to have happened with Nexo Knights and if Ninjago Season 8 and 9 don't do well, wave bye bye, and I wouldn't mind that all that much, as I fear the TV show might soon over stay it's welcome. Now, I think giving main characters in a Castle theme can limit the imagination of kids, and I don't mind it, as it could be a good thing if used properly, but I would like to see the main characters come in a cheap pack like maybe a $15 set, but leave most of the regular nights un named, with maybe one or two being named along with the King, Queen, Princess, and Prince. And a troll would be a welcome returning, like the one in "The Adventures of Clutch Powers." I can see why you say that, but I fear LEGO would be shoving play features in your face more than the acceptable amount, and they've been fazing out the regular crossbows lately, so if they continue to do this and completely faze out the other kind of crossbows, it will happen. And I feel that the stud shooters can inhibit kids' imagination, and they don't look nearly as good.
  4. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Yea, and maybe they could just create a trains theme, as I think they had one back in the day, and that way what LEGO could do is have around 10 sets a year, and they could have bridges and things that we probably won't get from City for a long time. Now, in the instruction booklet, they could show that these sets can go with the current trains, and maybe even show some alternate builds. What's sad is that the holiday steam train from 2016 didn't come with power functions, and it only had 700 something pieces for $100 USD.
  5. xxix5

    Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    Does anyone know where I can find possible leaked images of the Voltron set?
  6. xxix5

    2018 Lego Trains

    Now, I wish I knew more about this "pattern" there seems to be, but let me tell you, we need more non expert LEGO trains. The last one we got was an expert one in 2016, and that was for the winter seasonal line, and not the regular City line, like most of the trains are. If we do get a passenger train, they need to retail it for no more than $110 USD. (United States Dollars.) And include power functions, like most City trains. Now, with the Cargo train, if we do indeed get one, I would take it if it doesn't go over $125, again, with Power functions included. Maybe the setting around the train could be seaside, that way it's a nice change of pace. And finally, the train station. I would like to see a station related to the one we got in 2003 from World City. A nice 2 floor train station that stands out with it's unique color. Now, if it's 2 floors or more, I would be more comfortable paying around $75, although it would probably sell better at the last regular, non seasonal price of $50. Maybe even make it red this time? Now, we've only gotton 1 train shed and that was from World City, and the Bricklink prices for that thing are rediculous, so it would be nice to get one of those at some point in time. And another thing, we are seriously lacking in trains, as World City had a TON of train related sets, with City only having a handful over 12 years, turning 13 this year, and World City only lasted a YEAR.
  7. xxix5

    Future Castle Sets?

    So, I brought this up before in a YouTube livestream, but if they do make more Castle sets, I fear it would be filled with stud shooters acting as stone throwers. Now, I could cope with the crossbow being a stud shooter, as long as they recolor it brown or gray or something so it doesn't stick out as much, but other than that they would look just look out of place in a Castle theme. They could bring back the Lion and Dragon knights from most previous Castle themes, but could also have 4 or 5 main characters, like Knights Kingdom and Knights Kingdom II. I owned I think 2 Kingdoms sets 7948 "Outpost Attack" and 7949 "Prison Carriage Rescue." Both from June 2010, I got the 7949 for Easter. Great sets. Would I like to see Castle return? Of course. Will it come back soon? I don't think so. I think in about 10 years it could, but right now, it's highly doubtful.
  8. xxix5

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    I made a post on what figs I would like to see in a LEGO Marvel CMF series. But if we talk about sets, listed below are sets that I would like to see, and since Disney bought FOX and X-Men, these maybe possible. Mighty Micros Wolverine vs. Deadpool X-Force character pack X-Force vs. X-Men Deadpool buildable figure X-Force Deadpool buildable figure Iron Man: Hall of Armors Avengers Facility Cable buildable figure Avengers vs. X-Men
  9. xxix5

