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  1. Hmm, I never knew that, neat tidbit. My next MOC with either be a cool off road machine c model, or a mindstorms robot.
  2. Yeah, I've always liked these types of tractors, seemed it would work good, and the engine is a boxer, 3 cylinders on one side, 3 on the other. Not realistic, but still pretty cool.
  3. Good point, by the way, this is a tractor as in farm equipment, not truck, the cab should've looked more like this: So it could've been taller in hindsight But this cab is a big improvement for me actually, as I'm still working on certain parts of aesthetics as far as MOCs go, and while this tractor I made didn't turn out perfect, I have improved significantly since my last MOCs (take a look at my old one & cringe. :P).
  4. Hi, it looks better in real life, my picture shooting locations kinda suck. I have seen your driller, looks neat.
  5. Hi, this is my C Model for the 42043 - MB Arocs, It's an articulated tractor with a tipping trailer! Tech specs: 1x L Motor 3x Pneumatic cylinders, 2x 11x2 to lift & lower the trailer bed, and a 1x5 cylinder to open & close the trailer flap. 10x Wheels, 8 on the tractor in a dually configuration, & 4 on the trailer. Well, now on to pictures! All pictures & more are available at my BrickLink http://bricksafe.com/pages/XtremeBuilder/c-model-42043---mb-arocs---articulated-tractor--trailer
  6. Hi, real life has been crazy, and I learnt I really suck at making bug things, so this tow truck is on haitus, I have started building a cool tractor instead, almost finished too, pics & topic coming Sunday/Saturday!
  7. 6x6x4 Robot vehicle

    How many motors does this use, and how did you get drive, I see that it looks like 2 motors are used for steering, and 1 for turning the "head" so what about drive?
  8. 6x6x4 Robot vehicle

    Yup, could make a cool rover though...
  9. M.A.N TGX 18.400

    Wow, this looks beautiful! I'm now imagining it in real life with a nice trailer, & cool Volvo loader.
  10. my 8043 mods

    First, please don't bump topics that had their last response 5 years ago. And to answer one question, you can't have it able to do multiple 360 rotations, AND not track walk IIRC, due to the fact of the axles going through the middle.
  11. Oh, RC mods, check the video, and see if you can find a PDF, or link to the authors (possible) website.
  12. OK, I have now basically completely restarted, as the first (almost finished) product was not going to work, so prepare for a new, better rotator. P.S. CLASS-like tractor coming soon™.
  13. UPDATE: OK, so turns out I'm not as good at building frames as I thought. :P I've done a lot of work, nad I'm now nearl back at square one due to not adding a steering system early on. Right now, I have 2 options: Continue, but build a new, better chassis Make a whole new model (I'm wanting to make a tractr; something like the Class set, but smaller, with PTO & a trailer. Thoughts?
  14. Impossible LEGO

    Just drill the 3L axles out with a small drill bit...
  15. I might just take a jab at a bot, can't enter, but I can still have fuuuuuun *insert lightning strike & evil laugh here*.