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  1. Name: Pirates Mafia IV: Redbeard Returns! Host: Bob Dates: July 2021 - August 2021 Survivors: Jack Sassy, JintaiZ, Rumble Strike Game Information: Some time has passed since we last saw Redbeard. He and his crew of pirates gather at the Rock Island Refuge, the last bastion of piracy in the LEGO Caribbean. However, the Imperial Guards are moving in and have surreptitiously infiltrated his crew. Characters and Players (8): Spencer "Cutlass" Milford, played By KotZ Douglas "No Hook" Wembley, played by Darkdragon Kieran "Two Guns" Newport, played by Tariq j Vivian "Viv" Pierce, played by Kaanere Isaac "Dragon" Wallace, played by Jack Sassy Murphy "Bad-Eye" Blake, played by Duvors Noah "The Map" Nelson, played by JintaiZ Harper "Sea-Salt" Lawson, played by Rumble Strike Game Threads: Day One: End of an Era Day Two: Silent Night Day Three: The Voyage There Day Four: Oops! Day Five: Night Moves Conclusion Other Threads: Signups Confirmation and Discussion
  2. Name: Minecraft Mafia Host: Darkdragon Dates: May 2021 - July 2021 Winners: Kaanere, Shadows Game Information: Iveus has hired Pirate to crew a ship and set sail for Morte's Island in search of a functioning Nether Gate. Iveus wishes to have the Dragon's Egg found on the other side of the gate, with a wealth of other treasure being left to the crew to divide amongst themselves. The Gate Seekers, however, have been joined on their voyage by hidden Gate Protectors who aim to prevent the mission's success. Characters and Players (7): Kai, played by Dragonator Hex, played by Kaanere Alex, played by Duvors Adriene, played by Tariq j Valorie, played by Shadows Hal, played by KotZ Steve, played by Bob Game Threads: Day 1 - The Voyage Day 2 - The First Adventure Day 3 - The Abandoned Mine Ruined Portal Other Threads: Sign Ups! The Adventure Begins
  3. fhomess

    Minecraft Mafia: Signups

    Sadly I don't have time for this at the moment... but for anyone on the fence... join in! Minecraft seems perfect for Mafia.
  4. fhomess

    Mountan Fortress disappointed

    I was a kid of the late 80's and into all things Lego Castle. I adored 6080 and 6085. 6081 King's Mountain Fortress did more to usher me into my dark ages than any other set. I felt the raised baseplate and relative lack of bricks made it feel like I got cheated out of a lot of Lego that should've been in a set of that stature. I never had an issue with the chain mail... that struck me simply as more generic soldiers I could use however I wanted and a logical way to arm the troops. I don't recall my reaction the red and blue flags. I doubt I really noticed it much. Looking back, it does seem odd that they had the same colors and the Black Knights.
  5. fhomess

