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  1. We are the left-overs of nobility. The fourth child, the cousin, the uncle. Far from the line of succession, without hope of ruling lands ourselves. Our brothers might become mighty lords, but we must toil for our own glory. So when the Valyrian came and called for aid against the horrors of Nocturnus, we heard that call. I, Sir Augustus Maneworth, fourth son of Lord Tybolt Maneworth, took it upon myself to lead this expedition. Many of my old friends joined me: Sir Arcas Bearington, strong and boisterous as his namesake. Sir Prester Equinnon, his House renowned for its horsemen. Robin Oakly, common-born but of great standing as a hunter. And many more, from Houses great and small. Together, we would show the monsters of Nocturnus how true Avalonian knights fight, and shower ourselves in glory. Two months ago, we departed from Albion. Such a sight to behold, that was: banners streaming in the wind, sunlight gleaming of swords and shields, destriers snorting in the morning air. Maidens threw flowers and kisses from their balconies, and boys ran alongside us, wishing strength to our arms and swords. For the first weeks, we rode through the Avalonian countryside. We slept in comfortable inns, if we weren’t feasted by the Lords whose castles we passed. Those easy comforts were nowhere to be find when we entered the heartlands of Historica. Here we were thrown back to what we could hunt, as well as the provisions we had taken. No longer did we sleep in feather beds, but in bedrolls on the hard cold ground around a campfire. This we took in stride, as we of course couldn’t expect comfortable beds on our grand adventure. But then, our provisions started to dwindle: we first ran out of honeyed larks, only halfway to the Kelra Labyrinths. Orange cakes soon followed, and the last wine was drunk as the peaks of the Rakath Mountains appeared in the distance. Some started grumbling, unfamiliar with the sensation of not having whatever they want at hand. But we pushed on, even though our meals were down to dried meat, cheese and bread. Looking back, those days were still easy and comfortable. Then, we arrived at the Kelra Labyrinths. That first day, we were full of hope. After navigating the maze, we would only need to cross a mountain pass, and we’d be in Nocturnus. We had a map of the Labyrinths, and were confident that Robin could find the way. The sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky, and though we bones in our path, it couldn’t be dangerous to Avalonian knights, couldn’t it? That dream was brutally ripped from us come nightfall. As the shadows lengthened, breezes started stirring, turning the entire maze in a wind organ. Then, when the sun dipped below the horizon, the howls started. Most of us had heard wolves before, but this was different. Somehow, these sounded cold, malicious. And sometimes, suddenly, a scream would pierce the air. We camped down for the night, lighting torches to keep the howlers away. Eventually, most of us were able to get some sleep, but still the howling rang on. We woke to a cold, clinging mist. Then came a terrifying discovery: the larger part of our party was gone. Of the two score knights that had set out from Albion, only I and a dozen others remained. The others had vanished, with their horses and belongings. Had they gone on without us? Had the howlers gotten them, and taken their belongings away? Or was there an even more mysterious force at work? We continued on through the fog. Robin Oakly remained to us, and we could easily find the way. The following weeks, we traversed the Labyrinths, fighting off monsters of the maze, trying to survive. The landscape was surprisingly varied: from narrow twisting passageways open to the sky, to great complexes of spires and bridges, to entire abandoned cities in the heart of the maze. Who might have constructed this great Labyrinth and for what reason we might never know, but I can’t help but feel in awe of its grandeur and sheer scale. Many of us have passed away, falling to beasts and other hazards. But we pushed on. We are knights of Avalonia. It takes more than a maze of horrors to stop us. In the pictures, the surviving knights are ambushed by a tentacled monster that has hidden itself in a well. Looks like they have to look a bit further for water to drink! I wanted to have a bit of a new take on the maze, and I quite liked the idea of having a city built within the maze, with the streets functioning as passageways. I also liked how it added to the mystery of the maze. The small plaza is surrounded by a (now overgrown) park, some arcades that perhaps hosted shops, and a half-collapsed house. A traveler has already passed this way, and was ambushed as well. He fled into the abandoned house, but found out that he couldn’t leave because of the monster in the well. He soon died of his injuries and thirst. This foreign aid is going to the Black Spire!
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    Nocturnus Minichallenge I: Foreign Aid

