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  1. What a masterpiece design! I love it
  2. Maybe you can contact LEGO for help, also. Maybe they would say that they will offer you some replacement parts....
  3. move5

    [MOC] Peterbilt 579

    Why don't you fill the grill with all black and use white strings for the stripes? The LBG half liftarms are too wide for the stripes...
  4. @Jeroen Ottens Well, then I will work on implementing the 42054 mechanism.. Btw a commission from Mercedes? That is awesome !!! I hope that day comes in my technic life, too
  5. @Lipko I am also concerning about the slack, but as I said earlier, I want to try it first and I will tell you if it failed or not. Btw, I also currently have no idea how to put the 42054 steering mechanism into a independent-suspension car
  6. What a coincidence! I hope to make something different from your gt r, so could you upload some wip pictures? Not only I but everyone would love to see them. It'll have some gears, but not too much to make big friction. I'll try first, even if it fails. And even if it fails, I'll somewhen find a solution.
  7. 1. I chose the 8 speed gearbox as a core of this model, so I will never give up on using it. 2.@Jeroen Ottens, Currently I have a solution not to touch the wheel but only no time to implement it. So I find no reason to redesign the whole gearbox, which is operating well. Also, I need the spaces in the back not filled because I would like to add a convertible mechanism there. Btw, do you mean that you were also building an amg gt r? 3. The steering axle will go all the way to the back in the yellow area, and the switch will be on the back. FYI, I'm not using the same switch as the xerion tractor- I'm planning to use 42056's d-n-r selctor mechanism, which will be modified to be able to be changed only when the steering axle is at the original angle, which means it will be only changed when the steering wheel is at the original position.
  8. Thanks, @steph77. Problem solved. However, another problem arose. A huge one. I just built a simple front axle prototype, and...... Oh My God. the wheel touches the shifting mechanism..... To keep this model in scale, I have to redesign the shifting mechanism. A lot of work to do....... Btw, this model is going to have rear wheels steered also. (able to choose between either go the same way was the front wheels or the other way)
  9. I tried a shifting mechanism that I thought of myself, but it didn't work well. So I decided to use @Didumos69's paddle shift used in his ultimately playable 42056. So I made a quick replica of his mechanism, but it doesn't work. After one shift, the center knob isn't in the right angle. So I have to rotate it a bit for the next shift. What's wrong with it? Did I miss something?
  10. This is gonna be fun! Btw, first korean I saw here (except me)!
  11. @I_Igor Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, (as I'm not so good at english) but are you saying that we must not call them connecting rod?
  12. @tomek9210 as @AkiyamaWatarusaid, the transmission is at the rear axle. (from but @AkiyamaWataru, the engine is not in the black area. see this: (from