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  1. misterbuk

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Ok I will be willing to concede that I may well have overdone the 'patchwork' on my model: It appears that my Luddism doesn't allow me to add any more pictures. Suffice to say I am happy - rather surprised to be honest - at how this modification turned out. My narrative has always been that the ship, at some point, has required extensive repair work on the starboard engine which has been carried out by less than reputable engineers I'm 54. Lego does that to you.
  2. misterbuk

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Well I haven't finished mine - possibly because I have been fiddling around with colours too much! Here you can see the use of old grey, sand blue, dark tan and swapping in DBG for LBG. Oh and replacing LBG grills and ingots with silver.
  3. misterbuk

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Ok, long time lurker but felt I had to contribute to this thread. I am currently in the process of building this thing and for me it has simply confirmed my view of Jerac being a total and utter genius. I have built his TIE bomber and TIE fighter but this is simply on another level. If I may add one or two pointers for those people currently getting the pieces together for construction. Firstly, don't get too hung up on getting the precise colours of brick as set out in the instructions. The model is incredibly grey - which made sense for Jerac's TIE models - but here, as it has already been pointed out, this is a ship that has undergone a lot of repair work and you would expect some variation in the bodywork colour. I have been switching in silver, sand blue and DBG for panel work, particularly round the engines. I would also seriously recommend ordering some silver 'ingot' and grill pieces to switch into the the engine work - this actually adds to the overall effect of the LBG somehow. Mind you, I perhaps would not go as far as switching all the bodywork to silver. Then again, the beauty of lego is the ability to adapt and tinker with models to your heart's content - this thing has certainly got plenty of scope for that. Enjoy it, it is a thing of beauty. Thanks Jerac.