    My entry, on the side of the Black Spire: The Lion's Pride
  3. Previous: Wyvern's War Part I: the Ebon Band The Ebon Band, under command of Hector Mithrades, is continuing its march on Wyvern's Reach, where the local ruler and nephew of the Band's second-in-command, Gareth Larconne, has declared for the traiterous Black Spire. The Band is currently encamped a day's march outside the territory of Wyvern's Reach, preparing their assault. Their camp is thrown up around an ancient barrow, one of many that dot the landscape of Nocturnus. Nocturnus' bloodsoaked history has known countless great warriors, mighty warlords and devious sorcerers, many long forgotten. So, too, the barrow on top of which Hector has established his command post. It has been a landmark for as long as the locals can remember, even being remarked by the founder of Wyvern's Reach. Ancient tombs like this are often better left undisturbed. Who knows what horrors might have been left to guard it, or have taken up residence in the centuries since it was built? Unbeknownst to the men and women of the Ebon Band, an ancient warlord known as the Sire of Serpents is interred beneath the smooth black stone of the tomb. He was obsessed with all manner of snakes and lizards, and bred them for war. Great beasts they were, some constricting his enemies by the dozens, others devouring them whole. However, they had one great weakness: they couldn't get over sufficiently high walls, and their Sire had the greatest trouble taking castles and cities. Seeing the might of the aerial dragons, he decided that he would give his beloved creations wings. And so he bred a new breed of lizards that possessed membranes behind their front limbs: the first wyverns were created. After the warlord's fall his great beasts were set free or escaped, and went on to haunt Nocturnus. One of the wyverns took up residence on a mountaintop in the Rakath Mountains, and become known as the great wyvern Cordath. His slaying earned Jericho Larconne the name Wyrmscourge, and on top of his nest was the city of Wyvern's Reach built. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The murmurs stopped as Hector Mithrades entered the tent, followed by lady Cassandra Rothmere. 'Friends, comrades, we've finally reached the lands of the traiterous Aidan Larconne. Within a few days we'll march for the city. But first we should discuss our strategy for taking it. Gareth had a notion on how to make it somewhat... easier. Gareth.' 'Indeed I do. The city is built on top of a mountain. The slopes are steep, nearly impassable, and the only road runs under the walls and is vulnerable for attacks from above. Storming the main gates will undoubtedly result in great losses.' Razgrim, commander of the orcs, scowled at him. 'Are you afraid of some arrows and rocks? Me and my men, we'll storm up that road and take the gates before you humans are done trimming your nails [1].' Gareth sighed. 'And lose the greater part of them. No, my plan will involve us getting inside the walls without needing to storm the gates. See, the mountain Wyvern's Reach is built on is in fact an old, long-dead volcano. Many old tunnels molten rock used to flow through still criss-cross the interior. This is not known to many, in fact it's being kept a secret within House Larconne, so as not to expose our weakness.' He grinned. 'Of course, they never expected someone in House Larconne to want to attack the city from the outside. I know the location of the entrance of a tunnel that will lead to inside the city. My ancestors were cautious enough to close off any tunnels in or out of the main citadel, so we won't get any farther than inside the walls. Once there, we can use the chaos to subdue the Wyvern Guard and, with luck, take the main citadel by surprise.' Razgrim grunted, looking daggers at Gareth, but remained silent. Hector looked around the circle of his commanders, and when none spoke, he continued. 'If we fail to take the citadel by surprise and find the gates closed, we'll still have a trick up our sleeve. Before we enter the city, lady Saelena will go ahead and slip into the citadel. If we find the citadel closed to us, she'll open it for us. After that it'll just be cleaning up.' The commanders remained silent for a while, looking over a map of the city and pondering the strategy laid before them. Then Cyrus Irving spoke up. 'It won't be as simple as that. I don't doubt we'll be able to enter the city and even the citadel, but once inside we'll have to fight the Wyvern Guard in a city guerilla. We'll have to push them back street by street, in a city they know much better than we do. They'll be pouring out of alleys when we least expect it.' Gareth smiled knowingly at him, as if he'd expected the objection. 'That would indeed be a problem. But you forget that we will have the benefit of surprise. They won't be expecting an attack from inside the gates. In addition, our approach has been noted. The Wyvern Guard will be posted at the gate and on the walls to be on guard against an army they think will storm the gates. If we move quickly enough, we will be in and through the tunnels fast enough for them not to notice that we're not headed for the gates. Finally, when we've entered the city, we will make sure they know who we are. There will be plenty of city folk, and guardsmen, that aren't happy with young Aidan joining the Black Spire. If we can offer them an alternative, one that is still of the blood of the Wyrmscourge, some might join our side and many will at least be confused. All this will contribute to the chaos that will allow us to take the city quickly. I will also give you a final warning: you will not kill anyone as long as it's not necessary. That will not help our image as liberators, and we want the city and its army whole. Is that understood? ' He looked around, lingering his gaze on Razgrim. Everyone nodded, even the big orc, though reluctantly. Hector took over again. 'Good. Then on the morrow, we march for Wyvern's Reach.' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1] Orc nails are more claw-like than human nails, and are generally used so often that they don't need trimming. Trimming, to orcs, is a sign of a quiet, peaceful, and civilized life, all of which are disdained. The fact that human nails are relatively weak and fragile and need trimming is just one more reason orcs generally see humans as weaklings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to my latest MOC everyone! I've been gone from the forums for quite a long time as I've been away from my lego a lot, but now I'm back. The latest installment of the Wyvern's War consists of the Ebon Band's encampment near the border of the territory of Wyvern's Reach. It includes a small horse pasture, a couple of cooking fires, a plains orc on cooking duty (making some delicious-looking brown stew), a watchtower, the command tent and an ancient tomb. It's also my first real attempt at landscaping, and I quite like how it turned out. Of course, I'm open to any tips. I really liked building this, the tomb was especially fun. I'd also like to claim UoP credit for this build, in Military Science - Military Camp and Landscape Design - Studs Up Rocks and Cliffs (mostly focusing on the section posted below). Finally, I'm happy to be back on the forums! I hope I'll have more time in the coming months (I'll be where my lego is at more, but university is starting again, so I'll just have to see), and I hope to participate in the two challenges! I already have an idea for the first one.
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    Wyvern's War Part II: War Council

