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    Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LEGO, writing, drawing, watching films, special/visual effects in films, films in general really


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Hey everyone, I'm Jedd from Singapore (male, 18). I've been collecting and building LEGO since I was 9. I still love it, but I'm very upset that the prices have now become unmanageable here in Singapore. It's daylight robbery, bloody murder, and very sad. I'm very grateful that I own many of the Batman sets that I wanted, and the Indiana Jones ones too. After-market, it's impossible. Still, I'll build with what I have! I've been a member of FBTB forums since 2006-7, but as of late the board has become a little more quiet, so I thought I would join Eurobricks as well, to discuss LEGO and other topics and to showcase and receive feedback on my MOCs. I'm a little daunted by how large the community is here, but I'm happy to join in. Please visit my blog, where I post my movie reviews and other film-related ramblings, and do drop by my Brickshelf gallery if you will! Thank you!