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  1. For those who don't know what I meant by a snow groomer, look at this project on lego- ideas !
  2. I loved 8070 but I would love that Lego stopped on cars for a bit ! It becomes way to repetitive !!! very little new functions and that is what lego is all about !!! Don't take me wrong, I think that the idea of the Bugatti & Porsche is absolutely brilliant as a "UCS-like" serie and one every 2 years seems like a great idea but as a general set... please no ! I don't see them making another car in 2019 as they still have the one from 2018 on sale and they would both concurrence each other, making for poor sales !
  3. Good point but look at all the winter oriented sets that lego system/creator has created in the past and their large successes ! It makes sense but looking at other sets like 42069, BWE, ... it is doable (though not ideal !)
  4. Current large ones are big enough looking at the MOCs...
  5. All good, I have seen quite a few MOCs of the groomers even one on Lego Ideas but unfortunately lego seems to stay away from it for some unknown reasons ! It is a big machine that a lot kids love to play with miniatures and they are always super impressed when they see in real ! You can even get multiple types of front and back attachement like they did on the claas and the unimog I remember this set but I am hinting towards a PF set even maybe a flagship !!!
  6. 42069 is NOT a snowcat. A snowcat, also called a groomer, is a machine used to groom the slopes of a ski resort, it got a front blade similar to the blade of the B model of 42054 but with monted a ball joint in the front for more angles, it also have a finisher in the back that spins to break big chunks and smoothen the slopes + some of them have a winch care arm mounted on a turntable in the back of the cab so they can pull themselves up steep slopes while pushing the snow up ! You can even have the cab tilting forward so you have direct access to the v8 engine below ! Great exemple here : But thanks, I do know what 42069 is as I own one !
  7. With all that talk about crawler and large track bases, what abput a snow cat with a winch. It could have some amazing functions that for once would be different than the usual cranes and cars !
  8. FYI 42057, 42058, 42059 & 42060 are now available on the Canadian Lego S@h. just in time before the Christmas madness period starts !
  9. Looks like the same blue than 42055...
  10. Official TLG sets only, in my mind
  11. Intrigued by the boat too. I don't think throwing tracked racer would be a snowmobile as we got 42021that was pretty recent !
  12. I guess that's just the 1h right ? Also are these price in USD or € ?
  13. If you higher up in this thread you will find a video proving it does as well as a pretty good explanation of how BWE excavators work in the field. In that instance, I find the BWE pretty realistic!
  14. Why all that interest around cars & trucks, if TLG wants to attract more and more people they need to diversify and get big sets that are out if the ordinary ! Look at this year technic 2H, Ucs put apart, the sets are very different than simple cars or trucks. They are looking for function that have a point to be PF and I really don't think that PF opening doors or hood will attract a lot of new people ! I also agree that it may be too early to have a new CLAAS or any agriculture machine as Ondra has already pointed above. This is just my 2 cents !
  15. I might have mis-explained myself. TLG worked with 4 companies so far and the fact they released 2 Mercedes trucks and 2 Volvo machines does not mean they will logically follow any pattern and release another Class or Porsche in the same idea. For Mercedes, I think that it is just 2 really nice truck that happened to be originating from the same company. For Volvo, as somebody already pointed, it was the idea of TLG to do a Wheeled excavator and they happened to choose the Volvo as they worked with them before. The 2nd collaboration with Volvo looks more like a consequence of an idea than the actual origin of one ! One can still keep its hope up though ! I juSt don't think there are any rules of thumb here !
  16. I really don't think that TLG cares about any pattern from every company ! Mercedes and Volvo both happen to have very good models! I don't see any other companies with technic sets otherwise --- Just relized in Canada for $229.99 + tax... If anybody knows of a better deal in Canada, my wallet will say thanks !
  17. Just got relized in Canada for $329 + tax... If anybody knows of a better deal in Canada, my wallet will say thanks !
  18. Exactly what I am waiting for !!! Any other spot where you get your sets in Canada, Dr_Spock ? I asked on the general technic discussion tab but didn't get much else than S@h & TRU !
  19. Good idea ! That way it would prevent clogging this thread with unrelated 2017 stuff !
  20. From my understanding there is no PF on the silage plow
  21. Somebody mentioned a shop in Vancouver that has very limited types of sets but who usually do great discounts. I think they only stock the flagships and other big sets. I can't recall their name though... I thought somebody would!
  22. Sorry Jim if this is not meant to be posted here... To all the Canadians here, where do you buy your sets ? What is the cheapest place to have the best deals on Lego ? Thanks!
  23. I am just saying let's try to be original and not come back to the same old models every 3-5 years... and let some other ones on the side while they could be great new sets. There has been plenty of very different sets idea already !