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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to build this, and look forward to the release of the instructions. Great work guys. However, I prefer the more 'basic' Black Technic stand that Pete built. By chance will the instructions include the build for this one instead of the elaborate 'drawer' version? It would also probably reduce the number of parts required .
  2. The extra axles provide reinforcement, to hold the body together. All the axles thread through the Technic bricks and the 3L liftarms inside. The only tricky bit is making sure everything lines up (all the holes) for the axles to push through.
  3. Wings are not reinforced. However, unsure about long term, because it's currently sitting with the wings upright.
  4. Here's my photos; I can't remember exactly which ones I posted before. The old links must have expired, sorry. To attach the wings to the body, it's easier if you remove some of the rear sections first.
  5. I presume so; I paid Brick Moon (sebastian) directly. But indeed, email him first to ensure he is available, and able to process your order promptly. However, you can also purchase through rebrickable if you prefer, but you pay a small premium for their website hosting.
  6. Yes, I noticed a few areas in the instructions that could be improved, and made some minor changes. Aside from the the train rails, the other parts that I lacked abundant extras were the Technic chain/tread pieces, 3711 and 3873, which needed a lot more to completely wrap around the 'wheels' for the engines. Like you, I otherwise had enough spares of other parts. I will PM you about the Studio file. It's too large to attach here.
  7. Of course you can build a similar stand . I have a Studio file of the design if you use this programme (LDD no longer works on my Macbook). This is the list of additional parts that I made a note of. Of course, it's possibly a miscounted my original collection of parts; however, I was very, very careful when counting, so it seems unlikely. Black Brick 1x1 3005: need 1 extra Black Plate 1x2 3023: need 4 extra Black Plate 1x4 3710: need 2 extra Black Plate 2x2 3022: need 2 extra Black Plate 2x4 3020: need 1 extra Black Plate Modified 1x2 with 1 Stud 15573: need 1 extra Black Plate Modified 1x2 with Handle on End 60478: need 2 extra Black Plate Modified 1x3 with 2 Studs 34103: need 1 extra Black Slope Curved 2x1 11477: need 5 extra (not shown in instructions for 1 lower wing, but require these 5 extra to match the other side) Black Technic Link Chain 3711: need 12 extra Black Technic Link Tread 3873: need 20 extra Black Technic Pin with Friction Ridges 2780: need 3 extra Black Tile 1x8 4162: need 1 extra Black Tile Modified 2x2 with Studs on Edge 33909: need 2 extra Black Train Track Plain Rail Straights 3228c: need 4 extra Black Wedge Plate 3x2 Left 43723: need 2 extra Dark Bluish Gray Plate 1x10 4477: need 2 extra Dark Bluish Gray Tile 1x4 2431: need 1 extra Red Brick Modified 1x2x1 2/3 with Studs on 1 Side 22885: need 2 extra Red Technic Axle 10 3737: I changed these to Axle 12 (longer) for better fitment (can use any colour) The list should be accurate, but I may have missed something that I did not make a note of. There were also some left-over pieces! It will be interesting to hear if your final list is different.
  8. shiny_car

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I found Lego_AU was a great source for large plates, wedge plates, and tiles, and usually considerably cheaper than BL, and no issues with quantity. But it's worth doing as bulk a buy as possible, to make their flat rate postage (A$15) worthwhile. I bought quite a lot from them when acquiring parts for this MOC.
  9. An amazing MOC! Thank you @cavegod and @Brick Moon. NB: I discovered a number of inventory errors; I mostly had spares, but the most inconvenient one was Black Train Rails 3228c (require total 12, not 8) which I've had to order extra from overseas (US to Australia); perhaps the instructions have been updated? Enjoy the following photos. I designed and built a suitable stand to support the body and allow the wings to 'spread out', with a custom sticker from eBay. Let me know if the photos are not showing; they are embedded from FB.
  10. shiny_car

    UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Excellent result. Looks great.
  11. shiny_car

    UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Excellent! Nice mods.
  12. shiny_car

    UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Yes, instructions from Brickvault. It appears fun to build, but I will be interested to see any photos of your modifications. With the Upsilon, I probably already have about 30% of the parts. The remainder - all 'new' pieces if available - is hard to remember, but probably an extra A$5-600. Some parts were from Lego-Australia (I find wedge plates and tiles are good value from Lego), and some from overseas. Most parts are easy to acquire; a few are more difficult because retired, some quite expensive. But of course, it is worth it, to buy everything like Pete designed.
  13. shiny_car

    UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Love it! I'm like you, Redbird11, I have built Pete's AT-AT and SC. Now I have all the parts for the Zeta Shuttle and waiting on more parts to arrive for the Upsilon. But I've run out of space to display them. Regardless, I might start the Zeta this week.