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    New World coastal defenses, 19th century clipper ships, rum
  1. Admiral of the Red

    Fort Brighton East

    Wow!!! Great job! Your eye for detail, seen in the cathedral, once again shows itself I might've used more colors in the walls instead of relying solely on the tile "stones" to break it up, but as always, an inspirational update! Love the shutters on the second one, btw.
  2. Admiral of the Red

    The Governors Office

    I like the design of the heraldry flag holder, but maybe the fireplace should be a bit larger? Great vig!
  3. Admiral of the Red

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    Nice! Rare colors and new pieces!! The pet shop is extremely cute, what with the flowers and all
  4. Admiral of the Red

    MOC: "A Pirate's Life For We"

    Cute little cottage, and great idea overall! The photography is excellent on these, btw
  5. Admiral of the Red

    Fort "De Ruyter"

    Nice! I like the story progression, and that crane is very impressive Maybe you could texture the walls of the tower the same way you did the docks? You could probably do this easiest by brickbuilding it instead of using the LEGO castle panels; just an idea
  6. Admiral of the Red

    WIP The Hesperides

    Thanks for the suggestions!! Hoexbroe's clipper is a thing of beauty but his technique is a lot more brick intensive (resulting in a much longer ship) so I'll have to see if I can afford to make it sleeker I hadn't thought of not using the top section; thanks for the idea! Thanks! Will do
  7. Admiral of the Red

    WIP The Hesperides

    Thanks for the suggestion, Admiral! I'll be looking forward to working on this
  8. Admiral of the Red

    PotC - Jack chased by Cannibals!

    Is the cannibal on the far left a zombie?! Great job with the minimalist effects!
  9. Admiral of the Red

    WIP The Hesperides

    Hi there!!! I've been testing some techniques for the past week or so, but haven't really had the time to really work on it (that'll change when the summer comes ) I'd like to thank Perfectionist and Captain Green Hair for their techniques (you can see where), and as my inspirations for emerging from my dark age... Anyway, these are some WIP shots taken from my phone at school So here we have a full shot: I haven't decided yet whether to include an interior as well. Mostly I've been working on the bow: Which looks like this head-on: Here you can see the line which runs down the length of the ship: I've had some trouble with the stern; I didn't want to use this technique in the bow because it looked too "clunky" to me Well, that's it for now, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!!
  10. Admiral of the Red

    Full sized Lego classic space helmet

    At first I thought it was a ski helmet with heat-trapping padding and snow-glare-filter haha I'd totally buy it, even if it annoyingly read out everything I turn my head towards
  11. Admiral of the Red

    Clone turbo Tank

    That is just epic; I can't believe it only took you a few weeks! Great job, especially on those massive wheels and the realistic detail work
  12. Admiral of the Red

    Pirates Of The Caribbean Themed Vigs

    I love the look of your vigs; they're so polished, and the only places with studs visible are meant to have them be seen; really shows the effort you put in, great job!
  13. Admiral of the Red

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    Wow great job on the bow! It looks lots better than using 1x4 hinge plates to make the curve. Also, using 1x2 hinges for the tumblehome is, as you're sure to have found out already, really expensive Oh well, it looks great, so you can't complain, am I right? The only thing I would recommend is more of a curve near the bow, but otherwise from bow to stern it's a nice gradual decrease in diameter.
  14. Admiral of the Red

    Happy Birthday Captain Blackmoor

    YAY! Happy Birthday!!
  15. Admiral of the Red

    [MOC] Triforce Speeder

    I'm loving the modularity of the speeder.. and also how it's split into three parts