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    6081 was one of the sets that ushered in my dark ages... if it had been more like this, that might not have happened. Lovely build.
  6. Name: FABUPUNK Mafia II Host: Hinckley Dates: July 2020 - August 2020 Survivors: Corrina Cow, Holbrick Horse, Parvani Poodle Game Information: The FABUrealms experienced 100 years of peace after the founding of the new world in the Western Realms. An alliance was forged with the dragons, opening the citizens of the FABUrealms and the Western Realms to new discoveries around their world. Now, a conflict has arisen with the Elfin Kingdom. A disturbingly increasing majority of citizens of the FABUrealms have been breeding baby dragons for labor and the Elves have declared war to set them free. A small band of Emancipators has stolen the naval ship, The Pluto, to return the baby dragons to their homes. Little do they know, they've been infiltrated by assassins from the Baby Dragon Haters, who wish to murder them all and return the baby dragons to their lives of forced labor... Characters and Players (16): Bartosz Bulldog, played by " Dannylonglegs " Benicia Bear, played by " Pandora " Bixby Bunny, played by " mostlytechnic " Caladon Crocodile, played by " Darkdragon " Corrina Cow, played by " Shadows " Emeric Elephant, played by " KotZ " Franczeska Fox, played by " Umbra-Manis " Gilford Goat, played by " Trekkie99 " Holbrook Horse, played by " jimmynick " Hyacinth Hippo, played by " Bob " Leatrix Lamb, played by " Rick " Marlowe Monkey, played by " Tariq j " Mobley Mouse, played by " Chromeknight " Parvani Poodle, played by " Fugazi " Rutherford Raccoon, played by " Lind Whisperer " Shainen Sheepdog, played by " Kristel " Game Threads: Day One - That One Guy is Dead Day Two - This Is Insanity Day Three - Bad Morning, Y'All Day Four - The Name of the Game Day Five - It Was a Mistake Conclusion - The Spanish Inquisition Other Threads: Sign-ups Confirmation - Night Zero Nights
  7. Name: FABUPUNK Mafia Host: Hinckley Dates: June 2020 - July 2020 Survivors: Caylin Cow, Evren Elephant, Fergus Fox, Hayleigh Hippo, Maddock Monkey, Pembroke Panda Game Information: Deceit and villainy has infiltrated the highest ranks of The FABUrealms. Fearing this corruption has begun to pollute the FABUrealm Royal Family itself, Govind Goat, Captain of the warship, The Pluto, has gathered a crew of 13 kingdom officials wishing to defect from the FABUrealms and establish a fair government in a new land. What these Defectors don't realize yet, is that they've been infiltrated by spies who are Loyalists to the FABUrealms. These spies see their defection as a threat to their society and will stop at nothing to ensure they don't achieve their goals... Characters and Players (13): Calissa Cat, played by " Pandora " Caylin Cow , played by " Kotz " Evren Elephant, played by " Umbra-Manis " Fegus Fox, played by " Kristel " Hayleigh Hippo, played by " Shadows " Hendrick Horse, played by "Dannylonglegs" Keyarra Crocodile, played by " Dragonator " Lyev Lion, played by " Trekkie99 " Maddock Monkey, played by " jimmynick " Pembroke Panda, played by " Darkdragon " Priella Pig, played by " Bob " Stanley Sheepdog, played by " Tariq j " Wyeth Walrus, played by " Chromeknight " Game Threads: Day One - The Prince Is Dead Day Two - That's Clearly a Giraffe Day Three - Equally Fruitful Day Four - Twicky Twicktew Conclusion - Heresy! Other Threads: Sign-ups Confirmation - Night Zero Nights
  8. Name: Blood in the Grass Host: Darkdragon Dates: May 2020 - June 2020 Survivors: Fazit Game Information: Something or someone is taking the townspeople of Grassmere and it must be stopped. Are you ready to join King Jehen and the Dragons of the Forest to figure out who is taking the townspeople and what is happening to them? Of course you are! Characters and Players (12): Ima, played by " escape the fate " Fazit, played by " Shadows " Lully, played by " tohst " Omrom, played by " Hinckley " Covam, played by " Trekkie99 " Torgam, played by " Dragonator " Ellis, played by " KotZ " Quinn, played by " Kristel " Ruben, played by " jimmynick " Martin, played by " Bob " Nadia, played by " Pandora " Josie, played by " Tariq j " Game Threads: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Conclusion Other Threads: Sign-up Confirmation
  9. Name: Pirates III: Redcoats Rising Host: Bob Dates: April 2020 - May 2020 Survivors: Vincent, Emmett Game Information: Redbeard is in prison, but the Imperial Guards have infiltrated the Blue Coats' Fort Eldorado. An anonymous game. Characters and Players (13): Remi Blaise, played by " Kristel " Jean Pelley, played by " jimmynick " Fred Dumont, played by " KotZ " Peter Lyon, played by " fhomess " Michael Lavoie, played by " nobody " Daniel Lucas, played by " Medzomorak " Trenton Monette, played by " Tariq j " Justin Reynaud, played by " MKJoshA " Emmett Ware, played by " Shadows " Andrew Laurent, played by " mostlytechnic " Aiden Leon, played by " Trekkie99 " Joshua Levitt, played by " Darkdragon " Alex Howe, played by " Dragonator " Fabien Bellamy, played by " Fugazi " Vincent Denis, played by " Hinckley " Robin Tremblay, played by " Escape the Fate " Game Threads: Day One: A New Beginning Day Two: An Explosive Encounter Day Three: Insert Knife Pun Here Day Four: Silent Night Day Five: Watch Out For Wheels! Day Six: Fwoom Fwoom! Day Seven: A Rough Haircut Day Eight: Speaking of emotional... Day Nine: Look Out! Conclusion: Did We Win? Other Threads: Confirmation Night Time!
  10. We all have to play anonymously as Hinckley?
  11. Why would the neutral have to declare it? A win condition should just happen. Neutral survivor should win with either team when they meet their win condition, and those team's win condition should be independent of the survivor. Otherwise, the survivor is not really neutral because he impacts another team's win condition. The fact that Hinck worked hard to side with town should not matter. I can see it being unfair to town, but Hinck wins either way, so I hardly see why it's unfair to him. Very much this. The fact that Hinck was making no effort to help the scum seemed like reason to not trust him. Never trust a neutralâ„¢.
  12. Town targeted 3 scum on night 1. Wow! I really didn't have the time I needed to commit to this game. Things just got busy pretty fast and then I was only able to post a few times a game day. My scum team even thought I was going to be AWOL at first, so apologies all around for that. Looking at the town roles... wow, I feel like that's a hugely stacked town and we still managed to get to Day 9. I give most of the credit for that to Andrew/Mostlytechnic. I thought he was super scummy and had heat on him so early that it was astounding how he managed to turn that all around. My reaction to his Vanillaijzer claim was genuine... I was like, seriously? But it worked. I have to disagree with some of Bob's suggestions about our kills near the end of the game. Killing Aiden over Emmett was important because Aiden had outed Trenton and we needed a town lynch. There was no way that Aiden was going to get votes or go against Vincent, who was clearly hunting scum. If I had killed Emmett instead of Fred, there's no was no chance that Vincent could be convinced Fred was scum. So my only play would have been to admit being scum... that seemed less interesting. Leaving everyone alive would've also just gotten me lynched FWIW, I didn't know I would be able to block and kill until after Day 8 ended. I think if we had killed Robin on Night 5 instead of trying for Emmett, we'd have been in better shape. That was the night that things really started to turn to the town's favor. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate living past Day 3/4? I will say that I was expecting that we would not have to eliminate a neutral to win. Since 3:3:1 wasn't parity, I did also wonder if 1:1:1 would be considered parity. It seems counter intuitive to the concept of the neutral. Why would we have to eliminate the neutral to win, but the town wouldn't?
  13. fhomess

