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About Me

Mafia History:

The Witchbreed: (Mafia School) I played the scum godfather, Franklin Holmes and was killed on night 2 by a scheming one-shot poisoner. The same night I was investigated as not-scum!

The Curse of IMHOTEP: I played innocent virgin Ophelia Balls, who was killed by the cultists on night 5. They thought they had nabbed either the investigator or another virgin, but I was cherrinated that very night, resulting in a most unhelpful kill at that point of the game.

Yakuza Family: Lynched on day 6 as Setsuku, leading martial arts specialist in Yakuza Famly Mafia, after an ill-advised attempt to get into good graces with the town core.

Jedi Temple: Killed on night 4 as the beeping R2-D2 by the traitorious Tammo and his cronies. I was convinced he was scum, and then I wasn't.

Excalibur 1.0: Played as replacment for Lieutenant Donna Willis before the reboot.

Excalibur 2.0: Played as the bumbling vigilante Commander Matthew Wilder.

Ragnarök Now: Killed on Night 4 as Finn the Squinter.

Heartlake Heartbreak: Killed on Night 3 as Heather.

Harriet Slutter: Didst die upon conclusion as Dillpickle Catterweed.

Mafia Mafia: Won as The Goon in a last minute vote.

Silver City: Killed on conclusion as replacement Sheriff Kenneth Emanual.

Ragnarök Redux: Won as Loki's Prankster Finn the Squinter. Lynched to confirm our fake investigator.

Mafia Sunset: Killed on conclusion, but won as Malone member Fritz McCarthy.

Unrest in the Forest: Won on a miscommunication/technicality as Maple Lassie Sassafras. Really, though, Hinck won solo.

Pelly's Paradise: Killed on night 3, but won with town as Iron Patriot.

The Second Crash: Lynched on Day 7 as shadow Lusk Eccleston.

SHIELD vs. HYDRA: Lynched on Day 3 as HYDRA infiltrator David Leffel after being investigated for a duplicate claim.

Trial By Jury: Killed by the Moletti crime family on Night 2 as Harry Oldman.

Mad Monster Mansion: Lynched on Day 2 as Gorgonzola. 

Imperial Officers: Won as the traitor killing vigilante, General Veers.

Cosplay Mafia: Won while cosplaying as the vigilante Chell.

24 Mafia: Diane Greene, lynched by the moles

Pirates Mafia: Barty Brewster, the Imperial blocker, lynched for being blocked when we couldn't kill.

MAfia: Lost as lone knitter, Autumn Martin

Other Games

Secret Enemies: Lost as townie Christina Phillips

Personally Hosted Mafia Games:

These games were inspired by EB mafia games but were ones I hosted on another forum.

The Stadium Lockdown

Mutiny In Bay City

Return to Bay City

Under Cover of Darknes