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  1. I prefer the 8285 myself and it does look like. Good size set, with 8110 I sort of like it but it seems to be one of them must have sets even though there's a lot of other sets I prefer more
  2. It does and the Porsche really stands out as being massive. Debating one larger set for the gap at the time but can't decide between 8285 or 8110
  3. They don't have set numbers as far as I'm aware as they aren't Lego sets as such, the sets are created by brightbricks using genuine Lego bricks, I got mine from (Maidenhead aquatics) although they will only send out to the U.K. They may be distributed to other countries though but not 100% sure.
  4. Here's a few pics of most of my collection there's a few other bits that aren't technic also but the majority is. Starting to run out of room in my office now though
  5. Spanner28

    Reefscape model series

    Just picked up a built a few of these sets, Just need to think about buying the rest of them now. Favorite so far is the Lionfish set as its cool that you can move the spines and fins around to how you want them.
  6. Spanner28

    Reefscape fish

    Yeah was aware they weren't sold by Lego, wonder what the long term prospects for them are value wise then. There is only a relatively small number made of each and prices are already High on Amazon or eBay compared to what you can buy them for. Wonder if they will gain value or whether they don't have much of a market due to being specific interest ?
  7. Spanner28

    Reefscape fish

    Thanks, doesn't seem like many people have invested in these Sets then, wonder if that's through lack of knowledge about them as there's not many places that sell them or other reasons
  8. Spanner28

    Reefscape fish

    these are the sets i am referring to in case anyone isn't familiar with them
  9. Spanner28

    Reefscape fish

    Hi, does anyone know anything much about the Reefscape series of fish, been debating them for a little while and am wondering about their collectibility as there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of information on them on here or other forums. Anyone collect them or bought any ?
  10. Spanner28

    Show us your Working Place

    Not a lot of mocing at the moment just enjoying building sets, build area doubles as an office for doing bits and bobs and keyboard can be moved to have decent space for building with built sets next to and above the desk