    Black Knight's Castle 6086 Revamp

    Love this!
  14. Name: Pirates Mafia II: Redbeard's Revenge Host: Bob Dates: March 2020 Survivors: Elijah, Benjamin, Mitchell, Arhtur, Warren, Morgan, Zachary, Ethan, Kendall, Liam Game Information: Redbeard sits in prison at Fort Eldorado, but he is not distraught. It seems Captain Redbeard has encouraged some of the garrison to betray their country in return for serving aboard his new crew! An anonymous game. Characters and Players (13): Elijah Hendry, played by "jimmynick " Paul Lapointe, played by "???" Ansel Michel, played by "KotZ " Benjamin Samuels, played by "Kristel " William Mitchell, played by "Sir Stig " Mitchell Lahore, played by "fhomess " Arthur Hargrave, played by "Trekkie99 " Warren Pratt, played by " Kwatchi " Louis Townsend, played by "?? / KotZ " Morgan Marchand, played by "mostlytechnic " Reginald Aston, played by "???" Zachary Mercier, played by "Darkdragon " Ethan Dunn, played by "Hinckley " Robert Walsh, played by "???" Kendall Odell, played by "Tariq j " Liam Webb, played by "Escape the Fate " Game Threads: Day One: Avast! Day Two: Yo ho ho, and all that Day Three: Ghosts of Pirates Past Conclusion: An End of an Era Other Threads: Sign Ups Confirmation Night Time!
  15. Name: Star Trek Mafia 2 Host: Bob Dates: February 2020 - March 2020 Survivors: Darkdragon, Pandora Game Information: A quickshot mafia game Characters and Players (8): Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by Lind Whisperer Commander William T. Rikder, played by Lady K, Darkdragon Lieutenant Commander Data, played by Trekkie99 Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge, played by Kotz Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher, played by mostlytechnic Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, played by Hinckley Lieutenant Worf, played by Fugazi Ensign Wesley Crusher, played by Pandora Game Threads: Day One: Re-encounter at Farpoint Day Two: Remember Me Day Three: Identity Crisis Day Four: Data's Day Day Five: Ethics Day Six: The Best of Both Worlds Conclusion: All Good Things Other Threads: Sign Ups Confirmation