    Hi Hexx, I'd love to have some crossovers storywise! Though I would like to discuss any beforehand, just so we don't start conflicting with the other's intentions
  5. Introducing: the Ebon Band! The Ebon Band is a warband of hardened warriors, loyal to Nocturnus but fighting elsewhere as mercenaries as well. During the Elemental Crisis, the Band was stranded far away from Nocturnus and have missed most of the civil war thus far. They have now returned to join the Resistance, but will first be taking care of their own business: the conquest of Wyvern's Reach. The Ebon Band is led by Hector Mithrades, a former Kaliphlin soldier dishonourably discharged for savagery on the battlefield. He left the lands of his birth and traveled to Nocturnus, where he found his place in a warband. Over the years he climbed up through the ranks to become its commander. Hector is a fierce warrior and relishes the thrill of battle. He is always in the forefront of the fighting, leading by example. Hector's second-in-command is Gareth Larconne, a grizzled veteran swordsmaster. He is Hector's main advisor when it comes to strategy. The Larconne family is old and renowned, tracing its ancestry back to Jericho 'Wyrmscourge' Larconne, who slayed the great wyvern Cordath and built the moutaintop city of Wyvern's Reach over its nest. Gareth was born a second son, and had always lived in his older brother's shadow. Because of this he left Wyvern's Reach and joined the Ebon Band, long before Hector would become its leader or would even join. A few years ago, Gareth's brother died and his son took over as Lord of Wyvern's Reach. When the Obsidian Spire rose in rebellion, this young Aidan Larconne joined them. Gareth, loyal to Nocturnus, pleaded with Hector to take the Band to fight his nephew. The prospects of battle, serving Nocturnus and the addition of the Wyvern Guard, the army of Wyvern's Reach, were enough reason for Hector, and he committed the Band. They recently passed into the Darklands again, and are now marching on the eastern Rakath Mountains, were the mountain stronghold of the Larconne family is located. A significant part of the Ebon Band's fighting forces consists of orcs, led by the fearsome Razgrim Bearflayer. Well-armed orcs fill out most of the warband, but a number of heavily armoured Clawed Berserkers and Stalkers can also be found. Other infantry units include the Ebon Blades, the elite heavy infantry of the band. They are led by Cyrus Irving who, it is whispered, has fled Avalonia after killing his entire stepfamily. He was born the only son of a noble house, and was raised to follow in his father's footsteps. In his youth, he lost his mother, and his father remarried. She had her own sons though, and boundless ambition. When Cyrus' father died as well, Cyrus was still too young to take over as Lord, and his stepmother took that place. Cyrus was shoved aside in favor of his stepbrothers and was eventually reduced to stablehand. After years of callous treatment and festering resentment, Cyrus murdered his stepfamily in their sleep and fled the castle. Cyrus himself is silent on the matter, but he has a clear dislike of nobles, which often causes him to clash with Gareth. The infantry is further filled out by a small regiment of Avalonian crossbowmen that had joined the band after their army was smashed during the Elemental Crisis. They have been somewhat uncomfortable with the method of operations of Hector and the Band, but have still decided to come along to Wyvern's Reach, if only to work against the Obsidian Spire. The Ebon Band's scouts and outriders are a group of orcs from a plain-roaming tribe. They have joined the Band in the hope of bringing back spoils and glory to their tribe. They fight from horseback with spear and shortbow and are best at harrying actions. Their leader is Graedo Greataxe, who, in contrast to his fellow tribesmen, fights with a massive double-bladed axe. Rounding out the Band's main fighting forces is a unit of heavy cavalry led by Cassandra Rothmere, an unusually fierce Avalonian Lady who had run away from her life as a noble and had become a mercenary. In the Band as well are the Kobold brothers Klabward (left) and Hufward (right). Both are exceptionally ill-tempered and are often avoided by the other members of the Band. They are still valuable members, as Klabward is a veritable storm of pointed steel balls on the battlefield and Hufward keeps an eye on the Band's treasury and documents. (which no one else is willing to do, they're warriors, not scribes!) As avoided as the Kobold brothers is the eerie beastmaster Hir. No one knows what has caused his horrifying visage, and no one cares to know. But he is an exceptional trainer of beasts of war, such as the troll he is depicted with. Deregrim Kraghide is the Band's engineer, building catapults, rams or siege towers when necessary. He is helped by his two Shraliek (I'd come up with these seperately from Legonardo, but thought I should use the name as the tribes are canon) helpers. Finally, the Band also includes a mage and an assassin. Lucio Zintoya is about an average mage. He can hurl a fireball when needed, he can heal deadly wounds, but he won't be summoning any creatures or raise the dead. Which is fine, as some members of the Band are distrusting of magic as is and they are managing fine. Saelena Hacim is a mysterious assassin, who keeps her face wrapped in black cloth at all times and only shows two blazing blue eyes and pale white skin. No one knows what exactly she is, but none care. Thus far, she has succeeded on every mission given to her, from opening the gates of a city to silently dispatching a well-guarded noble, no matter how impossible it seemed. And finally, a shot of the entire Ebon Band so far! I hope to get some more figs together, there are only two heavy cavalry figs... Anyways, what do you guys think? I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, and I quite like the cart.
  6. Welcome to Nocturnus, Hexx! Your cult looks amazing, my Ebon Band is looking forward to facing them in battle!
  7. Wow that is an amazing-looking cult! I love the story behind this! The cult looks very creepy, and the infiltrators give me the shakes Very cool build!
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    Wyvern's War Part II: War Council

