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  1. Let's also keep in mind the trailer for this could be entirely misdirection. I mean its existence is already somewhat of a spoiler for some characters in A4 (not like they would all really stay dead anyway,) but it's possible they edited it in a way to avoid talking about the major outcomes of Endgame.
  2. They really couldn't even be bothered to give Carol accurate colors for her powers?? They were already included in A3 sets!!! No mask and mohawk?? Don't you tell me that the designers didn't have access to that detail. TLG has put out utter garbage this year. Hoping at least the HP sets will remedy all of this Marvel and Star Wars disappointment. At least the Quinjet is cool..but not like any of us needed or wanted a 5th (?) version. Or Spiderman will get them to defeat each other given the whole fire/water are enemies thing This is accurate and it also feels like a personal attack... Also if they give Mysterio a clear head and not a helmet I will lose my bricks.
  3. Well unless the mcu version really is a flerken and has a longer lifespan, theyll have died from age by the time Avengers 4 happens. And I replied to the wrong person.
  4. That’s a ridiculous assertion. City and the like have functioned for years milling out the same mediocre builds...even before our many popular licensed themes established themselves. Maybe Lego should instead give people a reason to buy their in-house themes if they’re doing so badly compared to licensed.
  5. Is anyone gonna talk about how Fury is firing on the cat? I agree with most sentiments about the set. The build is nice, but the figs have really been in decline. Surely it cant be super expensive for Lego to just give some leg printing?
  6. Ultron

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    4 sets is a good start for 2019. This is for sure my most anticipated theme
  7. Ultron

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I thought it ended up being both?
  8. Ocean Master is the only decent thing about this set. Marvel and DC sets this winter...all a big fail.
  9. Yeah, not to start a flame war, but I'm going to have to disagree. The detail on most of the DC figs from the winter 2018 wave was just as abysmal and the builds were weak too. They're in the same boat as Marvel. It's been a sad year for superhero fans, in my honest opinion Maybe if we're lucky, they'll reuse the amazing iron man and wasp helmet mold !!!!!
  10. What a lazy mold. You’d never see something so undetailed out of the Star Wars line. I’ll say it again, the Marvel designers are bad.
  11. Why can they still not manage to capture Bryce Dallas Howard's likeness..? It looks absolutely nothing like her/Claire
  12. 1000% should’ve been Scarlet Witch over civilian Tony, but Marvel just hates her I guess because she got jack squat across the entire merchandising board. Other than that it’s a great pack though. War Machine is wonderful, but Wong is the clear standout for me.
  13. Few thoughts: -I really don't care for the new box art. It's different, for sure, but it looks almost like a knock-off brand rather than something by Lego. -Carnage's tendrils are just bad. There's nothing worthwhile about the small set unless you missed the last or want a bunch of variants. -The spider-mech should've been Leopardon, just sayin. Good set, but the figs are weak. -Pepper suiting up as Rescue is just the kind of unexpected turn I was hoping A4 would take.
  14. Truthfully the only set I’m lookin forward to. They shouldve put Carnage in that set with a big build or mech though instead of wasting him in another small set with miles. Just my thoughts.
  15. Incredibly unnecessary. I can criticize the sets if I want to, and I believe the designers did a really weak job here.