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  1. Ok, thanks for the feedback. I've been in two minds about the Crawler 4x4, but maybe I'll promote it up the list! I think 8043 and 8258 are definitely next, although I do like the look and size of the blue Crawler Crane too. With the new sets due in August, this could be an expensive year...
  2. No, I mean what current (or retired) sets should I get next. Some of them are prohibitively expensive, like the Limited Edition 4x4 Crawler - but are they worth it?
  3. I'm currently building up my collection, having picked up the Merc AROCS, Volvo Wheel Loader and the Mobile Crane Mk II. But which flagship set would you get next? I have offers on the Motorised Excavator 8043 and the Crane Truck 8258 - but what do you seasoned Technics collectors think? Which flagship sets are definite must-haves at any price, and which ones could you live without? Thanks!
  4. I was dead set on just the BWE but having seen the Claas tractor, I think I'll have to get the pair. They both look great but for different reasons. It'll be really interesting to see what Lego does for next year's models... They already have enough cranes and trucks.
  5. Surely the first mod is to add an actual working clock in the tower?
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    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    This is my first post here and it's fitting that it's to comment on one of the most astonishing Lego builds I've ever seen. Details, colour scheme, sense of fun… everything is amazing. I dread to think how much this has cost you in time and money, but it was worth it!