    Simpsons sets that NEED to be made

    forgot about Krusty! Which is weird because I have that set. I was thinking on the lower end, when, in reality, those sets would be more around $250 Now, not to put you on the spot, but is it because you have a source? Or did LEGO say it wasn't returning?
  10. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Would I like to see the whole gangster aspect? Possibly? Will LEGO make it? I don't think so. As, despite a gangster being a part of a CMF series, there was a cancelled proabition set back in the day, and gangsters and that era would go against their family friendly policy, but as a subtheme for police, how about desert police, and another subtheme would be all about monorails and steam trains.
  11. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Point taken, and I've never owned one, but the 7498 and 60047 look better than 60141. And 60047 compared to 60141 look quite similar, and the garage/survalience towers look almost identical and are put in the same orientaion, across from the jail and left of the main building. And every few years we would get a new subtheme, one year: Arctic. One Year: Volcano Explorers. And the latest ones: Jungle Explorers and Mining Experts. And the new subtheme for police, Mountain Police is just OK. Now, I do hope that we will get more sets that are different, like a new non holiday train station, a train shelter, and a police and fire train, much like JANGBRICK's MOC's he did. I wouldn't mind that one bit. In fact, I would buy a lot more sets if that happened, as I primarily buy Star Wars and the Superhero themes, unless the holiday sets are good. If they were to expand way more, I would be putting more City sets on my Christmas list.
  12. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    I wasn't into LEGO during the 4-wide era and I do think that the town era when they started including minifigures-around 2013 was the true golden era of City. And many people, not just me think that City is getting so repetitive. And I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it if there were more unique sets from City and more themes overall. Now, I know more themes wouldn't solve the current City repetitiveness, but more sets would. Maybe even a big City Waterpark for $100.000 United States Dollars. Now, it would probably work better as a Creator set for the same price, but I do think the trains are good. In fact, I would like a police train set, kind of like JANGBRICK's police train, and I don't mind police sets, but more varirty would make me care more.
  13. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    I agree with your points. But you have to admit, a lot can happen by 2020 or 2025 or even 2030. But what can be troublesome are the sets they put out to play it safe, and not to test the waters. Now, I don't hate City by any means, but I do think that they're sets now, more than ever, that just aren't that good. Now, I'm not too nostalgic for City, as I've only ever owned a few of sets, but those are really more of the unique sets, like the "Pickup and Caravan" set, and I would hope that LEGO sees how many police stations and big, bulky, over-sized cars that are a stud or two too long and maybe a stud too high, which I pointed out in another post. But looking at scale, the older sets, mainly from the previous city and town theme scale better with the big City 18 wheelers and bigger vans. And the police and fire sets are getting repetitive, heck, they have been for years now. And the City theme is one of, if not THE best current selling non licensed theme, and if they were too branch out more, with more restaurant, camping, and new sets, like a water park, a beach, a big cave, and stuff like that would revitalize City to new heights.
  14. xxix5

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    I do like quite a lot of the current City sets, but think about it. The world's changing. And I get tired of seeing the same old Police station with a few new features every few years. But don't you think that the City sets are becoming quite a bit repetitive? Just2good, along with most of the LEGO community are getting tired of the same old same old. If they do make an overhaul, you know that there will be a good replacement, maybe have several themes to take it's place. Now, I would be fine if they took a year of, much like the break between World City and City, that one year gap brought us new stuff that was great. And, in 2019, if they bring us new stuff and expand, much like with the camping and outdoor stuff they've been doing, and maybe make camping a whole subtheme, and, c'mon! We haven't gotton a LEGO Hospital in a long time (though rumors state that we will be getting one in 2018), LEGO City is doing sets they know will sell, and not branching out as much, and I think even a one year gap would be a refreshing break, and they could call it "New LEGO City" or something, and be branching out, and I did state that LEGO would probably tank from that decision, and nobody wants that, but a lot of people aren't happy with the current state of City, with all of it's repetitiveness. And even a new subtheme that is of good quality would give City a boost. You can't deny that. Now, I do see what you're saying with it being one of the top selling themes, and I know that, but just one year. ONE YEAR would serve them enough time to get at least 1, though hopefully 3 new subthemes out to give City a proper boost and have better net shooters that actually WORK well would serve LEGO well in the long run, and would make us miss the sets, so when new ones, even some remakes, would look kinda refreshing. Now, do I THINK they will cancel it? Probably not. Is it out of the relm of possibility? Of course not. But, in a few years, if it starts to tank, they will most likley do something like this.
  15. xxix5

    Future Castle Sets?

