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  1. Message me your email, and I can send them.
  2. Purchased and downloaded, thank you!! Go for it peoples NB: apologies if I have stolen your thunder
  3. shiny_car

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    I encountered this issue just now. I had 3 'long' versions, and 4 'short' versions amongst the 7 required for this MOC. All my spare Black and Trans-Clear were short. Fortunately, I just bought the Hoth AT-ST 75322, and there are 2 Black studs in the set (1 required, 1 spare). I opened the set and they are both 'long'! Perhaps the long version is newer, and replacing the short ones?
  4. shiny_car

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    Awesome! I've been waiting for a quality T70 like this. Thank you Jerac. Now to buy the pieces!
  5. @rybojoho PM sent. Thanks
  6. @OskarFridrik no problem. PM sent. I can email it to you.
  7. Message me your email and I can send the file. This presumes you are familiar with and can generate the parts list from it into BrickLink, and 'deconstruct' if necessary to work out how to build it.
  8. Looks awesome in flight mode! Glad the stand works, but most credit still goes to Cavegod and Cjd because the structural design (eg: length of Technic pieces, angle, positions) of the vertical tower is primarily theirs.
  9. Cool, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully it's solid enough.
  10. I've emailed the file. It's not instructions, but should be enough to work out how to build it. lol, don't need payment!
  11. No problems, will send. The wings are quite heavy. In flight mode, they put quite a bit of strain through the main body structure. It's ok to move around, no issues, but I've always been gentle. I would not consider it 'swooshable', but definitely 'movable'.
  12. Here's a render of my stand design. I suspect the 'cladding' that Cjd added would add extra stability, particularly again twisting and leaning. @Cjd223 did you try the stand without the cladding? I notice that you and Cavegod use Technic 1x16 Bricks as the main pylons (and Cavegod added tiles to join them together), whereas I have chosen Technic 1x15 Liftarms. Perhaps I should change to the Bricks.
  13. Wow, looks fantastic. I have ordered all the bricks I need via BrickLink, and waiting for everything to arrive. For the stand, I redesigned the original stand that Cjd created. My design is made on, so I have not built it to confirm that it is structurally sound, however it is based upon the original one, using the same internal 'scaffold' Technic Liftarm bracing, so it should be ok. I'll generate a render from and post it here shortly. It is the same height as the original. Eventually, I will have a Lambda MOC Shuttle with wings unfolded (all parts here, unbuilt) + Cavegod's Kylo Upsilon Shuttle on a stand (wings 'out'; built but currently with 'wings folded') + this Krennic Delta Shuttle with wings unfolded, side-by-side, so they create a /\ \/ /\ pattern!
  14. Awesome! Thanks so much, to you and Cavegod. I can't wait to acquire all the parts and build this.