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  1. The body is from which minifig? Also, could you try a variation with the body from the Plant Monster from series 14? The claw/leaf weapon thing is great.
  2. gilvader

    custom printed Hong Kong Bus

    Is the print a little off on alignment? On the right it seems truncated by 1mm or so. Also, if the bus logo was present on the side it would be even more cooler.
  3. gilvader

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Theodoric, that Sauron is awesome but that mace... is just stunning.
  4. Nicely done. If the legs and arms had detailing too it would be perfect.
  5. gilvader

    Custom LOTR Easterling

    Went back to the drawing board, decided to go back to the original design by deskp that inspired me from this thread: Made a 2nd version of the helmet, this time with more detail and a better shape to both frontal and rear horns. The helmet has "damage" of sorts but I like it anyway. Parts were cut from Pla Plate and cemented to a base helm I made the same way I did with the first version. The shield was scratch-built as well since there is no Lego piece with the same shape. Adapted the design for the armor and got it printed as a sticker sheet. I hope I did justice to his design: deskp, if you're reading this, thanks for the inspiration. Your artwork was awesome.
  6. gilvader

    MOC: Mini Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

    If you had the room with a mini Fluffy in it that would have been insane, but this one is awesome. The shimmering effect on the MerPeople village is really great.
  7. gilvader

    Purist Game of Thrones customs

    Is there Theon Greyjoy among the figures shown?
  8. You'll need some Kneadatite aka "Green Stuff" or Sculpey if you wish. Get some modelling tools like knives and such. There are tutorials online on how to do sculpting/modelling with either material. Paints will usually be acrylic based paints. You can use commercially available paint but those from well-known brands for miniature wargaming stuff are great too. I just use Tamiya spray paints for my purposes. As for using Lego parts as a base, that depends on what exactly you intend to achieve. If it is to reshape an existing helmet then by all means use one, and modify it accordingly. With a Lego piece as a base the end product is usually quite sturdy if you've done it right. Where durability is concerned, since these are custom made using clay or putty and/or plastic sheet like Tamiya Pla-Plate, YMMV. I would not put these under rough play conditions if possible. They are great for posing though.
  9. gilvader

    Decal Wish List

    Hello all, I'd like to request a decal of the LOTR Haradrim. Source material is this screenshot from the Wikia site: Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. gilvader

    Custom LOTR Easterling

    Update to the Easterling. Refined the rear horns a little bit. Decided to give a try with Tamiya Pla Plate. Fashioned a new set of horns and mounted it permanently to the base helm. The old set of horns was problematic since the plastic from the milk can lid would not bond with the modified hand I was using as the slot piece to the helm. I think the change to the new horns makes it look better. Next is to do the abdominal armor section and shield.
  11. gilvader

    Taller lego castle minifigure

    You should do the other yokai too. Your Kappa is awesome AmperZand.
  12. gilvader

    Gondorian and Elven shields

    Something like this: Lego took the easy way out and made them into this: Also, will you be restocking the Gondor and Elven helms? You got some really nice items in your store.
  13. gilvader

    Gondorian and Elven shields

    Very beautiful Dan, the detailing on the Elven shield is amazing. Will you be making a variant for the Mirkwood troops too? The current one from Lego is just boring.
  14. gilvader

    Taller lego castle minifigure

    @autohost, Do the legs match up in height with the long legs from Woody (Toy Story) or are they taller? This could be great for a custom tall Sauron figure.
  15. gilvader

    Custom LOTR Easterling

    Hi Wardancer, I had to do it, liked the Easterling character from the time I saw the column marching towards the Black Gate in the film series. Here's the only WIP image I took before I sanded the helm and painted it: As you can see, the gold part is the flexible plastic I cut from the milk can lid. Had a few lying around and I needed something flexible to do the horns so it was perfect. It was very difficult to attach to the hand piece I modified as the holder for the horns. Even with the Kneadatite it did not bond very well so I pretty much got away with it after I painted the horns. The helm was done using a spare helmet piece from a SW Shadow Guard minifig and a modified Master Wu hat. I had to cut the Shadow Guard helmet and attach it to the Master Wu hat with Tamiya ABS cement. Worked pretty well though. The frontal horn was cut and shaped from a waste Orc scimitar I had.