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  1. 42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    I think it just took awhile for someone to change it, looks fine now on my phone/desktop.
  2. Oh, missed that, my bad.
  3. This post is from 1010 (8 years old), and the OP was last on Eurobricks last November, chances are they aren't around anymore.
  4. 42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    Wow, looks pretty cool, me likey! By the way, I think It's 42081, not 42071.
  5. Where to get RC parts?

    I'll probably just get it off Bricklink, I just hope one closer to Canada becomes available, pretty much everything is in Europe.
  6. Where to get RC parts?

    The thing is I already have one M & L motor, and 2 battery packs. What I need is some IR, a servo, and at least one other L, or an XL(s), not to mention suspension/lifted drivetrain (is that the correct phrase?) parts, so going by what everyone else is saying, I think I'll get the 9398.
  7. Where to get RC parts?

    I just want some suggestions, and try to figure out something from there, and I thought the best place to ask about the best way/best place to get trial truck parts would be the spot where there are so many awesome truck designers.
  8. Hi, I want to make some RC trucks, but I need some suspension pieces, and motors, I was looking at buying 9398, but I'm not sure if it's the best choice, I own both the CLAAS, and MB-Arocs, and a large amount of most standard parts, I was thinking of buying just the PF, portal hubs, and those ball joint frames + their connectors, but it ended up being about $110 CAD, and at that point I may as well buy the whole set, I personally would like to get a Buwizz instead of the IR, but It's about $196 CAD, so It's almost as expensive as a 9398, and I've heard not so good things about SBrick's android compatibility. Thanks for your time.
  9. Welp, finished the crane truck, unfortunately, while it didn't look too bad, the functions did not work well, I'm debating on whether to upload the pics.

    My next MOC is going to be a Mindstorms NXT trial truck - after I *groans* organize my LEGO, wish me luck!

  10. Well, I made my first truck that didn't look too bad a a week ago, and since then I've been working on & off on a crane truck, I'm loving the parts I got from my CLASS, and the various gears, shifters, etc have really helped grow my collection, I'm also saving up for Agust, as the flagship looks like it could be pretty good, but even if it isn't all I thought it would be, I'll just buy another model, It's a win-win. :sweet:

  11. [MOC] Battery Drill with all the functions

    Found this via the mention on the other thread, wow, this looks awesome, very clean, and the colours look pretty nice too.
  12. Welp, following the advice earlier, I ordered the CLASS, should be here this coming Thursday, it's gonna make some cool MOCs... On-topic.. The crane looks interesting, I don't know what to think yet, unfortunately the photo has been taken down. There wasn't a photo, what would make you think that? P.S. Can I be vice-president of the S.H.A Maaboo35?
  13. Well, I only really want to get one set (my wallet does actually), so It's gonna be one, or the other.
  14. So, are there picture you guys have been looking at? I'm torn between waiting to see what 2H is bringing, or whether to get the CLASS Xerion from 2016.
  15. Now this looks like an interesting contest... I think my first MOC after my months long haitus will be an entry, I've got me some i-D-as!