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  1. Collibosher

    latest lego quality standards

    They should do a redesign, and make the axle hole section thicker, similar to what they are on lift arms. I know he current design allows for example placing the 8 and 24 tooth gears closer, but I think the compromise would be worth it.
  2. Collibosher

    latest lego quality standards

    I'm not too bothered by the color variations (maybe it's because I mostly end up building with black/white ) but the parts breaking after using them like once is so sad, I don't think I have a single post 2010's technic part with axle hole that's not broken. When I was a child, I remember it was devastating to have a broken lego part, but it almost never happened. I can literally remember every single lego part that got broken in my childhood, because it was so rare (minifig motorcycle handle, 6X16 plate, axle hole from a wheel) You would think that as an "adult" you would have less or no broken legos...
  3. Collibosher

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    If I make the rear tires to appear same size between the two, it makes the Lego version shorter, meaning the rear tires are too big? If the wheels of the Lego 488 were too small, stretching the image to match the wheels size of the reference 488 would make it appear longer.
  4. Collibosher

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    Just like with the Porsche RSR, the part choice for the headlights is just...
  5. Collibosher

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I would like to see some 007 cars as technic sets, because cars are always fun and all those spy -gadgets would be great functions to add beside the usual steering and suspension. They did one for the creator line, but I would love to see a technic version with more elegant functions. For that they need (and is my biggest wish!) new wheels and tyres, especially narrow ones for the technic line/scale. Speaking of wheels and tyres which I always struggle with, LEGO could do an official F1 car again and design actual F1 like wheels and tyres for it, what they kinda never do for their open-wheel race cars. I feel like the closest tire match is the "Tumbler" tire and it only works as a front tire of an F1 car. They could just make another, a bit wider version of it for rear, like this;
  6. Collibosher

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    First I thought the person who did this actually had the model and only the colors were photo shopped, but no it's done completely from the official 42096 image I think always cool to see what kind of stuff people come up with, but of course the downside is that they give false hope
  7. Collibosher

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    Ole Kirk Christiansen wouldn't have approved sets like this and based on that, Lego designers shouldn't have made it in the first place. I'm sure many people would have wanted this set, but I really don't get who are we to "demand" the Lego to release it, let alone feeling like they owe us it? I would understand this, if people pre-ordered it without getting the refund or something...The Lego already made the decision to take a financial hit by scrapping the set, so I don't think any petition with a message like "See how many of us would be willing to give you money for this set!" would really matter, since this situation is not about the money. TLG knew this was going to upset many fans and of course they will come up with a similar aircraft set in the near future. No one signs this petition, because they want to abolish TLG's moral policies, let alone glorify war with a Lego set obviously, but despite how "adult" fans we are and how vague and hypocrite TLG's anti-war policy currently is, I wouldn't want to sign petitions, that would urge TLG to neglect their noble policies for profit. I would rather support TLG on this and wish for another VTOL aircraft, that never needed to be a licensed set with military affiliations in the first place.
  8. Collibosher

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Give me one example of a modified muscle car that has as even remotely as wide front wheels as this one. Difficult to even think any modern car with front wheels so wide. One of those wheels makes 1/5th of the whole track width of the car there. Even this "thing" has more narrower tires; It actually does the opposite here. If the track width was wider too, then it would look more aggressive, but now those huge goofy wheels are squeezed inside the "original" fenders and it makes the whole car look "wobbly".
  9. Collibosher

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Yes like I said, the modern wheels COULD look right, IF they were smaller and the whole car had lower stance, but that of course would cause clearance problems for turning wheels. So, if they had gone with smaller classic muscle car wheels (like the creator Mustang's) the whole car would have looked slightly better and the wheels would have still been able to turn. You can have more modern looking wheels and still not make them overly wide
  10. Collibosher

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    That's okay, I'm anonymous, my arguments and opinions should not mean anything anyway. I never said it wouldn't "deserve" my money, money is just numbers and subjective, I don't give my money any sentimental value. I just thought out loud how ugly it is and how little it resembles the real one, how that even happens? You would think the lego designers had the ability to Google "FF Charger" and use it as a reference, now it looks like they build it from from someone's drunken description about the car they saw in a movie 1970 Charger everybody...
  11. Collibosher

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    I have to dare to comment and sorry it's not anything positive, but that "thing" just doesn't look good. The weird choice and use of body panels all over and especially the use of macaroni pieces behind the front fascia is just mind boggling... I mean the late 60's Chargers should have sharp edges around the car, that's of the distinctive car design "rules" of era. I would have gladly taken something more "skeleton" and with more flex rods, than this whatever it is. That's not all, it has one of worst possible wheel choices. This was the set that I thought would finally introduce new wheels and tires suitable for technic classic cars, so I could finally stop using those 42009 crane tires on everything (them being one of the few narrow enough with high profile tire) Sure, "Dom's Charger" has had many wheels over the years, but if they were going with those huge wide low profile tires, then the whole car should have had low ground clearance etc to match the look. Now it's just a weird combination of muscle car stance and modern wheels of different scale... When I start build MOCs, obviously I always scale the build based on the wheels I'm going to use and I've heard lego designers doing the same, but not this time apparently? Buuut, it's still a classic car from the Lego Technic line, so I just "have to" buy it. You win Lego... Also is this even real, it's 2020 and the Technic line still doesn't have a medium scaled steering wheel? I always find the current steering wheels being either too small or too large for the build
  12. Collibosher

    [MOC] Batmobile from "Batman V Superman"

    They were there basically to just show the construction roughly. I do have more specific instructions -like images and couple "LDD" files too, but I guess the plan was to just use them to remind myself, if I had to take it apart and build again.
  13. (This may be my first post, but I've been a member here for couple years) I recently finally finished this 2016 "Batman vs Superman" -film version of the Batmobile MOC, that I've been building and rebuilding on/off for couple years (Seems to be the case with all my mocs...). It wasn't until Lego released suitable parts and in black, when I finally managed to create right shapes, move along and actually finish this. One of the crucial parts being the little part 6253260 (Beam 1M W/Cross Axle) I take legal building techniques really seriously and due to the real thing having so complicated design, this model really challenged it. There are couple pieces that are connected in "modular" way, like the front bumper thing with the flaps, but otherwise there should not be any bending of parts (except flex cables) and all the pieces are fully connected with each other. I know the cockpit and the "wings" look suspicious, but there should be enough joints in the right places. Oh, and those front wheels don't come in black, so I painted them myself... Functions include; HOG steering (little axle connector behind the roof), suspension (independent in the front and floating axle in the back) and a rotating "turret" at the front (rotated by a knob in the rear axle. The knob is hidden behind that "rocket boost" -thing) Unfortunately I didn't managed to recreate those "doors" that open like bat wings, so now it's just one removable peace... I tried all kinds of building techniques, but all of them were either too fragile or didn't look accurate enough. I found these blueprints online, where the dimension are based. The scale of the model was to be determined by the right pair of tires, with the correct size difference between front and back and luckily Lego happens to have these two tires that are almost exactly the right size away from each other. Rear tires are a bit too narrow, but if they were wider, in Lego form the "tire covers" would have to be build wider too to fit them and it would make the whole model too wide for the scale. I made this little video too. The images at the end of the video showing the building process are not completely accurate, since I tweaked couple things for the final model.