    Thank you guys for all the feedback! I really appreciate it. I did struggle with a shortage of parts, which is why the cliff is in two different colors and why I used the big prefab rock pieces, and why the ground color transitions so often. But I'll keep the curvier landscape lines in mind!
  9. I'd like to claim credit in the categories Military Science - Military Camp and Landscape Design - Studs Up Rocks and Cliffs in the following build: Wyvern's War Part II: War Council
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    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Greetings Avalonians, I was planning to enter some of the mini-challenges, and for one idea I wanted to make a couple of Avalonian characters who are members of some major or minor noble houses. I'm in Nocturnus myself, so I can't claim land in Avalonia. Is it okay if I make up some noble houses in an unspecified region of Avalonia? The characters are only for the challenge for now, but might show up later in other Nocturnus builds, and I won't be intruding too much in Avalonia (I won't be doing anything with their homes, for example). Arcturus
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    [UoP DoH] Medieval House

    It's been a while since I posted my last MOC, I've been busy with exams and figuring out some photography stuff. I've been working on a pretty generic medieval house, mostly to try out some techniques and just get some practice building in general. I'd like to submit this build to the University of Petraea, but since it's not really related to the Guilds I thought I'd post it here. The categories I'd like to submit in are Roofing, Roof Rakes and Interior Design. Now on to the build: A general shot of the front. I intended to plate up the roof, but the interior floors ate all my brown plates... Other shots of the exterior, also focusing on the rakes. I also tried timber framing on the upper floor. The interior, featuring a bookcase, desk, bed, table and larder. Critique and tips are appreciated, this has really been a learning thing Arcturus
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    [UoP DoH] Medieval House

