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  1. @Raskolnikov @legolijntje This set is truly a masterpiece. I've been waiting for it since the first youtube video, great to see the finished job. Many thanks to both of you. I have one question though, would another form of payment than paypal be possible ? I know that Paypal is very popular in the USA, but living in Germany, I had already very bad experience with them. A direct bank transfer would have come in handy via p a private message. Best regards.
  2. Cyceron

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    This is by far my favorite AT-ST moc ! And I have seen a lot of them xD I did log into lego ideas just to support your project, great work ! And many thanks for sharing the lxf file !
  3. Cyceron

    [MOC] The Big Spaceship

    I'm deeply impressed. What an amazing project. Could you maybe show us some of the plans for the construction ? Or make some more photos ? Because I can't figure out how you managed to do the engine section with those 1x4 bricks :D Anyway, I have the greatest respect for your work. p.s David Lynch would be proud ! ;D