    As much as I would love to see Castle to return, I don't think it would happen. At least for about another 5-15 years. If they do return, my fear is stud shooters will be apleanty, and it will take away from what would be a great theme.
  16. So, with 1 Dinsey (could be 2 soon), 2 LEGO Batman Movie, and 1 LEGO Ninjago series, my question is when are we getting a LEGO Marvel series. Now, I think Playmates or someone puts out blind bags, a few companies, actually, so it would only make sense that LEGO would make a CMF series, as they would probably sell like hot cakes. So listed below are 20 figures I would like to see in a series 20. Ragnarock (from Marvel's Civil War event.) 19: Peter Parker (from Marvel's Civil War II) 18. Peter Parker: With Spidey Suit under jacket, and with the Spidey logo exposed 17: GOLD Iron Man MK 1 (Kinda like the same deal with him as Mr. Gold, just havong more made) 16: Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) 15: Nick Fury (Classic Comics Version) 14: Super-Soldier (From Marvel/DC Amalgam Universe) 13: Spider-Boy (From Marvel/DC Amalgam Universe) 12. Grey Hulk (In Minifig Form) 11. Classic Ant-Man 10. Agent Venom 9. Superior Spider-Man 8: Spider-Ham 7: Spider-Thor 6: Spider-Armor MK III (AKA Ends of the Earth Spider-Man) 5: Iron Man MK 5 (AKA Suitcase Suit from Iron Man 2) 4: Andros Stark (From Iron Man: Armored Adventures AKA Iron Man 2099) 3: Whiplash (From Iron Man 2) 2: Glow in the dark Deadpool 1: Classic Wasp
  17. Kinda, but mainily from the final battle against the Overlord, and Dan Venssenmyer (I didn't spell that right) did a killer half white half titanium Ninjago drawing.
  18. Pink Suit Zane (which I heard may be in a new Ninjago CMF series) Human Zane (from the ending of Hands of Time) The Gold Samurai (from Season 9) Dareth (in brown ninja uniform) Half Titanium/Half White Ninja Zane Zane with half of his face plate gone (from S3) All of the Ninja in their golden garb Chrome Gold Golden Ninja Lloyd Cliff Gordan Jay's Mom Show versions of Ed and Edna Walker Black and White/Noir versions of the Ninja
  19. xxix5

    10259 Winter Village Station

    I really love this set and $80.00 USD for 902 pieces? That's PERFECT! I was hoping we would get a station since we don't get many Train Stations in LEGO and this might be one of my favorite Seasonal Sets
  20. LEGO Seasonal sets the NEED to be made. This list is will be composed of seasonal sets that haven't been made or are bigger remakes of previous sets. There will be 3 sets on this list. 1: Christmas tree truck with Christmas tree lot. This set would be loosely on set 40082 and 40083, but be a much bigger set. The truck's cab would be green and the trailer would be red The truck would be like a logging truck and would be around 200 pieces and the lot would be around 50 pieces, and it would come with 10 trees, 5 molded, and 5 built up, with ornaments on the built up trees. The price would be $30.00 USD 2:A remake of the Winter Village Cottage.set 10299 and 10222. We need a set like this that is on the cheaper end, but has good builds and fun building experiences. I don't have any of these sets, but it would be nice to see these sets in a remake mash-up. The set would have 500-550 pieces. The Mail Truck would be 50 pieces, and it would be red and green. The Snowplow would be 80 pieces, and be green vehicle and orange snowplow. The buildings would be a snowplow shed, 75 pieces, and would use the brick-like LEGO bricks in dark red and tan and have a door that you can put down, a LEGO store that is 115 pieces and will be made of red and white pieces with a "mannequin" LEGO minifigure on each side of the door, a Coffee/ Hot Chocolate stand that is 15 pieces and that is made a brown bricks and a white sign, and, for a final building, a town square that is 200 pieces and would have a tree made of 100 pieces and would be like the tree we got a few years ago and the square would have 2 snow-covered benches. The figures would be a male LEGO worker, a mailman, 3 kids, a female LEGO worker, a snowplow driver, and 5 adults, one of the adults is an older worker. the set would be $50.00 USD. It would also have a light brick and snowy backdrop. 3: The final set is Christmas Square Fun! This set will have 450 pieces and will have mostly minifigures, kind of like the Fun at the Park set, except only bigger. The main builds would include a snowmobile, a Christmas tree, Santa's Workshop where you can meet Santa, and a snowy Christmas night backdrop. The minifigures would be Santa, an Elf, 6 adults, 10 kids, 2 dogs, and a marching band with instruments. The set would retail for $35.00 USD.
  21. AMAZING! These are REALLY nice models and they should be turned into LEGO sets ASAP!!
  22. xxix5

    Lego Station MOC

    Holey moley! This is COMPLETELY LEGO released set worthy. AMAZING detail!
  23. xxix5

    MOC: Centoporte

    Highly detailed! Looks just like the real life version. This reminds me of Thomas and Friends. I used to watch that a TON as a little kid, so this really takes me back. Great work man!
  24. Amazing! I love steam trains over any kind of train and this train looks like something that would look really good in a winter village display or in a fall display.
  25. xxix5

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    I LOVE this MOC, a big part of me LOVING this MOC is because of the blue tram builds. I love all kinds of trains and I love blue. This set is pure goodness.