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! I really appreciate all the helpful tips. I'll be sure to remember them for my next build!
  13. I'm confused now... Is a build eligible if it's posted in the GoH forum, or if it's related to the guilds?
  14. It looks amazing! Very unique concept
  15. Aw too bad... The starting thread said builds could also be posted in the Historic subforum, which is why I assumed it didn't have to be in GoH. Oh well, still learned a lot from the build
  16. Arcturus24 (Sigfig Hector Mithrades) MOCs Pending: Wyvern's War Part II: War Council; Military Science - Military Camp, Landscape Design - Studs Up Rocks and Cliffs MOCs Approved: None
  17. I posted an MOC - I'd like to get certifications in Roofing, Roof Rake and Interior Design.
  18. Welcome Sunder! May Remington write many songs on the victory and glory of the Nocturnus Resistance!
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    Edelwald Troops

    Nice army Isundir! Those long lances are very clever. I also know the struggle of too few figs, my own Ebon Band has four of a type at most as well. I'd love to see how Edelwald develops!
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    [MOC] Wyvern's War Part 1: the Ebon Band

    I added Cyrus' background, it is sort of a dark twist on Cinderella. For those who don't want to search through the first post: It is whispered that Cyrus Irving has fled Avalonia after killing his entire family. He was born the only son of a noble house, and was raised to follow in his father's footsteps. In his youth, he lost his mother, and his father remarried. She had her own sons though, and boundless ambition. When Cyrus' father died as well, Cyrus was still too young to take over as Lord, and his stepmother took over. Cyrus was shoved aside in favor of his stepbrothers and was reduced to stablehand. After years of callous treatment and festering resentment, Cyrus murdered his stepfamily in their sleep and fled the castle. Cyrus himself is silent on the matter, but he has a clear dislike of nobles, which often causes him to clash with Gareth.
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    (MOC) Orc Fortress

    Very cool build! I love how it's build into the rock!
  22. Arcturus24

    [MOC] Wyvern's War Part 1: the Ebon Band

    Thanks for the kind replies! Yeah, I wanted to insert a somewhat dark backstory in there, but couldn't come up with anything good, so I skipped that to do later... and then I forgot and posted already. I'll think about it some more and add it once I'm done
  23. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm currently working on the Band itself, I'll put that up as soon as it's done. That will probably also become a story like those of Faladrin and Exetrius, and later I'll also probably enter Wyvern's Reach into the settlement task. And now, back to building ;)
  24. Hector Mithrades breathed in deeply and savored the smell of sulfur in the air. 'Finally. It seemed like that maze was never going to end. I swear, that thing grows everytime you cross.' Gareth Larconne nodded. 'It is good to be back. We're one step closer to punishing that treacherous nephew of mine! I can't thank you enough for lending me the strength of the Ebon Band, my old friend.' 'Your gratitude is not necessary. We would be coming here to fight the Black Spire anyway, and if we can add the strength of the Wyvern Guard to that of the Band, all the better.' A small smile played around his lips as he watched the soldiers of the Band file past. They might have missed most of the fighting of the civil war, but they were here now and it would be known. He turned around toward the horses, gesturing to Gareth. It was time the Ebon Band joined the fray. Hector Intro by Arcturus24, on Flickr ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone! I'll be joining Nocturnus, and I'm bringing the Ebon Band to strengthen the Nocturnian resistance! The Ebon Band is a warband under the control of Hector Mithrades (the guy with the hood in the picture, and my sigfig). During the Elemental Crisis, the Band was stranded far from Nocturnus, and has missed most of the civil war. Now they've returned, and with a mission! Gareth Larconne, the Band's second-in-command, has received word that his nephew, the young lord of Wyvern's Reach, has joined the Black Spire. He has convinced Hector to help him bring his nephew to justice, and now the Band is bearing down on Wyvern's Reach, the ancient mountain stronghold of the Larconne family (located in the Rakath Mountains). Although I've been a lego fan for most of my life, I've never been a very good builder. I'm trying to improve now, and the little scene in the story is my first build since deciding to do so. (constructive feedback is more than welcome ;) ) I've looked at a couple of open building tasks, but am somewhat confused by them. Age of Mitgardia seems only open to Mitgardians, and although the Historican settlement thread has 'Avalonian' in it, all guilds are represented. Then there is the Nocturnus warlord build, which seems to have been rather inactive of late. And there is the University of Petraea, which is open to everyone. Which of these are open to Nocturnians, and have I missed any? Anyway, I'm very stoked about joining GoH and Nocturnus, and hope to contribute in the future! Have a good day/evening/whatever-part-of-the-day, my fellow Nocturnians! Arcturus24
  25. That is one huge factory! Love all the little details, and the completeness of it. It really contains everything such a factory would!