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  1. Zeon

    Modular little village house

    I like the colors (and the shape, and the whole moc) maybe the only thing I would change is the frameless big window plane. I love the plants and the fence too ! Can't wait to see the interiors. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Zeon

    MOC - Fairground accessories

    Great ideas, I like the mobile ice cream stand the most. I'll have to make a classic town take on it and "motorize" my 6601 somehow :) Thanks for sharing!
  3. Great start and great finishing! I love the roof with the snot part that reminds me of the Fabuland roofs :) My favourite room is the kid's room, you have some nice ideas that I could use someday :) You mentioned you'll re-do the rooms someday. What's wrong with them?
  4. Zeon

    MOD: 10197 Fire Brigade XL 64 studs wide

    Hello! I'm curious what you could come up with the interior, don't tease us, show! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Zeon

    MOC: Caravans

    Both of them are great! I can't wait to see them furnished. I do realize that they are intended for a trailer park, but do you have any cars that can tow them? When you have more trailers, show them! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Zeon

    Fairground Dodgems

    This is a very well tought and cute addition to the fairground! I like the color scheme and the ticket booth + the mobility of it all. My only suggestion would be to find a use for the axles when it's delpoyed. For example a flagpole for the ticket booth :) (I admired the efficiency of the part usage with the official set, it adds a bit of playability to occupy the little hands deploying and dismantling the set.) Thanks for sharing!
  7. Well, you can go both classic and modular as did I :) Classic LEGO modular my layout, however is lacking space, so usually they sit on my shelf behind my working desk and packed up in the closet. We only assemble them when playing on the floor. Home office
  8. Don't forget he does it on a monster machine that would cost you half a kingdom with a software that is both hard to use and expensive :) He promised to write up some guidance as soon as he can make his filters or effects and scripts right.
  9. Zeon

    Some furniture I made

    Cute details, can't wait to see the house :) Thanks for sharing!
  10. Zeon

    Newspaper Kiosk - LDD MOC

    Great looking MOC and a great idea, even with playability! One question however, do the lone 1x1 plate will hold the roof? Maybe I just over-worry as a father with too much emphasis on swooshability :)
  11. Zeon

    [MOC] Chipotle Mexican Grill Modular

    Wow do they have some diverse customer base :) Nice MOC with great details!
  12. Zeon

    REVIEW 60056 Tow Truck

    Thanks for the review, it settled the matter for me, I have to get one :)
  13. Zeon

    MOC: Department Store

    I love the town/city atmosphere here and for me, it beats the modulars :) There are still place for improvement, but that's the nice about Lego, isn't it? I was wondering what advice to give regarding the exterior, but most of them were mentioned before. A relatively easy and spare part friendly solution could be that you add one extra brick width to one of the floors that would stick out toward the front. (Like with these ones: , but not that drastic, one brick could do it) It could work with any of the floors, you could play around and try. Thanks for sharing :)
  14. I always enjoy to read the background story/building reasoning behind a MOC, so I can't wait to see the follow up :) Thanks for sharing!
  15. Zeon

    MOD - Grand Emporium billboard

    Actually it's a very good idea to keep fiddling with your "done and on display" sets or MOC over the time and change them a little. You just made me think what should we tweak on our town with my son :) Thanks for sharing!