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  1. I don't mean to be rube, but you will have to do with my youtube video's... I hardly take any pictures. Just one or two for the building instructions... Do you mean this one: That is not a pneumatic one...
  2. Feel free... Other people are making instructions of Akiyuky's models...
  3. I do plan to make more of these. Pneumatic ones will be long term...
  4. Hi, I have uploaded some building instructions of one of my GBC modules. You can find them here:
  5. My "tire"-version doesn't use any worm-gears. Every tire is mounted on an axle and 36t gear. Tires are closer to each other and sometime a ball will stay. The balls don't get stuck in my opinion. If the tires wear out several balls will stay inside the module.
  6. If you will use balls which are a fraction smaller, I can tell you there will be modules which won't like that. Like this one: I need to change the tires. When using smaller balls the tires won't have any grip on the balls...
  7. All modules in this video are build by one person...
  8. This module was build with just the parts from this set. But feel free to build it and leave me your comments!
  9. Add one XL motor to set 42006 and you can build this GBC module: A long conveyor belt: Or a conveyor on the side:
  10. If you are running GBC in a large hall, it can run for many events, you don't want to run this module in a small room like a classroom. But it will die on you. Question is when. I have plenty of these motors. I believe it is the motor itseld, not de reduction. That is what I have heard from several people.
  11. add a decent inbox and exit and she is a perfect module... Plain and simple as I like to see them :-)
  12. @ALittleSlow: you were trying to beat me with 154 because you knew I would try to go for 150.
  13. Again a great machine build by Akiyuki!
  14. WORLD RECORD LEGO Great Ball Contraption GBC / Rube Goldberg - Fana'Briques 2015! 168 modules
  15. May sound silly, but try to finish some of these modules you have build in a half state... Then you can bring them to ean event or convention too... And that's what these movies are about: to give people ideas...
  16. You will always have to keep that in mind you will lose balls. In this case we had about 750 balls running arround and ending up losing about 20. The students have to do some projects, one being creating a GBC module. Stefan Vorst does give workshps in GBC regularly and makes the parts and balls available to these students. That train track is already an old one, I think you can find it in one of the early movies of ABSolut Steinchen.
  17. last weekend I was in Germany at absout steinchen. We had setup this GBC circuit:
  18. Everything is in sync indeed. I have noticed though that my L-motor is getting warm after running for an hour or so. And it was giving me trouble in ten minutes when running on high speed. I am not sure yet what caused the trouble. At the last few seconds of the movie you can see the bucket receiver after being emptied pushes one basket from the module. Apparently it is either getting out of sync there or there is another reason for ending too late at that position. And I do want to let it run using an XL motor. At high speed. I also had a couple of jams in the spiral ligt on the inbox side. As I intent to run it in the GBC circuit I must be able to rely on that part won't jam. It seems not to like a full box of ball over there. Hmm, maybe I should rotate the bottom of the spiral. In the spiral section the balls get stuck between the vertical beams of the spiral and the plate on top of the slope 45 2x8. I am waiting for some BL orders to be delivered and it will be more red then it is now :-)
  19. This weekend I have attended the event Modelbouwdagen 2015 in Elst, NL Here is a video of the GBC circuit we had setup:
  20. This weekend I have setup a GBC circuit at the Open Deur dag at Evonik in Antwerp, Belgium. Follow the blue ball :-)
  21. Sorry, But I haven't made instructions for these modules yet, as these are my designs. All these pneumatic modules use a 2 cilinder negative feedback loop...
  22. Last weekend I attended an event organised by Belug: Brick Mania Wetteren. This GBC circuit was setup by 6 persons.