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  1. so I recently was tasked with programming an Ev3 stair climber. I had some trouble figuring it out, and even after copying lego's code that they show on their website, I wasn't able to get it to work. If anyone is good with the Ev3, I could really use some help. this is what it's supposed to do lego's non working program thanks!
  2. My tires finally arrived! 4x RC 1:10 Rock Crawler Tires 1.9" 108MM Thanks to @mocbuild101 for the link, it didn't say it anywhere on the buy page but they do come with foam inserts. took a few weeks to get here but for the price it was fine. not sure if I have them on the rim right but they work fine. I haven't been able to properly test them yet but based on everyone elses experiences they should be good.
  3. does anyone have a current llink for those ansmann tires back on page 1? I can't seem to find them anywhere and those old links don't work
  4. none. almost bought one of the old rc sets, but never had the money and figured it wasn't worth it
  5. I really like the kind of chaotic style! looks great, how well does the rear suspension work? the drivetrain looks a little weak...
  6. merry christmas, sorry I'm late. since everyone's saying, I just got a bunch of rc parts and motors. I should be able to build Madoca's trophy truck now! yay so excited, merry christmas again to everyone!
  7. another one I found stolen from brick builder. they even edited out his intro! pitiful
  8. I don't know how good the traction would be, but tires like these would sure keep you above the snow! Also, depending on how cold it is, I would try to put some insulation around your batteries, or bring spare charged ones and keep them warm, as the cold really drains them. I've used some of those little pocket warmers that you shake to warm up wrapped around the batteries to keep them warm, but with lipos I'm not sure how safe that would be. just keep it in mind.
  9. heh, well errrr, the snow all melted over night... so uuuh, might have to wait a bit. sorry guys. We do have an ice rink kind of nearby that always has snow out back, so I can make a video there, but it'll be a while. maybe it'll snow again soon, but today is supposed to be the warmest day we've had in a while, so I doubt it.
  10. so we recently got some snow, so I decided to try my hand at some winter vehicles. I was sorting through some pieces this morning and was inspired to build this I'm going to make a video on it, as I haven't uploaded in a few months and I really need to, but I was wondering if anyone was interested, I might make a topic for it and add more, better quality photos. full live axle suspension, 4wd, front steering, no diffs. it's kinda fast without any gearing down on the xl motor. Thanks!
  11. well alll it does is drive forwards, until you push the button plugged into port 3, then it just kind of jerks forwards and backwards for a second and stops. it's supposed to drive forwards until it starts going up the wall, then the gyro sensor starts lowering the rear wheels to push it up unto the step.
  12. very nice! I'd love to see more stuff like this with other sets, it's a really cool idea!
  13. Just wondering, does anyone remember where that image of all the crazy unique crawlers was? I thought it was in this thread, but I can't find it. It was like a collage of crawlers, and I think there was one of some gundam stuff with it...
  14. awesome! rally cars are some of my favorite vehicles, can't wait to see what you make! will it be rc?
  15. I wasn't going to report him, but he actually had the nerve to claim that he was the creator of the video! Like he straight up said "how do u know that its 'stolen'??? its not actually..... just asking eiw u think that it is stolen....." and when baba called him out he actually tried to "bribe" baba! it's ridiculous how cocky these people are!
  16. well if you want normal shocks, there are pieces for that, but these are specifically meant to be dampened. if you just want normal shocks, it would be easier and cheaper to just get some of these, I think those match the spring hardness, but I'm not sure. also if you want more travel, these might be good also
  17. even if someone wanted to buy this, I doubt ebay would let it go through...
  18. upon closer inspection, I'm pretty sure all of his videos are stolen. I'm reporting his channel.
  19. oh man, I remember that! that's an old one! but yeah, I've never seen anything else really like it!
  20. since you want to keep it kinda secret, I'll hide my question
  21. yup, exactly! and if you wanted, you could make it 3 speed by having the output form the differential go into the side of another differential, with another motor setup on the other side. btw what are you building? it looks massive, I'm curious! or is it a secret?
  22. have you considered using a system like this?
  23. just curious, are we gonna get the old technic banner back, or no? also is there a new template for images, because a ton of pictures on multiple topics aren't loading, and it's annoying