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  1. brick_wolf

    Review Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    hi, great review! one note on the windscreens: TLG has recently updated the Mini with the new part as well (of course in transparent brown rather than clear), and they will send you the new windscreens if you ask. See crops from the latest instructions on
  2. hi all, I saw today that the download page for the 911 exclusive content is live; can anyone who already owns the set confirm if it's any good?
  3. Category A: #2 #12 #13 Category B: #4
  4. brick_wolf

    LEGO Minifigures – Disney Series 1 Poll

    I voted Stitch, but I love the look of all 3 "shorties" this time round; my only gripe is that TLG should really redesign the short legs to be posable... it works for duplo!
  5. brick_wolf

    LEGO VIP program questions for you!

    1) signed up on the web site at first order, use it for every purchase at brand shops and online 2) effective 5% discount 3) not at all 4) click&collect at lego stores, price matching service 5) would be good to have a tier level like airlines, e.g. additional benefits (PaB discount?) and get more points per £/$ once a given yearly threshold is achieved.
  6. #19 - 1 point #24 - 3 points #32 - 1 point
  7. brick_wolf

    2016 D2C sets

    do you have a link? I only found it from 3rd party vendors on
  8. Jim, size records come and go, but the beauty and detail of your MIssouri are fantastic, congratulations. Are you taking your models to UK brick shows?
  9. brick_wolf

    Buying Box of Minifigures in Lego Store

    I'd think if you go to a large supermarket/toy store in non-peak hours and ask nicely they will happily go and fetch you a full box from storage; brand stores won't do that for you as the managers have very little freedom to bend TLG's rules.
  10. brick_wolf

    Which set should I buy?

    If you want to display it, not having the back wall of the buildings won't really make a difference, and from a building experience and aesthetic point of view I think Airjitsu wins by a long stretch; unless you're a mad Simpson fan I'd think the house is totally skippable.
  11. brick_wolf

    Your First LEGO Set

    mine was this one, also the first model I pulled out of storage as I got out of my dark ages, and still on display om my model shelf NAME: Spirit of St. Louis YEAR: 1977 RATING: *skull* *skull* *skull* *skull* *skull* out of *skull* *skull* *skull* *skull* *skull*
  12. brick_wolf

    Pick-a-Model 2016

    Pen Holder?
  13. brick_wolf

    Can you make requests for MOCs on here?

    I completely agree, though the modulars are probably quite a bit further down the learning curve for the OP; if you want to learn building MOCs I suggest to stert by experimenting with a few small creator sets; choose one which has a few "alt builds" listed at bricklink, and build them to learn how a small amount of pieces can combine in different ways to produce very different looks; particularly if you're into cars I'd suggest 31017 Sunset Speeder (out of production, but easy to find on ebay), or your current best intros to the 4-wide scene, 31027 Blue Racer; 31041 Construction Vehicles is nice and cheap as well.