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  1. MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    much better,your building is just amazing,everytime i study your builds and Konajara i learn something.have yet to attempt a build with that kind of hull rendering,mostly modular style (USS Missouri/R Y Britannia) but i,m getting there. thanks for showing the builds
  2. MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    outstanding work as always,i just love to see your progress on shipbuilding,just a thought as your way superior to my building but the black fender running fore and aft would look better the same height as the topmost stern fender more in keeping with the deck line, if that makes sense to you.the shape of the deck rising up as you go forward makes for a very hard process ,your pics showing the techniques used are most helpful,i hope to improve my building studying yours cheers Jim
  3. what is it with folk on here defending LEGO as its simply building blocks like cars etc it was started by one and everyone copied it,we dont have a problem with that Lego is just the same,Does anyone on here own or manage Lego etc.IT SHOULD BE ABOUT THE CREATIONS YOU MAKE not this crap about ripping clone bricks to shreds etc. I dont have a problem with any brand of building block,the cheaper the better so I can build and not have to break my models up but because of the price I can afford to keep buying more. I joined this site to look and learn on how to improve my building techniques NOT to be judged on my choice of bricks.now to the REALISTs here I had 10,000 Lego branded pieces which were pure crap,would not stay together kept falling apart so their product is of no better quality than some ofthese cheap chinese knock offs
  4. Car Talk

    my celica GT4 st205 4x4 wide arch work in progress 22yr old
  5. USS Saratoga

    well just to answer your questions here, when i was asked to display the Missouri I did point out it was not built entirely out of lego,but other makes of of blocks were used,as far as the press were concerned it did not matter as with everyones concept of this is its all classed as lego,(just a term that seems used for every ABS building bricks) unlike MR Mellows (whats your problem) here and maybe a few others i dont have shares in lego named brands i just like building with them, but enough is enough with this childish attitude so this will be my last post on here,i will not post anymore builds or the progress with this one which will be finished with whatever building blocks i find most suitable, to quote Vinny Jones *its been emotional*
  6. When is Lego not Lego?

    just out of interest does anyone regard S-BRICK as a lego clone and refuse to use it with lego, i joined this forum to look at amazing builds/techniques etc not to be criticised for what bricks is used.in my MOCs, not sure if this is the right place for this post,but i will make it my last !!!!!!
  7. USS Saratoga

    you know i get this so much,it gets really annoying after a while,if it was ready made pieces i can understand but when its standard pieces 2x4 2x2 2x1 etc flat plates etc,i fail to see the big deal folk make out of clone brick/megabloks etc. but to answer as accuratley as possible 90 % is prob megabloks the rest would be lego technic pieces,tiles,pins connectors,the airplane is mostly lego, now let ma ask WOULD THIS LOOK ANY DIFFERENT IF IT WAS PURE LEGO ??? just to add on the last pic theres 20,000 trans blue round 1x1s so that evens it up a bit
  8. USS Saratoga

    started this last year,not long after the Missouri was featured in the media planned to be around 26 1/2 ft long same scale as the Missouri but run out of room building it,as usual it will be the last modernized version when it had all the AA guns more armour etc endless amount of flat pieces here,i even had to buy a few 1000 lego plates to mix in,you dont really notice them, Grumman Avenger on the flightdeck,working folding wings there will be winches inside for the anchorswith room at a premuim it was left outside and a gale of wind caught hold of it one night had to rebuild it all over again, roughly 10 ft of it is completed now.and 2 aircraft so far,a fair way to go but now its winter can get more done on it again
  9. Crab Boat Northwestern

    Built thia a while back (just after the Britannia with some leftover pieces)
  10. [MOC] HMS Duke of York

    beautiful build,really accurate ,such a smooth look to it,never really understood the concept of 2 x 4 barrel turrets and 1 x 2 barrel turret. love looking at lego warships,love building them too,look forward to the next one
  11. IJN Takao (heavy cruiser)

    Aichi E13A
  12. IJN Takao (heavy cruiser)

    yes your right there,only reason for this is the cost of parts,all the fine detail is lego,but any normal bricks are clones,but i think it all goes together the same,clone bricks are dull so look ok on a warship.
  13. IJN Takao heavy cruiser,this is the build after its last modernization when it had more guns/armour etc,like all WW2 japanese ships more and more armament was added over its lifespan, really enjoyable build as i had most of the pieces lying about,a lot of different techniques used as jap ships are never square,everything has funny angles or curves hull is around 17ft long, torpedo deck 4x4 torpedo launchers and spare torpedos dont normally build the insides but anything open needs to be built incase someone looks inside boats etc,made these in black as opposed to grey,adds a bit of colour superstructure is a challenge,the amount of gear that has been added over the years,i started building as it was originally and adding extras to get it right as it finally was near the the end the war,funnels were the first things to build then the main casing and everything else after that so much crammed into such small spaces,the anount of fire power these cruisers had in their day is unreal conning tower/range finder main superstructure has some amount of angles over its life its had plenty of armour/blast sheilds added making it so much different from when it was first built the deck was pretty easy a lot of pieces saved as japanese ships had a kind of mat over the deck so no tan/grey deck to do TA K AO in hiragna symbols this ship looks massive sitting here but alongside the Missouri it appears quite small
  14. Beam trawler Mooie Meid Z296

    Beam trawler with working winches, 38mtr built 2000 modern beam trawler working deck with automated bins for dropping cod ends into fish etc go up a conveyor under the whaleback for sorting etc bins when not in use
  15. Mussel Dredger Deirdre WD212

    Built this a while ago after being shown aboard the fishing vessel while across in Greencastle Ireland (really nice place) first ship with a complete hull,a nice change and really enjoyable build. state of art fully automated mussel dredger winches below deck working conveyors shallow draughted vessels the name should be smaller but prefer this to a sticker outriggers down for fishing operations these are controlled from the wheelhouse on the real ship as is all the pumps,conveyors etc,