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  1. lech

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    Very nice build CP5670, especially the triangle-base geometry is something that you do not see everyday. It gives a very aggressive look :) I will have to try this in my next space-related build. BR lech
  2. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Many thanks Rubblemaker! The internal connections have changed several times during the development of this build. I was struggling for a long time to provide enough support to minimise the bending - each wing contains more than 2600 elements. Unfortunately inserting a single beam inside was not an option because connections between each subassemblies and external panels had to be at very specific places in order to obtain the right color-blocking. Nonetheless the wings by itself will hold but the will bend. In order to prevent this there are several supports (gold things that look like a spider's legs). Because each one of them supports the wing at a slight angle, the wing rest on them or when the ship is turned upside down they pull it up. This spider was a necessity to keep this ship in one piece but it also aligned quite nicely with the idea of thermo-dump panels that I wanted to incorporate from the beginning :) Again many thanks for your feedback! BR lech
  3. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Many thanks Curbthetide! I also had that problem when I was building everything starting from the inside and moving to the outside. A really good advice is to start building from the outside. Make single sub-assemblies that have the right geometry and fit more or less together. Then try to connect them and in the result you will have a shell that just needs reinforcements. Which problem will require to rebuild almost everything but it is just the way it goes :) Again thanks for your feedback! BR lech
  4. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Thanks Gray Gear! These big flag pieces were a pain to align to form the cockpit's window, and are also one of my favourite parts of the ship :) Kenny and Benny are their official names https://brickset.com/sets/70841-1/Benny-s-Space-Squad Many thanks Luke. BR lech
  5. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Thanks Jintai! Thanks Merlict, yeah the overall look may be misleading because of all of the 1x1s that went into the wings :) Many thanks LT12V! Thanks Scene :) Thanks romashkaman. It was quite a challenge to match all of the components together but overall I also think the result is not so bad :) Many thanks TNM! This red line was the reason why I went into making the wings as a separated subsections (connected internally by clips and bars) instead of stacking layers of plates or bricks. Ah you are right, now I need to build a squadron of fighters! You never know what those blacktron dudes will come up next :) Again, many thanks guys for your feedback I truly appreciate it! BR lech
  6. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Many thanks jimmynick! The funny thing about the yellow highlights is that 28220 (Armor Plate Small) is made in very limited number of colours and I initially used the yellow ones for testing. After some time I started to like the splash of colour that they give :) Anyway thanks again for the feedback! BR lech
  7. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Many thanks deraven for your feedback! I was trying my best in making sure that the geometry of each sub-assemblies would work together and respect color-blocking. It was kinda tricky but I'm glad that you like the result :) BR lech
  8. lech

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Hi, Today Kenny - the yellow space dude - received keys to his new spaceship - Heimdall. Therefore I would like to present you a few details about it before Kenny together with Benny start it up and go roaming around the galaxy. Stats Built in real LEGO bricks, no stickers. Pieces: 7441 pieces Dimensions: 770mm x 280mm x 11mm Story Heimdall is a reconnaissance spaceship. Powered by a single yet powerful thermonuclear engine from BST (Benny Space Technologies), coupled with a high-energy particles grabber under the cockpit that helps to replenish fuel supplies on a long missions. To disperse a ridiculous amounts of heat from reactor's core a series of thermo-dump panels are mount beneath the fuselage. Being a reconnaissance ship it is also equipped with a sensors array under the cockpit and some ion cannons at each wing, you known, just in case.... Design It took me more than 5 months to design and build it. A major inspiration comes from amazing artwork by Michal Kus. Especially the color-blocking and indentations at the front of the wings were a place from which I started. Along the way I shifted things my own way to suit ideas that were jumbling inside my head or I just wanted to incorporate, like the thermo-dump panels from Hamilton's series of books. There were many fun challenges along the way not only related to its geometry or color-blocking but also in making sure that this flying mosaic would be rigid. All of this required many rebuilds and tests but I had a blast doing all of this :) Building instructions For anyone curious how Heimdall is built or want to look at some building techniques I have created a studio model based on the actual build. It should be more handy than a regular step-by-step instructions. You can download it from here https://github.com/lechkulina/Heimdall Full gallery is here http://www.flickr.com/photos/147862201@N05/albums/72157715784794408 WIP gallery is here http://www.flickr.com/photos/147862201@N05/albums/72157713634763282 Enough talking, here are the photos :) Heimdall - Back by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Back starboard side by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Back port side by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Engine's nozzle and fuel injectors by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Front by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Front port side by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Cockpit by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Front closeup by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Top by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Bottom by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - Thermo-dump panels closeup by Lech Kulina, on Flickr Heimdall - I just love this shot :) by Lech Kulina, on Flickr BR lech
  9. lech

    [WIP] grist mill

    I have already seen this on flickr and I'm really interested how it will turn out. Do you have an idea on how the actual building will look like? I would love to see some rounded sections just to make it even more interesting :) Best regards lech
  10. Many thanks CD :) Many thanks MrSean! Because of the dimensions of this MOC, which BTW are 1.47m x 0.70m x 1.14m (width x depth x height) it takes most of the space that I have available for display. Therefore until I disassemble it I can only build much smaller MOCs :) Best regards lech
  11. Thanks SSE :) Thanks VK I'm glad that you like the interior :) Many thanks Kai for your feedback! I'm really happy that you noticed the news stands as I'm quite happy how they turned out. Mostly because I finally found use the for new bumper pieces :) Many thanks Niku :) Best regards lech
  12. Thanks mukkes :) The windows on the main building are actually made from (when looked from left to right): 1 trans-clear plate placed vertically, 3 columns of 1x1 trans-clear bricks (for the wider 6 studs windows or 1 column for narrower 4 studs ones) and again a trans-clear plate placed vertically. Thanks ME :) Again many thanks MK :) I'm also quite satisfied how the staircases/flyovers turned out. It's purely fictional with Midgard being a little reference to Midgardia from Guilds of Historica :) The architecture style for the main building is based on neoclassicism style but I had several sources of insipiration while building, mainly: a) for the rounded main entrance (this part t started the whole project) from Storting building (Oslo) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storting_building b) for the fundations from Fishermans bastion (Budapeszt) https://budapestconnection.com/fishermans-bastion/ c) for the balconies above the east and west entrances from the Colorado State Capitol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado_State_Capitol Best regards lech
  13. Thanks Merlict, as it's true with most the of the MOCs, they always look better in real life :) I only hope that the photos do justice to it because it was not an easy task for me to photograph it. I have quite limited space in my apartment and with the backdrop being 2,6m wide I had to reassemble and move it from one place to another 6 times. It was task on its own :) Many thanks MK! I had a blast making these steam cars. I based the design on Steam Buggy - first Canadian steam car. Modular Museum sounds great to me as well :) Thanks Mestair, although theoretically it is possible to transport this entire thing (it is highly modular) - I do not plan to showcase it live, at least right now. I must admit that the logistics behind such an endeavor is a little bit terrifying for me ;) Many thanks BB, oh yeah it was a labour of love for quite a long time :) Best regards lech
  14. Thanks miniman :) Many thaks jimmynick for following the project :) Thanks LT12V :) Many thanks Ecclesiastes for moving the topic, I was quite puzzled where to post it. I'm really glad that you like the roofs as these are also one on my favorite parts of the MOC :) Best regards lech
  15. You are too kind koalayummies :) Thank you! Many thanks frumpy! Many thanks CB! I doubt that because the museum takes almost entire space that I have available for display therefore until I disassemble it I can only build smaller MOCs :) Thanks peedeejay :) Many thanks Hive I'm glad that you like it :) Best regards lech