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    Brickworld 2022 after 3 years of waiting... It's here.

    Excited to see this continue, and to see everyone again. I will look forward to consuming many a bread sticks with my fellow eurobrickians!
  2. Silver.Smith

    [MOC] The Guard Dogs

    With every growl, a castle protected. With every bark, a hooman saved. Without our fierce and furry defenders the world would be a dark, scary place. Gratitude to all the gud doggos of the world. @Evensong and I worked together to create this vignette of our doggos Oliver and Dutch. They protect us from every person taking a walk by our house, from the mail man delivering a package, and every dog that dares to sniff our grass. Without them, we would be defenseless, helpless to help ourselves. They see themselves as the defenders of their castle and we love them for it, even if we find their barking somewhat tiresome. Check out more from us (Midwest Builders) on Instagram and Flickr.
  3. Silver.Smith

    [MOC] Medieval Haunted House

    Do minifigs celebrate Halloween in the Castle era? We at Midwest Builders say yes! Our most recent MOC built for Brickworld Virtual as seen in the Eurobricks channel features kiddos trick-or-treating at the evil wizard's haunted house. Two boys dressed as a troll and a knight run away after collecting their juicy (most definitely not poisoned apples) while the girl's dressed up as a princess and witch get their treats. Check out more photos of the build in our Medieval Haunted House Album.
  4. Silver.Smith

    [MOC] Medieval Haunted House

    Thanks for all of the kind comments everyone. It was a joy to build!
  5. To the delight of the children of Albion the local flower merchant shows off a bit of her magic. How a commoner flower vendor knows this ancient magic, no one knows. And she has drawn more onlookers than just children. Sir Henry Drake on horseback is intrigued, his interest piqued. More concerning is the rogue in the background standing by the inn. What are his intentions? Why is he at this place at the exact moment she cast her spell for the children?... A Guilds of Historica build - Guild of Avalonia - Trade District of Albion Flickr Album Link
  6. Silver.Smith

    [MOC] A Little Bit of Magic - Trade District of Albion

    Thanks for all of the kind words all. It's good to be back building for GoH again!
  7. Silver.Smith

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Sir Henry Drake of Avalonia Thought lost for many years, he turned up unexpectedly in the capital city of Albion, having not aged a single day. At first seen in glimpses around Albion, and thought just a ghost or rumor, he has materialized in full daylight to the surprise of onlookers. Before he disappeared his was extremely loyal to the Guild of Avalonia, but since he has returned so unexpectedly, no one is sure what his intentions are.
  8. Silver.Smith

    [MOC] HGTV Dream Home 2019

    Howdy all! For this year's Brickworld 2019, I decided to build the HGTV 2019 Dream Home from Whitefish, Montana. First time really building anything town related as I am mostly a castle builder. Anywho, enjoy!
  9. Thanks Dale! Good to see you again as usual. And looking forward to Brickworld 2020.
  10. Silver.Smith

    Brickworld Chicago 2018

    I am fairly sure my family is wondering if they have a Dad/Husband anymore, I've been "clicking" bricks non-stop for the past month, I even took some time off next week just to build.
  11. Silver.Smith

    Brickworld 2017!

    I'll be back as well. Finished one of my builds about 20% on the other.
  12. Silver.Smith

    Noriach, summer palace of House Chorian

    Amazing my friend! So glad I got to see this in person.
  13. Silver.Smith

    Nordheim Farmhouse

    Very nice lots of great character!
  14. Silver.Smith

    Nordheim Docks

    Nice work building in the snow, that is always a difficult task to pull off!
  15. Silver.Smith

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Since the Nexo Knights look like a terrible replacement for the fantasy era castle I purchased some actual fantasy era sets including the Troll Battle Wheel and the Final Joust along with a chess set.
  16. Silver.Smith

    Brickworld Chicago Countdown and Events Thread.

    +1 for pizza I will be there this year again! (3rd year! yay!). I too have been struggling to find time to complete my build. I did a marathon session last weekend and will do the same this weekend to get things done in time. I swear I have put on 5 pounds in the last month due to doing nothing but sitting by my LEGO building desk and clicking breaks. I broke out of my castle building this year, though there is a castle section in my creation. As for cosplay I will be dressing up as a tall 30-something midwesterner. Does anyone have a brick etcher that can make a eurobricks badge brick so we can identify each other? I'd be willing to kick some $$$ toward it. Or maybe we could bring some stickers with eurobricks printed on it. Anyway, I will be in the WISLUG area, I'm the tall guy and my display is called "a city through time". Hit me up for a Bricknerd sticker or brick (if I can find them). -Philip Straatsma
  17. I believe a good time was had by all at Brickworld including the pizza party night. Man was that Chicago deep dish some good stuff! I look forward to seeing everyone and their builds again next year! -Philip (Knight's Forest Castle Display Guy)
  18. Silver.Smith

    WoN Phase III: The Hinterlands

    I for one love it. I love all these MOCs lately that tell stories and depart from the traditional castle theme. I love the (anti?) heroes who are not just knights, but undead, vampires, warlocks and rogues. Keep the good work coming!
  19. Silver.Smith

    Dragon Keep- Collab Display Part II

    I could stare at this thing for hours, so many great details. Nice work
  20. Silver.Smith

    GoH on Lego Fan Events

    I will be at brickworld this year again and displaying a castle. Not sure if it will be GoH branded or not, I have been out of the GoH loop for the past few months. Either way stop by and say hi and I will try and swing around to find you all. If you are displaying what is your MOCs name? Mine is Knight's Forest Castle. I'll have some bricknerd stuff sitting out so you should be able to track me down by that.
  21. I'll be there again this year bringing another display, a little bit smaller than last year, but hopefully more detailed. I've been working around the clock to finish it up. I am mostly looking forward to the pizza and to see what Dale has added to his massive display, I seriously could spend just one day looking at that thing!
  22. Nice work, another clean build!
  23. I'd love some more sets like the Medieval Market, or some yellow elf sets.
  24. Silver.Smith

    What's your latest acquisition?

    I picked up The Hobbit: The Goblin King Battle on clearance @ Meijer for $59.99 :)