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    42094 - Tracked Loader

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  1. XtremeBuilder

    19482c01 Pneumatic Pump Fractures

    I bought a Merceds Arocs set off BrickLink awhile back, as I bought it used, I decided to fix it myself, just put some super glue over the affected area, just a tip to any future thread readers who can't get a replacement for whatever reason.
  2. XtremeBuilder

    [WIP] 42043S (RC Arocs 3245 with SBrick)

    OP last visited Eurobricks in 2017, and the last post on this topic was in 2016, chances are, you aren't going to get an answer.
  3. XtremeBuilder

    Driving newer turntable with worm gear

    Are you aware of this part, it can be used to mesh with certain beveled gears, including the new turntable AFAIK.
  4. XtremeBuilder

    [C-MODEL] 42078 - Mobile crane

    This is absolutely amazing, I love cranes (working on one right now), and this looks like a small version of 42009, great job.
  5. XtremeBuilder

    Lego 42069 - D MODEL

    The pictures seem to be broken, but the model looks great, nice job!
  6. XtremeBuilder

    9398 C Model - 4x4 Dune Buggy

    Thanks, and I do agree, it would have been better with proper suspension, I just couldn't figure out how to make it work, without having 2 big springs sticking up behind it.
  7. XtremeBuilder

    General Part Discussion

    Not to mention the fact that it connects with a pinhole.
  8. XtremeBuilder

    Technic Pub

    I am also wondering why we have the default theme.
  9. Here's my latest MOC, a C model for the 4x4 Crawler (9398) set. Features: 4x4 drive achieved by 2 hard coupled L motors, with an overall 1:1 gear ratio 1 Servo motor for steering Pendular rear suspension* Easily remove the battery box by pulling the red pushpin on either white curved panel, pulling the smokestacks out, lifting the roof, pulling the two axle/lift assemblies keeping the BB from sliding around, and pull the BB out. Openable hood LDraw, and Stud.i files available here Notes: I have assembled this physically, didn't take any pictures though. The LDraw file is wonky in spots, such as the rear from the motors, back, and how I couldn't get the back axle tilted to connect the top rods, you should be able to fgure it out though. *not sprung, couldn't fit them on nicely, this this is made to go fast, not rock climb anyways
  10. XtremeBuilder

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    This stuff has already been discussed in the 2018 discussion topic here, and each set actually has a specific topic: 42079 42080 42081 42082
  11. XtremeBuilder

    Technic Pub

    I'm owndering what's going to happen with SBrick, and BuWizz now, with Power Up! coming out, BuWizz has It's own market, but PU! is very close to an SBrick in capabilities, I guess we'll get a new BuWizz & SBrick, but will old PF & 3rd party RC components go up, or down in price is the question.
  12. XtremeBuilder

    Technic Pub

    Bricklink.com, your local Craigslist/Kijiji, local yard sales, and you might find a deal on eBay.
  13. XtremeBuilder

    Where to get RC parts?

    Ended up ordering 9398 off Bricklink, now to wait for it to get here.
  14. XtremeBuilder

    Technic Pub

    Of the 3 sets I've bought, I've done as follows: Build set once. Add to general parts, and make an MOC with my new toy [parts].
  15. Finished sorting my LEGO Technic the other day, so I've started work on a buggy.